Maulana Sheikh NazimThe spring of Islam is coming - be defenders of Truth!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ´Aliyu-l ´Adhim.
Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

This is (the) last Sunday of (the) passing Hijri Calender. Just 1428 years (are)
going to pass and we hope that it should be Tuesday (the) last day. Wednesday
should be for new Hijri calendars first day for (the) holy month Muharram,
beginning. May Allah forgive us!

Allah Almighty (is) asking His servants to (do) servanthood to Him Almighty, but
now people that they are living on earth, maybe 6 billion people, even through 6
billion people, if we can find 60 million that they are trying to be servants
for the Lord of Heavens, for our Creator, we should be happy! But, including me
also, we are not trying to be a good servant for our Lord. Everyone now (is)
trying to be servants of Shaitan! And Shaitan is our most terrible and dangerous
enemy, but people (are) saying: “No, no, perhaps that is our first, (our) best
friend, we will be with him! What he is calling us (to do), we are finding a
refreshment, we are finding a pleasure, therefore we are trying to follow him!”

Turks (are) in such a way, Arabs (are) in such a way, Pakistan (is) in such a
way, Iran (is) in such a way, Iraq (is) in such a way, Syria (is) in such a way,
Egypt (is) in such a way- (the) whole Islamic World, they are saying: “We must
follow (the) shaitanic way and we must try to be best follower for Shaitan!”
They are not saying ‘Shaitan’, (but:) “Our king, our most important leader...”

Every leader that (is) leading people now through (the) 21st century, all
leaders (are) just graduated by Shaitan. They should be unhappy, that I am
saying this... Yes, it is true! Lanata-llah li kadhibin! Allah (is) cursing, who
(is) lying- we are not lying! Insha Allah I am not cheating you, I am not
calling you to a dark way, I am only asking every time: “O our Lord, keep
ourselves on Your enlightened Way!” Enlightened. (There is) two ways: (The)
enlightened ways to Paradise, (and the) dark way, leading people to Hells. And
up today that problems (are) climbing, climbing...

But I am looking that they reached the limits of this period! This period that
it is mentioned through our... there is a limit for every period. This is the
period of tyrants, that (is) just mentioned through (the) Holy Quran and through
the sayings, Hadith of Rasulullah sws. (The) Prophet was saying sws: “I am
walking on a way, I am looking what is in front of me, to where (is) reaching my
way, and also I am leading or I am guiding my followers on an enlightened way,
leading you to Paradise.” And anyone that (is) following the Seal of Prophets,
they are on (an) enlightened way here, leading them to Paradise. Who is coming

Everywhere there is elections: elections in Kenya, elections in Argentina,
elections in Pakistan, elections in Turkey... Eh, Somalia, internal wars...
everywhere (there are) some people on power, some people oppositions. That is a
scenario, (a) shaitanic scenario, making people (to say): “You are on power, we
are oppositions! Today they are in power, but we must not be silent, when they
are in power, we must run on streets, saying: ‘Oh, you are wrong people, you
must come down, we must come on power!” When they are coming on power, these
people whom coming now to be opposition, coming now and they are beginning: “Eh,
you are all wrong...!” To fire! Allah (is) cursing you! Ha sha! Therefore (there
is) no rest for people. When coming oppositions (in power), power people before
(are) getting against them, coming on streets... (streets are) never going to be
empty! That is the time of tyrants, because they are never listening (to)
heavenly Orders, they are never taking care for the Commands of the Lord of

When there were Sultans or Kings or Emperors, (there was) no opposition, but the
beasts, violent animals, they were in Bastille Castle. When that (was) opening,
coming opposition. Up today their descendants (are) never ending!
But the Lord of Heavens just put a limit for them also, not to be forever (that)
they are going on that way, no! And we hope that the beginning of this new
calendar, Hijri calendar, (is) going to be (their) last limit and (that) they
can’t put one more step on their way! Now they are going to come ‘kahgari’...
coming, coming, coming down...

You may imagine a circle. (These) people, they reach that point and good people
they are (on) the last point of this situation, under the dirty feet of those
tyrants. But this (wheel is) always turning, not like (a line) going (straight),
(but) like this... Some of them (it is) taking up, some of them (are coming)
from up to down. Now they reached (the) top point.

You know, I don’t know, sometimes... you are drivers, all of you (are) driving
cars... There is an (instrument), showing how is your speed, metro, coming... If
it is 100 kms, as much as you (press the pedal), but putting this, can’t be 100
101. 200 is 200, no more. Now their period (is) never going to be more, but they
are making this (pushing the pedal), uhhh, trying to make (it) more! (There is)
no more! The top point (has) just moved now. They are down and we (are)
beginning to get up, they are beginning to get down. And this circle, can’t be
changed its way, no this! Therefore we are, I hope that this new calendar, (the)
Islamic calendar, 1429, (is) going to be (the) beginning of tyrants finishing,
(that they are) beginning to come down, their power (is) going to be less, less,
less, less and our power (is) beginning to get up! (The power of the) true ones!

