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The Story of Dunya

Madad Ya Rijal Allah, madad Ya Sahibu z-Zaman, madad Ya Shah Mardan. Welcome to you
our yaran - the yaran, ahbab of Shah Mardan, the people who take life from him - welcome to
you. Madad Ya Rijal Allah, madad Ya Sahibu z-Zaman, madad Ya Sahibu-l Maydan, Shah
Mardan. Masha'Allahu kana, wa ma lam yasha' lam yakun! Madad Ya Rijal Allah. Let us say
Marhaba - O yaran, marhaba. Ya Sahibu-l Maydan, Ya Shah Mardan. Madad, dastur.
Welcome to this short sohbat of ours. If two believers are present in a place, let one express
(ifadah) & the other one benefit (istifadah). This is the method- either ifadah or istifadah. Go
ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran are your admirers. May you go ahead & speak from the
Lutfi Karam (Kindness & Generosity) of our Lord Almighty. May you teach us from His Habib's
ocean of adab.
Come in, O listeners. O Shah Mardan, your yaran are your admirers. Shah Mardan is the lion of
the way of Allah. Who come to his assembly are called "Tuba lahum". Tuba lahum, what a joy
for them. Tuba is a famous tree from the trees of Paradise. Tuba, tuba lahum. May we be
granted from the knowledge of Shah Mardan & we understand- tuba lahum. Tuba, "what a joy"
they say in Turkish. What a joy, tuba lahum. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. We don't know, may
you teach us. Tariqatuna as-sohba wa l-khayrun fi l-jamiyya. Shah Naqshband made 12
thousand sohbats. Shah Naqshbandi Hz, he is the one who put his step where Shah Mardan
stepped. Masha'Allah, Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah.
Come in O yaran-ahbab of Shah Mardan, come in, come in & let us listen. Each breath makes
us take another step, to exit dunya. There is a secret in every breath that moves us away from this
dunya. There is a different secret in every breath. Try to catch the secrets. Secrets are with who
are the possessors of secrets. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Tariqatuna s-sohba. And with all the
awliya there are the sohbats of Shah Mardan. Masha'Allahu kana, wa ma lam yasha' lam yakun!
What the Lord of Glory wants happens. What He doesn't want, doesn't happen. Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. Let us say, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. O Lord, dress on us the honour dress,
the karam dress, the majesty dress, the afiyah/well-being dress of the Bismillah - so that each
dress makes the people gain a different rank.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran admire you. He sent them to the earth - Allahu Dhu-l
Jalal sent Adam and our mother Eve to earth. "Go" He (swt) said, "finish your job & come back".
This is the address to Prophet Adam- "'Inzilu". Go down to dunya, He said. Because, as Shaykh
Mehmet Effendi knows, when they ate from that forbidden tree their stomachs started to growl.
Adam & our mother Eve started running around. The addressing came, that "Here is Paradise,
here is not a toilet. You need a toilet. 'Inzilu. Make them go down to the surface of the earth, to
the earth to relieve themselves, since their stomachs growled. There is no toilet in the Paradise.
Hasha, there can't be. Well, but they already ate from it; they ate from the forbidden tree & their
stomachs started growling. "What will we do? What to do?" Prophet Adam & our mother Eve
got surprised.
Allah Almighty ordered through the angels - "Send them down to earth. Here is no place to
excrete. Here is the place of the clean ones. Here is not the place of rebellious ones or those who
violate Our Holy Order. Send these to the toilet". They are not in the category to be addressed
now. They will not be addressed, since their stomachs started growling. When you do what is
forbidden, either your stomach or your head aches. They ate it & their stomach started to growl.
They ran to here, there wondering what to do. "Send them down to earth" said the Lord of
Glory. They were looking for a toilet. Can there be a toilet in the Paradise? But they couldn't
help it. They kept running around. "Go down. 'Inzilu. Let them go down to earth" He said.
"They have the need to relieve themselves but paradise is the place of clean ones. There is no
toilet in paradise.
The blessings in the Paradise do not disturb the people. They are clean, pure. But the stomachs
of these ones started growling. They are not suitable now for the clean Paradise". Go ahead O
Shah Mardan. They are looking for a toilet now. There is no one who enters a toilet to sleep.
They scream, shout and enter- to be cleaned. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran admire
you. What a beautiful expression. If a person's stomach growls in a palace should he do it in the
middle of that palace? So their stomachs started to growl & they needed a toilet. They run to
here, there. Now these are no good in here. There is no toilet in Paradise. Paradise is the place
for clean ones. They rebelled, they didn't listen, and ate what was forbidden. And now the
Prophet (Adam) is running around "Where should we go?" The angels were ordered. Go ahead
O Shah Mardan. What did the angels say? "Quickly gather yourself together, so we take you to
the toilet". This is the story of mankind.
