Maulana Sheikh NazimTHE SPREAD OF ISLAM

Question - Western people describe Islam as violent and say that Islam was spread by the sword.

ANSWER - They are blaming Muslims for carrying swords. We say yes, we carried swords. But what about Christians?

The first Christians who belonged to Jesus Christ never carried swords. The Roman emperors, Ceasars, threw them to the lions and gladiators and killed them, because they had no order to carry swords.

Were they true Christians or are the ones nowadays Christians? If they are the real Christians, who did not carry swords and surrendered to lions, etc. - why are the ones now using not swords, but nuclear bombs to kill billions? Which prophet, which beliefs of Christianity give them the authority to make such weapons? What is their excuse? Lambs in front of lions did not carry swords, like Jesus. What about nowadays? Do they believe in Jesus or in Shaitan? Their teacher is Shaitan, not Jesus - Jesus Christ denies them, refuses them, throws them away, those who make bombs and say we are Christians. They are liars, not Christians. They blame Islam for carrying swords - what is their authority for those weapons? It is not enough for them on earth that they go up to space to throw fire on people. What is their authority for that from their religion?

They blame Islam. We are Muslims, we have been ordered to carry swords against devils, not to use swords on good people. Which good people did Islam kill? You may carry a sword only against devils. If you don't carry a weapon or sword in the jungle how can you defend yourself? No-one can refuse to allow a person to carry a sword in self-defence.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), for the thirteen years he was in Mecca, he and his followers didn't even carry a knife. They never touched the idol-worshippers who made every disturbance against the believers and the Prophet. For three years they boycotted the believers, threw them out of their homes and put them in the desert without food or water. The Muslims didn't take up arms against them after thirteen years. No sword.

Then they wanted to murder the Prophet (pbuh) and he migrated to Medina and while he and his companions were there, the murderers pursued them. Should they be like lambs - kill me, come and kill me? What is it? What should they do? Still not take up swords? Let the idol-worshippers come and kill them? Are Christians asking to be like that? No. Christians are wrong if they think we can't defend our souls. It is a right for us. No-one can blame Islam.

When they came from Mecca to Medina to kill Muslims, then Allah Almighty ordered: "Take sword and kill them, O Muhammad (pbuh)!" That is the reason. Every time Islam is becoming strong, Christian and Jewish people are beginning to fight them. After the idol-worshippers, then should the Muslims allow the Christians and Jews to come and kill them? No. We are not going to be lambs for Christians or Jews. That is the reason Islam took the sword and began to fight against devils and wrong ones from Christians and Jews. Up to this time and we shall continue. We are going to keep sword and Jesus, when he returns, will come with sword. They will see and I am waiting.

Q - Very often in Europe the spread of Islam is attributed to the sword. Why do you believe Islam spread so rapidly so far, and so many disparate cultures were able to take up Islam?

A - They think that now there are one billion Muslims and one billion others with swords standing on them saying "Keep Islam!"? What is that foolishness? What is that foolish question? What is that foolish belief from Christians? Yes, such foolishness. If Islam is only standing up with sword, it means for billion or more Muslims now living and on everyone one angel must be with sword, keeping them say "La illaha illallah or I am cutting your head".

Today, such foolish beliefs for Christians. They have lost their mentalities when they are asking that question. If that time happened, with sword, sword must be for destroying dogs.

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