Maulana Sheikh NazimSpringtime for Islam

Trees, that are losing their leaves in winter, even if you put water or fertilizer on them will not get green at that time because it is not the season...

What Allah has planted, it will not die. They are thinking that Islam is finished, that the Holy Prophet was an ordinary person. It is winter for Islam now, and they are thinking that everything green is finished, but the seasons are changing, and when the winter is finished, the green comes out of the earth again. What has been sleeping under the earth according to Allah’s order, will come up. Even if they should try to prevent this happening, it is not possible. It is nature’s law, and after the first snowdrops more and more flowers will appear. So no matter how much they are shouting and making bad things and laws against Islam now, the time has come. The spring of Islam cannot be prevented...

And they are wondering: Who is doing that, how it is happening?... Yes, look for that One and find Him... Fatiha.


BookOnthebridgetoEternity, CategoryIslam
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