Therefore my advice to you (is) to be Truth defenders! What is true, you must
ask! Truth (is) coming from Heavens, Shaitan (is) on earth, shaitanic rules for
tyrants. Don’t be defenders of shaitanic ways or regimes! Try to be defenders of
Heavens, heavenly Truth! If you are doing (that), you should be in safety here
and Hereafter. If you are not doing that, then their final station should be
through Hells.

May Allah forgive us! People, now it is winter time. Whole trees they are
leaving their leaves (and they are) sleeping, sleeping till spring-time.
Spring-time (the) holy Command (is) coming to nature: “Wake up! Just winter
passed away, wake up!” and this water by its Lords Command (is) beginning to
move through (the) trees that you are saying: “These trees, they are now just
dried.” They are thinking that (the trees are) dry and they are intending to cut
them, but that time the holy Command (is) coming from Heavens to nature: “Walk
through the veins of trees by your Lords Command!” And (it is) beginning, and
(it is) beginning to be seen buds. (Those) people (are) saying: “You must not
leave this; we must take that buds away!” (It) can’t be! (The) holy Command just
arrived, they are awakening, no one can make them once again to sleep!

Now (we are) in that days! I hope that (the) beginning of (the) Islamic
calendar, Hijra calendar, (there is) going to be coming (that) Command from
Heavens to nature: “Wake up! By your Lords command, wake up!” And that (what)
people (were) thinking (has) died, (is) beginning to awaken!

Ma sha Allah! (It) should be in such a way that people they are thinking they
are living in Paradise. That is a short time, but it should be on earth (the)
appearance of Paradise that Dajjal, Antichrist, and his group should be taken
away, (and there) should remain only believers. Whom they are sincere believers,
they should remain and (the) majority should be taken away. Keep yourself!
I am nothing, but, as our holy Prophet and heavenly Orders (are) saying to make
people to wake up, that is an ‘intibah’, (a) warning, (a) warning to stand up.
That means: don’t lie on railway, because (the) train (is) coming and who (it
is) finding on its way, (it is) cutting! Wake up! (But people are) saying: “No,
nothing, we are rest here....” (And the train is coming:) Uhhhhh.... Time is

May Allah forgive us! And- use your minds and think on your position! Think:
“What I am doing?” Think: “For whom I am working? For my Lord, His Pleasure, or
I am working to make Shaitan pleased with me?” Look! Keep that balance, you
should be safe, if not, you are going to finish. May be, a handful people may
remain, doesn’t matter. Allah Almighty (was) sending (a) flood at the time of
Noah- a.s. and on our most precious Prophet sws. That time Allah (was) sending
(a) flood and taking only one handful people, they are not reaching, their
numbers, to 1oo, they only landed in (the) Arch. From that, look, billions of
people (are) coming from that people.

Therefore now Allah Almighty (is) sending not (a) flood of water, but sending
fire! Every nation (is) preparing more power, more fire, to destroy inside and
outside. No mercy through their hearts, finished! No justice, no mercy! They are
going to finish! Finishing, then Allah Almighty (is) sending new ones, new ones!
In a handful years you should find this world full with believers, whom they are
saying: La ilaha ill-Allah... (Sheikh is making a short Dhikr:...) La ilaha ill-Allah,
Sayyiduna wa Nabiyuna Muhammadur Rasulullah.

May Allah guide us to His enlightened Way to Paradise! Be patient, don’t run on
streets, don’t join to those people, or you are taking your punishment on
yourselves! Cursing (is) coming on those people (that) they are running on
streets. I am sorry to say like Pakistan people, they are Muslims, they are
running on streets and (are) shouting. I am saying: “Why? You are Muslims, why
(you are) running on ways? Why (you are) not going to mosques, to say: ‘ Oh ya
Rabbi, ya Rabbana, save ourselves!’ What you are running on streets, how you are
Muslims?“ That people- turbans, long beards... for what this? What is that
politics? Politics (is) shaitanic, everywhere, destroying. But people (are)
running on ways. Ya Hu, there is mosques, go and say: “O our Lord, (save

Tauba ya Rabbi! Ya Muhaula-l hauli wa-l ahwal, hauli halina ila ahsani hal!
Ya Mustahat salihin, ya Mustahat salihin, ya Mustahat salihin,
aslih shanana wa shana-l Muslimin, fansura ‘ala-l kaumi-l kafirin,
wansur Sultanana, Sultanu-l Muslimin, Sultana-l insi wal jinn, S.Mehdi a.s.,
asharahu-llah, ajallahu-llah, ayadahu-llah, akramahu-llah, azamahu-llah,
bi jahi Nabiyi-l karim, bi hurmati-l Fatiha!

Lefke, 06.01.2008

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