Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Station of Contentment- How to control anger

Who is the happiest person in this life? Who is the most satisfied? He who is satisfied with that station in life in which his Lord put him. It is the station of contentment- to look at everything and see that it is most suitable for him, and also for all. You must say: “This situation is most suitable for me because my Lord put me in this situation. It it were no good for me, He wouldn’t have put me in it.” We must believe that Allah Almighty desires goodness for us, always.

Don’t be a teacher to Allah. He knows best, and you don’t know anything. Don’t make any objections for anything; you are servants, you are slaves to Him, and He is Governor, Absolute King of the Universe.

You must know that all actions, all events, are not going to happen as we like them to happen. Nothing happens, no one can be as we like them to be; it is impossible. When you know this, you may keep yourself far away from anger, because anger is the result of thinking that you can have everything as you want it to be.


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