Maulana Sheikh NazimSoul: The Electricity of our Body

When a lady is pregnant, a form of a human is created within 3 times 40 days. But it is only a piece of flesh, without any movement or any sign of life. Then suddenly its heart begins to beat and the body starts to move. That is now a new guest who has been sent to this world. It has not been sent from the material world, but from somewhere else. We cannot see it, but we know it as the spiritual world.

There are two worlds: the material and the spiritual. Finally the soul, which belongs to the spiritual world, comes into the body and the baby will develop quickly. He will prepare himself to come to this world, to be here; to grow, to know, to learn, to do, to feel and to understand. Then he must leave everything of this material world, even his body in which he has been for so many years, and go back.

No-one sees how the soul comes. No-one sees our souls leave, because they do not belong to this world. Can you see electricity? Can you cut it? It is something else. It is from the Divine Heavens. The soul is the electricity of our bodies. The power of electricity kills! The power of the soul keeps us alive!


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