Maulana Sheikh NazimSPORT IN ISLAM

Then, in those hours you may do some exercises, I mean sports, not watching football matches on television - that is not sport. Islam is keen on sports and urging people to be always moving - first to walk and to breathe and to be out of cities, in the countryside - Muslims should have spacious places to live in, big houses, big places, big gardens, not imprisoned in huge cities. Islam orders people freedom of movement but 20th century civilisation imprisons people in matchbox concrete buildings, giving them big trouble and helping to destroy mankind physically, mentally and spiritually. Huge buildings are killing mankind, huge cities are killing mankind, destroying everything. Therefore, until they come to the rule of Islam they are will not be happy, healthy or wealthy. Individual and common, criminal activities will never end.

Therefore, Islam is against big crowding. Islam is ordering people to be in spacious houses, in the countryside, big gardens, to move, to walk. When they are finishing their work, they may work in their gardens, in their fields, in their homes, in their shops, in their small factories - to do more for the sake of Allah, walking and working to give more energy to spend for the purposes of charity, not to waste their energies running through the streets, quarrelling and fighting with each other or sitting down and getting big bellies in front of the TV. That is not Islam.

Walking and working are the best sports, to move our bodies. Islam, individually or collectively, urges people to make sport, like hunting, riding horses, swimming, (but not in dirty seas, with thousands of people - that harms people physically, mentally and spiritually, making people down, not up, not such swimming). Running, wrestling (not boxing, killing, hurting, destroying). Skiing in mountains, shooting. All those sports should be for everyone, they must do the best one according to their ability, their capacity. Everyone should have a horse or even a donkey and keep animals for good purposes.

No Football. Football is not sport, it only harms people - eleven people running too much, their hearts getting bigger and then one day after twenty-five years or thirty years they drop dead; if not that, their bodies are carrying too much from heavy running, their hearts can't carry them and suddenly they are going to die. Therefore, it is prohibited, it is not sport.

In such a way Islam urges people - what could be better than riding, shooting and walking in the countryside, in the mountains - the best sports for improving the physical body and making the mind pure from bad thoughts. Because Allah Almighty created man from earth and therefore man is drawn to earth. When he is working with earth, he feels best, feels happiness, feels pleasure. Therefore, it is more important for governments to allow people to have even a small piece of land for themselves to occupy themselves with earth - not to be occupied in pubs, in coffee shops, in bad meeting places. Islam is ordering governments to use people, to use believers for good things, not for bad things, not for bad activities - that is prohibited.

Just this morning I was thinking of discussing that madness Western people have for sports, they are saying sports. Only a handful of people are taking part and yet millions are watching them and saying, "we are making sport." What is that foolishness? It is no longer sports, it is going to be a trap for mankind from devils making them fall into it, making people against each other without any reason, making people disturbed and wasting people's energy, people's time, people's lives without any benefit, but harming them and becomming a big waste for mankind. Yet they are saying, we are doing sports. What is that sport? Eleven on one side, eleven on another side running after a ball and millions are becoming angry, becoming enemies, becoming mad, killing, not knowing what they are doing with such mindless action, mindless crowds, stopping being mankind. That is the trouble.

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