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And Stop Them, For They Shall Be Questioned (37:24)

Assalamu Alaykum O Attendees, Alayna wa Alaykum as-Salam. May our day be a good one,
may our end be a good one. May the salam of the Heavens be upon us. We are weak. Qawwi
Dha'fi fi Ridak. Give us strength on the way to Your Satisfaction Ya Rabbi. Assalamu Alaykum
O attendees. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan, the Lion who makes the world tremble. Mashallah la
Quwata illa biLlah. He is such a lion, if he strikes this earth with his Dhul Fiqqar (sword), it will
divide into 2, because Shah Mardan's power is not physical power. His power comes from the
sky. His power comes from Heavens. Go ahead (speak) O Shah Mardan. Mashallah la Quwata
illa biLlah. Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. The ones following Allah's Lion's way, the ones who love
him, this assembly is their assembly. Mashallah. Shukr (thanks) to Allah that...He made us from
the Yaran, beloved ones of Shah Mardan. Come, listen, those who love the way of Shah
Mardan. Listen to him. Don't look at who is talking, but at the one making him speak. Our
assemblies are not prepared beforehand. Our assembly is not one that was prepared from before
to be read.

This assembly is a spiritual one. Where does its spirituality come from? From Shah Mardan. He
is an ocean of spirituality. If he gives one drop, a person can earn a high station. When we say
that, it means in the presence of Allah (swt)...your value will increase. Go ahead, O Shah
Mardan. Let's listen. O my Yaran, the ones who love us, let's say - Bismillahir RahmanirRahim -
and get power. Our power is not from earth, it's from Heavens. If heedless ones could appreciate
thispower, they wouldn't leave this assembly There are countless assemblies, in the name of Shah
Mardan, Allah's (swt) Lion. What a holy/ blessed Lion. Mashallah la Quwata illa biLlah.

May our day be a good one,may our end be a good one. Inshallah we won't be tired. O Shah
Mardan, we don't get tired from listening to you. We find honor from listening to your honorable
words. O Shah Mardan, we are asking for your blessings. We want to learn. Learning is not
reading and writing. To learn is to have good manners, Adab. Whoever learns adab (good
manners),that person will be dunya (earth) & akhira (hereafter). O our Lord, for the
sake of Shah Mardan, allow us to be from those accepted servants. Allow us to be from...Your
Beloved's (sws) nation. Shah Mardan is telling us to pray like this, Allah's Beloved One,
Habibullah's beloved one.

We want to be under his banner. There is on earth...and in akhira there is Liwa al-Hamd, it
belongs to Allah's Beloved (sws). The guard at his door is Shah Mardan. O Sultan...look over us.

We want to learn what we don't know. What we are searching for on earth, what is it? We are
searching for honor. What are we wasting? It is honor. Shah Mardan is informing us what we are
wasting. What the Muslims of today are wasting is Adab. Adab. When one wastes adab, one is
useless. Mankind finds honor with adab. Prophet (sws),Allah's Beloved one said - "Addabani
Rabbi" -(My Lord imbued me with Adab) My Lord taught me adab. O Arabs, Iranians, O
Muslims in Turkey, India, China, do you hear the words of our Glorious Prophet (sws)? He
didn't say - Allamani (He taught me). Adab...with adab...such an adab...adab that wasn't given to
anyone else. My Lord taught me adab.

O people, your honor is from your adab. The one without adab has no value, he is rubbish, he is
a carcass, an animal, and even worse than that. A person's honor is with his adab. Today, Shah
Mardan's Yaran, his beloved ones...there are beautiful sayings that he is telling them. What are
they for? They are not for teaching about dunya -in the west there is this, in east there is that, in
the north there is this, in the south there is that, in oceans... It's not for learning about this. Allah
Allah. Why did he, Alayhi salatu wa salam, say it? Shah Mardan is informing us - Prophet (sws)
said: Addabani Rabbi. The Adab that my Lord wanted He taught me. There is nothing beyond
that. That is what Allah (swt) wants from His servants. He doesn't want gold, nor silver, nor
dunya, nor universes. What Allah (swt) wants from us, is Adab. Adab for our Lord.