Masha'Allah, O Shah Mardan. This is the story of mankind. He (swt) said "You are not suitable
for Paradise because what is eaten in Paradise is halal - does not require a toilet. You ate what is
haram. You can't stay in Paradise now. You need the toilet now". "Send them down" was said to
the angels. "Quickly send these to earth, to the toilet". So this is the story of dunya. It is the
answer to the question "How did man come to live in dunya?" How, why was Man, who was
created in Paradise & was granted the Divine Grants, sent down to earth? Because they opposed
the Heavenly Order- "we may eat everything". If you eat everything, then you will need a toilet.
There is no toilet in Paradise. There is no need for a toilet for what Allah made halal. Allahu
O our Lord, may You forgive us. O Shah Mardan, may you teach us. Your yaran admire you.
This is the secret of it, S. Mehmet Effendi. How did they come down to dunya? Because they
rebelled and ate from the blessing which was forbidden them. Then their stomachs ached and
they had the urge to relieve themselves. They kept running around the Paradise but there was
nothing in Paradise. These were left uncovered and were ordered to be sent down. They needed
a toilet. The Order came "Send them down to earth" and mankind was sent down. So this is the
tale. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. "And so much has happened since then, a camel loaded with
coal passed through the sieve". GrandShaykh had such a saying. So much has happened in this
dunya because they did that thing - because Prophet Adam and our mother Eve did that thing,
they experienced all kinds of things. "Quickly send them down to earth, these need baitu-l hajat".
Let us ask the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, what is baitu-l hajat? Do they know it? Why don't
they explain it? Say, what is dunya known for?
He was in Heaven, in Paradise, how did he come down here? He rebelled, he broke the Order of
the Sultan. He ate the forbidden thing and started to run here, there to relieve himself. Angels
were ordered "Send them down to earth. What they are looking for is on earth". Meaning they
should not seek a toilet in Paradise but on earth. And what did the earth turn into? Every part of
it became a toilet - there is no place which is not a toilet. Look at how important it is, look at the
value of the toilet. If the King was not a member of the toilet, when he had the urge in the
parliament, "how can I get out? I can't sit." "What happened?" "An important messenger came"
he says. Yahu in the middle of the parliament who is that important messenger?" Sultan is
disturbed, either from what he ate or what he drink, so he can't sit still in his seat". He (swt) can
humiliate you or glorify you, as He likes.
It is wajib/obligatory to obey the Order of Allah Almighty. It is the first order. He (swt) taught
Prophet Adam: "Wa La Taqraba Hadhihi sh-Shajarata Fatakuna Mina z-Zalimina"(7:19). Don't
eat it or you will get into trouble. If you eat, you need to excrete what you eat. Then you look for
something else to fill the space that is emptied. He (swt) arranged the intestines so that you eat
and fill your intestines and right after it you look for a toilet to empty your intestines that are
filled. And what happened? The whole world became a toilet! Why don't you say, O Effendis of
Al-Azhar, scholars, explain to the people. Shame on them that people who say, "I am Muslim,"
are fighting for a toilet, they are battling over a toilet. However, the Order is - Wa-jahidu fi-
Sabilillah. The fight can't be for a toilet but fi-Sabilillah- in the way of Allah. What it means, Fi-
Sabilillah is, you raise the flag Allah gave you on earth, or they bury you inside the toilet. You
will be left in the toilet. Whoever comes does it on you. It is for wounding your pride.
"Yahu what happened? What happened to the King?" "He is pressed. Did he eat too much?"
"He must have". All the kings, all the leaders are all fat like this, they are fattened up. We didn't
come here to fatten up. Wake up. He wasn't sent to dunya to get fat, he was sent down as a
punishment. Or else why should He send him down to dunya? To get fatter? All of them got
fattened up. Then? The Prince or King gestures, saying "I am pressed, I need to leave for a few
minutes". "What happened?" asks one King to the other. "He is pressed". "Yahu is it the time for
this now?" "Whether it is the time for it or not. The King is pressed & about to do it all over
himself in the parliament. There will be a big scandal". Here is the end of one who can't control
himself- to look for a toilet. This was the end of the ones who violated the Divine Order- "O
Adam! Go down to earth, you & your wife. There is the toilet. Here is the place of clean ones".
Allahu Akbar.
That beauty of theirs was taken from them as soon as they came down to earth. There was such
a beauty with our father Adam- Adam (as), S. Mehmet Effendi. One couldn't look at his face
because of his majesty. Angels made sajda to him- "Usjudu li'Adam".(2:34) Don't sleep! "Make
sajda for Adam". How can this be? Who is Adam to make sajda for him? He (swt) dressed such a
beauty on Adam that angels got astonished. "He is My Caliph, I put him in My Paradises" He
(swt) said. "Only, I have an Order. Let them be careful with My Order. There are things I
prohibit & there are things I don't prohibit. Let them keep My Prohibition. If not, humiliation
comes". Our mother Eve said "Let us eat & see". She ate & disgraced Prophet Adam, along with
his line.
