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The English used to say that there were two kinds of people living in Cyprus: Muslims and Christians, not Greeks and Turks, but Muslims and Christians. All troubles of this century have been made dirty and so many wars have been fought in the name of nationalism. We have not been ordered to fight the People of the Book. Allah has granted them to be living with Muslims in the same villages and town without being attacked. Islam never touched them or harmed them.

When nationalism came all this changed. The same is happening on this island too: Scottish people are unhappy with English people, English people are unhappy with Scottish people. Irish people are unhappy with English people and the English people are unhappy with them too. The same in France: the people in the North are unhappy with the South and the other way around. The West Germans are unhappy with the East Germans. The people in Singapore are unhappy with the people in Malaysia. The Malaysians are unhappy with the Indonesians and they are unhappy with Brunei and Brunei is unhappy with Singapore! Iraq is unhappy with Southern Iraq. The Syrians are unhappy with Lebanon. South Lebanon is unhappy with North Lebanon. North Turkey is unhappy with South Turkey... all these partitions give so much trouble. It is what satan is asking for. The Labour Party is unhappy with the Conservatives...

A wisdom tells us that a believer cannot make the same mistake twice by putting his finger into a hole. If he has done it once and a scorpion has bit him, he would not repeat it, unless there is something seriously wrong with him. How many times have the English people tried the Labour Party? Every time when they get angry with the Conservatives they do it again, even though the Labour Party will put them in a worse situation than the Conservatives did.

Neither the Conservatives nor the Labour Party will bring any solution, only a traditional Kingdom can. This applies to every country. Democracy is hypocrisy! Democracy is for you today, tomorrow for him... But the monarchy is there all the time, which is why they do not need to take as much as possible for themselves once they are in power. In a democracy the rulers will be changed so they will try to fill their pockets as much as possible. People are unhappy when I say this, but in a democracy you are allowed to say what you want. In a monarchy people will develop to their high positions, but in a democracy they will just be put there without having achieved anything. That is wrong. Kings and Caliphs have been trained all their lives for their position. But what can we say? They are advertising everywhere that democracy is good, but it isn't.

This is why Allah the Almighty is preparing the spirituality of the Caliphs and is making them much more powerful. The power of monarchy is in the hands of the sultan. He is responsible to protect the Divine Law here on earth. The spiritual leaders were more powerful than the sultan. If they said that he was not suitable for the umma, he would be taken away and killed. At the time of the Ottoman Empire this is how it was. If anyone tried to split up the Empire he would be killed.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that when the children of Israel were defeated by King Nebukhanezzed and he destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem, they ran to the prophet of the time and said, "Oh Messenger of God, please ask The Almighty to send us a King!". They were not asking for a president! They wanted someone to be able to control the whole country and who could help them to win against the enemies. They were asking Allah to elect their leader, their king. That is how it is written in the Holy Book.

You cannot be like the rulers. He must be on top. The children of Israel went to their Prophet to ask for intercession. Why didn't they ask Allah directly? People have no mind. They are denying intercession. So many young people are asking, "What is sheikh, what is wasila...? We must ask Allah directly..."

Ask! And look if He will answer your prayer! Why does it say in the Quran that the Children of Israel went to their Prophet and asked him to ask Allah to send them a King, a Sultan. You are such weak people, heedless Muslims, too weak to follow that example. You go to the UN for Kashmere, to the UN for Cyprus, to the UN for Kosova, to the UN for Palestine... What is that? We should be ashamed that we are not asking the Prophet*. I am quoting the Quran, no-one can object on it. Allah is showing us the way for all problems. As long as we are not going to the Prophet* we will be going, coming, going, coming to the UN and waste a lot of shoes!

Let us ask the Prophet* to send us a Sultan. We hope that he is coming...

UK, 01.01.1997

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