Annihilation of the Self - in Sheikh - in Rasool - in Allah

If Allah is willing (insha Allah), this is a technique which will be useful to all of you
after I leave your physical presence and go away. You will be in need of this

In this life, our physical meetings with each other shall be from time to time. It is not
possible for a person to be always in the company of another person whether it be
husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters or amongst the most
beloved ones. A person may desire never to be far away from his loved ones.
However it is written that it shouldn’t take place. Firaq means separation and
everyone must meet and at sometime or other separate. As far as our physical
bodies are concerned it is written that we cannot be always together. It is just not
possible. However spiritually we have been given a power and technique through
which anyone may ask for such a meeting.

This is possible because our spiritualities have a possibility to be in connection.
When we remember that person our spiritual being is capable of being in connection
with that person. These connections have so many levels. Perfect Awliyas (Saints)
are always in connection with Rasoolullah (Sal). Anytime they desire such a
connection they should find themselves immediately in the Holy Presence of
Rasoolullah (Sal). They never leave Rasoolullah’s Spiritual Presence. This
technique is known as Huzur Ma’Rasool – that is connection with the Holy Prophet
Muhammad (sal). The people belonging to Tariqats are stepping in this direction in
order to obtain such a connection.

As we are yet beginners we should first practice an easy way. This easy way is
Huzur us Sheikh, that is to be in connection with your Sheikh. Anytime that you think
of your Sheikh, you may say “I am in the Holy Presence of my Grandsheikh”. At first
you may not see him, but a feeling of his presence may be felt by you. These
feelings are of various levels. A simple connection is to feel your Sheikh’s presence
always. Then gradually, you may come to the level of even feeling the breathing of
your Sheikh. Then further on you may see your Sheikh in front of you making the
Zikr “Allah”, “Allah”, and thereby giving power to you, and you look at him and follow
him. Then you will be present with Sheikh for you entire life. Thereafter you should
find yourself in the presence of the whole circle of the lovers of your Grandsheikh.

Then when that connection becomes perfect, you will be able to see your Sheikh
sitting with you, coming with you, going with you, being with you, being in you and
surrounding you. Then Sheikh shall be in you. You will then become changed
through the personality of your Sheikh. This is known as Fana-u-fis-Sheikh
(annihilation in Sheikh). You will leave your being and the personality and power of
your Sheikh will appear through yourself. Then you become the representative of
your Sheikh.

Then your Sheikh, through that personality will carry you to the Holy Presence of
Rasoolullah (Sal). Then Rasoolullah (Sal) will dress you with his Spiritual Body and
then you will become the representative of Rasoolullah (Sal). Rasoolullah is Zahir –
he appears through yourself. Then Rasoolullah (Sal), will take you to Huzur al Haq
(the Presence of Truth), to the Divine Presence of Lord Allah Almighty.

Almighty Allah will then dress you with Divine Lights and you then become
annihilated in Allah (Fana ul Filla). Then you will be leaving everything in your self,
and Divine Lights will appear through yourself, and you will become Khaliphatullah
(Representative of Allah). You shall then represent Allah through the Whole
Universe and He shall give this power to you. Wa Saharalakum maa fi samawathi wa
maa fil arli jameeyah – Holy Quran, tassaruf al tasliq – that is the power to be able to
do everything throughout the whole of creation and through all the Universes
according to His Divine Will. This is Khaliphatulla (Representative of Allah). All the
laws and Shariat that have been sent down through the Prophets are to teach
people and to guide people to this station. When you reach to the station of
Khaliphatullah you would achieve the final aim of all Shariat and all Tariqats. But you
are now so far away.

We are here only saying, that when your Sheikh’s physical presence leaves you and
if he is a Perfect Master (Murshidun Kamil), he must connect with everyone’s
spiritual being through himself and act as a bodyguard and move with that person
always. That Sheikh should never leave any one taking Bayyath (initiation) with him
without such a spiritual connection. He gives a telephone connection to you with a
code number. It may be a little difficult for you to reach to that code number
immediately, at first. He can reach to you anytime but for you to reach and connect
to him it may take a little bit of practice. When you use this code number you can
quickly communicate with him and make your connection.

Tariqats arrange this spiritual relationship among ourselves. Then gradually, with
our spiritual guides and then on to our Rasool (Sal) and then finally up to our
relationship with the Divine Presence.

However, the people of present day do not understand this. They are fighting
against Tariqats and refusing to accept them. They say that this is “Shirk”
(associating partners with Allah Almighty). They are very foolish people. They never
try to understand.

Therefore we may leave your presence but this connection that we gave to you
when you took Bayyath reaches to all those who have been given this Bayyath. In
the terminology of Tassawwaf (the sufi way), this connection is known as “Rabitah”
or “Rabitat us Sheikh”. You can use it anytime and you will always find more power,
more courage, more taste, more improvement and more development in your
journey towards the Divine Presence. The Hijaazath (permission) to use this
technique is given to all of you.

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