They don't know this secret yet, neither the Christians nor the Jews, and very few from the
Muslims know. They asked from the blessings of Paradise from the great Prophet Jesus- not from
the tables on earth but from Heavens. You can't eat from Heavens. "Kana ya'kulani
atta'ama"(5:75). Why did Allah Almighty Jalla Jalaluhu say this? They called Prophet Jesus, God,
far beyond being a prophet. Allah Almighty rejects this - "How can you call him God when they
used to eat food?". Why should you say this Verse, what does it explain? It dismisses all the
foolish things Christians say. Allahu Akbar. This is the great Quran Azimu s-Shan, S. M. Effendi.
How come? "Kana ya'kulani atta'ama"- both his mother & himself used to eat. Why did He (swt)
say this? It is bayyin, an obvious matter known by everyone. Why did He (swt) say it? "Kana
ya'kulani atta'ama". You ascribed Divinity to Jesus & his mother. However both of them- "Kana
ya'kulani atta'ama"(5:75)- used to eat. And what does their eating require? To go to the toilet.
How can you call a person who goes to the toilet, God? How can you worship him?
Look, in one phrase -"Kana ya'kulani atta'ama". The result of a person who eats is to excrete
what he eats, is to go to the toilet. Then how can you call the one who goes to the toilet, God, O
foolish Christians? The Holy Quran dismissed it in one word- the falsehood of Christians, that
you called Jesus, God & his mother, the mother of the God. However "Kana ya'kulani atta'ama".
Both of them used to eat. Where is the result of eating & drinking? In the toilet! It didn't say itthe
politeness of the Holy Quran. "Kana ya'kulani atta'ama". However, who you called God - he
& his mother both used to eat. Where is the result of eating? You should go to the toilet. Can the
one who goes to the toilet be God? O foolish Christians! You still say this. Tawba Ya Rabbi,
tawba Astaghfirullah.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan, for the honour of this holy Ramadan. O Shah Mardan, your yaran
admire you. So what is our mustawa/level, S.Mehmet Effendi? Our level is this. A level other
than this is- "Fastawa wa Huwa bil Ufuqi l-‘Ala (highest horizon)."(57:6-7). This is what was said
to our Prophet (sas). He (swt) didn't say about him "Kana ya'kulani atta'ama" or "yakuli atta'am"
but said "fastawa"- istiwa. He went to such a station that... It is the Sidratu-l Muntaha, that
station. "Taha. Ma 'Anzalna 'Alayka l-Qur'ana Li tashqa. 'Illa Tadhkiratan Liman Yakhsha.
Tanzilan Mimman Khalaqa l-'Arda Wa s-Samawati l-'Ula. Ar-Rahmanu 'Ala l-'Arshi stawa"
(20:1-5). Allahu Akbar! O scholars of Al-Azhar, explain this! The unbelievers are attacking
Muslims, to destroy Islam. Islam can't be destroyed but their falsehood will be. "I will destroy" he
says, go ahead O Shah Mardan. "I won't leave any falsehood". "'Inna l-Batila Kana
Zahuqan"(17:81). "Falsehood has no foundation. I will destroy it" he said.
And the Holy Verse came-"Iqra Bismi Rabbika lladhi Khalaqa. Khalaqa l-insana min
'alaq"(96:1-2) This Holy Verse descended. Istawa, istawa. Allahu Akbar.There is no level that
can reach the level/mustawa of Islam. Allahu Akbarul Akbar. O our Lord, what Your holy
servants taught us- Shah Mardan who is from Your Habib-u Zeeshan is teaching us- "Ar-
Rahman. Subhanahu wa Ta'ala. Ar-Rahmanu 'Ala l-'Arshi stawa. Ar-Rahmanu 'Ala l-'Arshi
stawa"(20:5). Which 'Arsh? Not the 'Arsh/Throne you know. Not the 'Arsh Prophets knew but
Rabbu-l Izzat, Allahu Dhu-l Jalal, "'Ala l-'Arshi stawa". Allahu Akbar! Which 'Arsh? It is the
'Arsh special to Allah Almighty. It is not for us, but He is explaining us where Man is. Learn.
Gain honour. If you don't learn, remain as an animal.
Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Your yaran admire you. How beautifully did you say it. May you
teach us, O Prophets. Our Prophet's name is Mu'allim an-nas al-khair. Our Prophet has a glory-
Mu'allim an-nas al-khair, for our Prophet. What is his rutba/rank? "'Allama Al-'Insana Ma Lam
Ya'lam" (96:5). The attribute of our Prophet- "Has taught man that which he knew not". That
glorious Prophet is to teach Man what they don't know. Here is the glorious Shah Mardan,
teaching his yaran. His yaran admire him.
May we open up. May we roar. May we destroy falsehood. May we destroy the sultanate of
shaytan. This is our mission now. Success is from Allah Almighty. Grant us strength, we are
weak. O Shah Mardan, may you support us.
When the realities open up, they come from here, from there like a fountain. Go ahead Shaykh
Mehmet Effendi, read for me O son.

Lefke, 24.07.2013

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