How can a person be human? With adab. That is why the Prophet (sws) said - Addabani Rabbi.
My Lord taught me, He taught me adab. What is in the west? In the east? What can be found in
the oceans, in the skies? What's in the mountains, rocks, forests? He didn't teach these. There's no
value in these things. He, Allah(swt), taught the most valuable thing to His Habib. Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. Your words are true. Yes. What is the most valuable treasure? Come, O Shah
Mardan, tell us. The most valuable treasure... whoever owns it will be the richest person,
Adab... Adab... Respect. Love & Respect for the Lord and... Adab brings a servant forward.
Leaving adab banishes you from His Presence. Don't be from the banished ones.

Go ahead O Shah Mardan. The field is yours. O Lion of Allah, Shah Mardan. The companions,
in the presence of Prophet (sws), they were so still, as if a bird was sitting on their heads, they
were sitting like that. They had the best adab. They listened to the Sultan. O if only we listened
to that Sultan, we wouldn't fall into this punishment. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. This is what
your Yaran want. Mankind has lost its honor. Why? They lost their adab, they didn't learn adab.

There are schools everywhere. Universities... are higher than schools, they claim, but there are no
jewels. They are giving straw to the people. What are they teaching? Straw. Valuable jewels are
inside the pearl shell. The shell protects the pearl inside it. The people of today... they're not
searching for the pearl, they're running after its shell. They won't be men, they won't be human,
they won't be honorable. And maybe their place will be lower than that of 4-legged animals.

Listen Ay Yaran Shah Mardan. Let's say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim -The most important
part of Adab. If they forget Basmala, they lose their humanity. That person loses the honor of
being human. Animals don't say Basmala. Did you ever see an animal say Basmala? Allah Dhul
Jalal gave Basmala to mankind. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. This honor was given by Rabbul
Izzah, the Absolute Owner of Creation, everything is under His orders. When He says "Be" it
will be. Rabbul Izzah's most valuable jewel is Adab. Who are you? Who am I? "You are You, I
am me" said satan. The ego, the ego carries the essence of satan. When ego was created, it was
asked: "Who are you, Who am I?" The dirty ego of man said: "You are You, I am me. "The ego
showed this kind of boldness towards Allah (swt). And that is why, without...until a sword from
heavens came down on the ego, it didn't accept. The sword came down from heavens -

Before the sword of Shah Mardan came down people didn't understand humanity. They ran
here and there, they didn't come to learn Adab. They came to collect the dirtiness/waste of
dunya. Those are satan's instructions. satan says: collect this manure, waste, collect as much as
you can. Well, you collected and did what? You piled it there and they dug a grave next to it and
buried you there. What benefit did it have for you? Gold, jewels have no benefit for you. How
did you come to the Presence of Allah (swt)? With Adab. "Addabani Rabbi." The best Adab is to
know our Lord, to glorify our Lord. What is our job? Servanthood to our Lord.

Why were we created? "illa li ya'budun" I created them for My service. Then I will pay/ reward
them. I will pay those who keep My servanthood. I will pay them eternally. You can live on
earth, 20,50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years, there is nothing dunya will pay you. However, those living
for... Allah Dhul Jalal, they will be paid. Don't sleep. Go ahead, O Shah Mardan. Ay Yaran Shah
Mardan, clean servants. Today, we woke up with Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. What is our
work? Our work is to serve the Sultan. Who is the Sultan? He is the Owner of heavens and earth,
Allah Dhul Jalal. He is the Owner of heavens & earth. Who did you work for today? Did you
work for the Owner of heavens & earth, the One who created you? Did you work for Him today?
Go ahead, say O Shah Mardan. Tell those whom satan has tricked. Tell these people why they
were created. To kill one another? The Adab... was taught by Allah (swt) to people. Is this found
in adab -kill one another, burn and destroy the homes of one another?

