Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Sound of Haqq must be heard in East and West!

Destur ya Sayydi, Meded. As-salamu alaikum!
About one week I am not enough strong to speak to you and people (are) rushing
on me. Alhamdulillah, today a little bit my Lord granted (me) power for
addressing to you. May Allah bless His most beloved servant, (His) most glorious
servant S.Muhammad sws, that we are in existence through that one.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Allah Almighty first of all (is) warning: “O people, o My servants, beware (of)

Up to day I (am) never looking and seeing a writing: ‘O people, beware (of)
Shaitan’. But (in front of) so many houses you may find a writing: ‘Beware (of
the) dog!’ That means (that) dogs (are) more, much more important than Shaitan.
That means! They are saying: ‘Beware (of the) dog!’ Why (they are) not warning
people, (those,) whom they are leaders or guides, to say to people: “Beware (of)
Shaitan”? Therefore, we are asking to follow and to listen and to obey to our
Lords Advice. He created us and (He is) warning us: “Beware (of) Shaitan!”
Now we are saying: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, (the) first awakening. (The)
first awakening is to say: Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. That prevents Shaitan to
reach to you. We are weak people, coming here... through billions of people
coming here a handful people, but the sound of Haqq may be heard through East
and West, that the Lord (is) saying : “My servants, beware Shaitan!” If they are
not hearing today, tomorrow (they) must hear, or after tomorrow, after tomorrow.

Today we are here a handful people from different places of this world, from
different countries, different races, different colours, different languages...
we are here, and today is a holiday. It is not good to say a ‘holy day’, but
that is, for whole people, when they are not working, it is ‘holiday’.’ Holiday’
means to give yourself that day for holy tings, to make Allah Almighty happy
with you. That is ‘holy’ day. Not those people that they are getting disobedient
to their Lord and they are saying: “This is a holiday!” No, that is Shaitans

Now, today there is a speciality through East and West, including (the) Islamic
world, including Muslims. For what? They are saying: “Today (is) the first of a
new year!” What is new year, new born year? 2008. They are adding this. Today
(is) 1st January of 2008. This happening that just before (to)day, last night,
it was the last night, they are saying, for 2007. And people, I don’t know from
where they are making such a things? Perhaps it was something in Christianity;
they are saying: “That it is the birthnight or birthday of S.Isa a.s., Jesus

Even Christians they are not coming all together to say: “That night
was the birth night of Jesus Christ.” They are coming (to) each other with wrong
ideas. Some of them (are) saying: “It was (the) 25th,” some (are) saying: “Just
(it was the) 31st of January”, some others (are) saying another, another,
another... and it is just clear... And every historian person they are knowing
that no one was expecting that should come such a person and he should be a
prophet, just surrounded with ‘hawariq’, miraculous powers, miracles... No one
(was) expecting and no one knowing that S.Maryam a.s. she was carrying a baby,
no, because she was well-known that (she was) unmarried and she was just granted
for the Lords service. Therefore it was impossible (for) anyone to follow her
(to) where she was going and bringing that baby, no, in opposite. When they are
hearing that, such a thing, they were so angry people. First of all their
nation, Banu Israel, Children of Israel, (were) very angry. And there was
Zakariya a.s.; they were accusing S.Zakariya- Astaghfirullah!

Therefore, (it was) never written through any history book that Jesus Christ (was) born
on that night or that night. (There is) no any ‘delil’, proof. (There is) no proof for
them! Therefore it is, from the base, it is nonsense, (it) can’t be believed
such a thing! And historians, they never writing such a thing, if they are
not... 100% or less or more satisfaction through their hearts. All of them after
written and they are saying: “This night or that night.”

Yes, if they are accepting that, before time it was, if we are accepting that,
it was a holy night. Holy night, not dancing night! Not to do every bad thing
that Heavens (are) preventing and cursing! That is not such a night! If really
it was that night, it was a holy night and they must come to their churches or
their monasteries or everywhere that they are praying, Christians; they must
come, they must do their thanks to Allah Almighty and to ask forgiveness! That
was suitable (for) such a heavenly event (that) just happened, to say: “O our
Lord, thanks that You sent us a guide to reach to Your divinely Presence!” That
was suitable. But now... what they are doing? What they are doing! They are
doing every cursed acting and they are saying: “This is a free night for us to
do everything!”