O Shiite group, did Allah (swt) order you -to burn and destroy the homes of His servants, to kill
His children, His servants? Is this how you are Muslims? O Alawi, fake Alawi, fake Shia, say for
Allah (swt) -Did Allah (swt) create you to kill people, to destroy their homes? It is said - A believer
is the brother of a believer. Whoever says - La ilaha illallah is a believer. He's your brother. How
can you kill your brother? Are there no people other than you? Did satan create Sunnis? Ar-
Rahman created you, did satan create those who are not from you? "Hal min khaliqin
ghayrullah"(35:3) Is there a Creator other than Allah?

Allah (swt) said - 'I made oppression forbidden.' You are doing oppression. Is this your Adab?
Allah (swt) is saying -I will question/ judge you. "Wa Qifuhum Innahum Masulun"(37:24) Isn't
this from Holy Quran? Or is it a saying from the air? Wa Qifuhum. On Judgement Day, when
groups of people are passing, the angels, by the order of Allah (swt), will say to the passing groups
- Wa Qifuhum/ Stop them! Innahum Masulun...will they be asked or not? O scholars. O those
claiming to be Shia o those who consider themselves Alawi, is this Quran or made-up sayings?

Wa Qifuhum -Stop them. Don't let them pass because they will be questioned. You are not
teaching this. Don't you read Quran O Shia? Wa Qifuhum. Will they stop the animals or
people? Innahum Masulun. From the throne, from Allah's (swt) Almighty Voice, a call will come
to the angels - Wa Qifuhum. Stop them. Because they will be questioned about what they did.

Let them answer, the head of Shia, the head of Alawi. "Wa Idha Al-Maw'udatu Su'ilat, Bi ayyi
Dhanbin Qutilat" (81: 8,9). They will be asked about all these innocent people killed -For what sin
were you killed? These children, women, men, innocent people, you kill them but on Judgment
Day you will be addressed, Wa Qifuhum. Stop them O Angels. Stop them, they will be
questioned. They think it is easy to say - I am Shia, I am Alawi. Were Shia/Alawi given an order
from heavens to burn/destroy their homes? Which arhund gave you the fatwa to kill the servants
of Allah, to burn & destroy homes, houses, villages? Which one gave you this fatwa? Shame on
shia scholars, and alawi scholars. Fear Allah (swt). The addressing is for you -Wa Qifuhum. Don't
let them pass, don't give them way because they will be questioned about what they did.

Judgment Day is the day everyone will be judged. Correct your selves. Stop killing immediately
because the month of Allah is coming, Rajabul Murajjab. Shahrullah, Rajabis the month of
Allah. Alimallah, If one drop of Divine Anger comes, no shia or alawi will be left on earth. Allah
(swt) will afflict you with a nation that they will finish you off. A war is not needed.

Nimrod...Allah (swt) finished off Nimrod's army with mosquitos. Only their armor was left. Inside
the armor, only their skeleton was left. He will make you like that. And you are coming from
Nimrod's country. There is Allah (swt). There is His Prophet (sws) and there is Shah Mardan.
They will question/ judge you. And you claim to believe in Shah Mardan but he will judge you.

Everyone is accountable for everything they do, whether it's good or bad. If you do good, you
will find goodness. If you do evil, you will not get away with it. O Shia listen. O Bashar listen.
Prophet (sws) said -I swear by Allah (swt) that armies will be sent down to punish oppressors.

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. It is coming, Rajab Shahrullah. Let's see how Allah (swt) will treat
shia and alawi. Shia are fake and alawi are fake. Aman Ya Rabbi, Tawba Ya Rabbi. Go ahead
O Shah Mardan. You are Allah's Lion. You speak truth. If there is something wrong, let them
say. O Shah Mardan. Don't send us away from beneath your banner, because most will be sent
away. The punishment of murderers is eternal hell. wa man yaqtul mu'minan fa jaza'uhu fi nari
abada. The punishment of someone who kills a believer unjustly is to stay in hellfire eternally.
Get your heads straight. The coming month is Allah's month. There's no joke. The scale will
come down to give rights to who deserves; unjust ones will find their punishment.

Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi Hasbun Allah wa ni'mal wakil. O blessed
Shah Mardan, Tell these beautiful sayings to your Yaran, to your beloved ones. Those who listen
go to paradise, those who don't listen go to hell. wa man qatalahu mu'minan fa jaza'uhu
jahannamu khalidan. Who kills a believer unjustly is sentenced to eternal hell. Wait, it's coming.
Shahrullah is coming. From which side will it shake you? Think. Either the earth will shake and
your country will collapse on your heads or an army of soldiers from another creation will ruin
you, and leave no trace of your existence.

Sahib az-Zaman who is the child of Shah Mardan, this is his addressing, Mahdi (as). The banner
of Islam is one. There is no Iranian banner, Arab banner, Syrian banner, Turkish banner. There
is one banner. What is written on it? La ilaha IlaLlah Muhammadur Rasulullah. What does it
say -"Nasrun min Allahi wa fathun qarib (victory is Allah's & an opening is near) wa bashiril
mu'minin"(good news for believers) it says. Listen and be saved. Today we set out, it is a new day.
What can we do? Do good. Don't ask - What should we do? Allah (swt) is ordering His servant -
Do good. Do something good. There are no boundaries/ limits to good things to do. And there
are no limits to oppression. At least, stay the hand of the oppressor and don't give them
opportunity to oppress.

That's why a Sultan will come. The glorious Ottomans, who ruled by Islam for 1,000 years, will
come. The world is trembling when they hear the name - Ottoman. It is coming. They know the
way. They are the ones who read the adhan in the center of Europe. When the Ottoman army
was saying adhan, the shia attacked them from this side, to break their mightiness, The armies
that say Allahu Akbar. When Adhan Muhammadi was being recited at the gates of Vienna, you
came and attacked from that side to try and break the Ottomans. You will be asked. Mahdi (as) is
coming. O our Lord, forgive us, forgive us. They should quit immediately. If they persist, not one
will remain.

O our Lord, You are al-Qadir al-Muqtadir. For the sake of Your Habib (sws), and for the sake of
Shah Mardan, send down Your help/ support to us. We are Muslims. Whoever says -La ilaha
illAllah Muhammadar Rasulullah, we cannot touch them. Those who don't say, they won't be
safe from our sword. We are not shia or alawi. We are Muslims. Let them be alawi, shia. We are
Muslims. The order for Prophet Abraham (as) was to be Muslim. We have no other claim. Raise
the banner of Islam and go. Walk towards the disbelievers. Don't go to oppressed ones and
destroy their homes. Your punishment is heavy. They are coming again, the Ottomans whom
you don't like, who ruled with Islam for 1,000 years. They are coming. You can't stand against
them, they're coming with armies. The banner is with them. The banner of the Prophet (sws) is
with them. Were you ever given the banner of the Prophet (sws)? Ottomans are still keeping the
sacred trusts. Go and take it from them.

O our Lord, You are al-Qadir al-Muqtadir. The month carrying your name, is Rajab
Shahrullah. Let help/ support reach us O our Lord. O Shah Mardan, your supplication/ dua is
accepted by Allah (swt). Sahib az-Zaman, Mahdi (as) will come from your children. And that is
who the Ottomans are waiting for. They will give him the sacred trusts. Allahu Allah Allahu
Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi Hasbun Allah wa ni'mal wakil. Forgive us our Lord. Whoever
is right, Allah will support him. Unjust ones are finished. May our day and work be a good one.

May our end be a good one. La ilaha IlaLlah Sayyidina Muhammadur Rasulullah. We are not the
enemies of whoever says that. But we are enemies to their satans. Wa min Allahi t-Tawfiq. O our
Lord, give us strength. May the armies that will carry Your banner come Ya Rabbi.


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