Governments (are) coming to be drunk; governments (are) drunk
(?), everywhere whole people, they are drunk, they are saying: “This night is
free to do everything. We can do everything!” Okay, you can do, but what about
for Muslims? (In Turkish: Eh, we celebrated it in our house. We prepared a
Turkey, prepard the table, we dressed new clothes, we danced, we congratulated
each other for the new year, we did money is left in our
pockets... we woke up in the dirt next morning... )

What about for (the) Muslims world?... S.!... Sleeping?...
For (the) Muslim world we are saying... they are
following (the) Christian world. And the Seal of Prophets was saying... in a
paper, (on a) calendar, in one paper, it is written the meaning of one Hadith
Sharif... I am saying (the) origin of (this) Hadith Nabawi Sharif sws, then
(about its) meaning a little bit I may say, insha Allah... Bismillahir Rahmanir
Rahim. Qla Nabi alayhi salat wa salam... Once the Seal of Prophets was saying to
his companions: “O my companions”, ...(?) That is a ‘mujize’, miracle, that he
is warning his nation from coming days (that) they are reaching... Rasulullah
(was) saying:

“O my nation and o my companions! You are going to follow the ways of those
people, first Jewish people, second Christians; both of them, they passed before
you. (The) Old Testament for Jewish people, they left it. (The) New Testament,
Christians, they are changing every kind, and they are doing every bad thing and
(they are) saying: ‘That is true way, our nations (way)!’

O my nation, I am looking and seeing that you are running after Jewish and
Christians ways, that it is Haram, prevented, Allah Almighty never likes it! (It
is) never acceptable, but you are going to do, as they are doing, following them
on their foot(step)s; where they are putting their foot, you are putting our
foot there! Even... there is a creature, (it has) small legs, but you can see no
any bones. Small feet. They are making their holes to get in safety from other
creatures so narrow, only it may enter; because (it has) no bones, (it is)
coming (in). If they are doing this, from those people, whom they (have been)
given holy books, you are going to follow them foot on foot; you are going to
do, as they are doing!”

And you may see in streets people, their dressings; particularly young girl,
what they are dressing, (is) so narrow, so narrow! Because it is new fashion.
And (they are) sending (that)- Jewish and Christians- to (the) Islamic world, to
do (it) and to dress (in such a way) and (they are) saying: “That is (the) new
fashion and (it is) modern, modern life, this!”

That is Prophets informing ourselves. Is it alright or not? (The) Prophet was
saying with a powerful speaking that: “You are going to do that! ‘Muhaqqaq’, no
doubt, you are going to do!”

Before 15 centuries he was saying what we are in it now. And we are asking...
and today, (in the) morning, I am asking: “What news? Any news?” and first, just
as (we are) opening (the TV), (they are showing) from Baghdad, Baghdad, that
people are living, killing and bombing... and they are all of them through
streets, shouting, drinking, making every forbidden thing... Look! If I am
saying to them: “Go, there is Sultan Gilani, Abdul Qadr Gilani -qaddassallahu
sirruhu-l ‘ali! Go there and ask him, he is Sultan, he may send away every
‘mushrim’, criminal, may send them away through one night!” they are saying:
“Ehhh, for what we are going? Yet you are believing in such a things?”

And they should be punished! (The) Arab world should be punished! (The) Islamic world
should be punished! Just now trees (are) throwing their leaves, (and the)
Islamic world (is) going to be like this... Beware, beware (of) Shaitan!
Shaitan, (to) where (he is)bringing people? May Allah forgive us!
O our Lord, don’t write our names with such a people! Keep ourselves on Your
right path! Amen, ya Allah!

That is a warning! Anyone listening, (it is) for himself! (If) not listening,
his punishment for him or for her should be. May Allah forgive us and send us
such a people! If they are coming and finding... Also there is 4o powerful
people on earth that may be their power like (the) power of Sayydine Gilani -
Allah bless him. If you can find one of them, he may do as (he is) doing, Gilani
Hazretleri... But they are not looking! They are saying: “This is (fairy-)tales”...

Therefore, today, Alhamdulillah, just I am warning my ego and
all of you also here: Beware! When a heavenly Punishment (is) coming, it is so
difficult to be taken away! If (it is) reaching, (it is) reaching and finishing
them... May Allah forgive us! For the honour of the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad
sws wa alihi wa sahbihi... Fatiha!

Lefke, 01.01.2008

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