Maulana Sheikh NazimA Straight Talking Man

May He (swt) deal with us with His Grants & Generosity. May He, Allah Almighty, deal with us
with His Forgiveness. Innaka 'Afuwwun Tuhibbu'l 'afwa, fa'fu 'anna Ya Karim. This is the dua.
O Our Lord, Innaka 'Afuwwun Karim. His forgiveness is plenty & there is no end to His
Generosity. Fa'fu 'anna Ya Karim. We are being naughty. May You forgive us O Allah. We
couldn't worship You as grown ups. May You forgive us O Allah. O Our Lord, may You send us
from Your good servants who will show us the ways of good manners, for the honour of Your
Beloved. The Beloved Prophet, alayhi afdalu salatu wa s-salam, taught us good manners but
mankind is throwing these good manners aside & looking for other ways. Who leaves the right
path cannot reach his destination, can't move forward either but falls into difficulties.

"'Anna Hadha Sirati Mustaqimaan" (6:153). Allah Almighty says "My Path is all straight. It is the
safe path. This path I declared to you, informed you by My pure servants, My selected servants.
You are not listening & you are going off the way". Allah Almighty does not want His servants to
suffer troubles but the servants, themselves are rushing to it. They are rushing, leaving the
straight path & saying, "we may go this way, that way.." What is the name of nations that are out
of Shariat? Sandala Mandala. Sandala Mandala. And the people who rule them? They are also
foolish & idiot ones at the same time.

What will he be when he leaves the clean path Allah shows & falls off the way? They are saying
"We will make a constitution". What does constitution mean? With the old expression, they say
"we will make Kanun-u Asasi. (The first Ottoman constitution) We don't want the orders You
sent us". Masha Allah! How dare you say this to Allah Almighty? They say "We will make a
constitution". Who are you? Who are you, that you are saying "I will make constitution"? Is the
Shariat Allah Almighty sent you not enough for you? Did it not suffice you that you say "I will
make constitution on top of it. I will make Teskilat-i Asasiya. (Fundamental law of Turkish State)
I am going to make constitution". Masha Allah! How dare you?

Therefore whole governments have become Sandala Mandala. They will fight one one another.
Whosoever comes to power, to rule says "We will make a constitution". Allah sent, sent Shariat.
He (swt) showed how mankind should live decently like men. You are saying "We don't want, we
don't want this. It got old. We will do ourselves". Ok do & fall in it! For this whole world now is
Sandala Mandala. They have nothing- they have no mind, no faith, no honour, nor do they have
a head that knows what should be done. Empty, empty.. "But we want to elect.." Yahu, if there is
a pile of watermelons, you say to the seller of the watermelons, "you pick one for me". Can the
people who can't pick watermelon elect men? What shamelessness is this? How dare they? This is
for nothing, this is in vain. This is the deception of shaytan. "You become this, you become that.
We establish a union. You become the president. You become the 2nd president, the 3rd
president. You become the minister of such & such.." It turned into a total mess. They fell into a
situation now which is impossible to get out of. They can't find a way out except "bi habli min
Allah". Who holds fast to the rope Allah Almighty sent can be saved from this dishonoured life &
its humiliation. If not they will have no dunya nor any akhirah.

The pure Shariat al-Ahmadiyya. What shines all bright is the Ahmadiyya, on the name of the
Prophet (sas). It is the Shariat of Islam. You should look to this. What you invented is Sandala
Mandala. It has no good for anyone because you can't know. Allah Almighty knows the situation
of every creature & grants accordingly. A bee can't understand the situation of an ant. Another
bug won't understand the situation of a bee. And the bees also have a few kinds. There are some
which make honey & some other which make poison. You are saying "No, I want to make the
poison sweet, want to make the poison beautiful & give you that so you survive". Yahu really it is
poison. What Allah Almighty sent will give you life, will give you honour. You will live a
beautiful, clean life. Your life in dunya will be beautiful & in akhirah also Allah Almighty will
grant you His eternal blessings. "No, we don't want!" They are saying "we don't want".
Astonishing, what kind of man are you? They say for what Allah Almighty sent "I don't want it, I
don't want".

Once upon a time, the son of the Sultan saw a gypsy girl & fell in love with her. He wants no one
but her. Her mother advises, the Sultana, his father the Sultan. But he says "I can't give up on
her". He said "Ok, we may send to ask for this gypsy girl to take her. What can we do? We don't
want to lose our son". The wazir said "Let's go & have a look". The wazir asked "Where are these
gypsies?" "They live in the wild, in tents". He asked "Where is Hussain Agha Hz?" he said.
"Where is his tent?" They said "Who is he asking for?" "Hussain Agha Hz". "Are you asking for
crazy Hussain? Here he is in the tent." So he went there.

The Wazir called, "O Hussain Agha Hz. We have been given the immense privilege of asking for
your honorable daughter's hand on behalf of the son of His Majesty the Sultan". Hussain
answered, "What are you talking about? I have no daughter's hand to give! Get out of here. Get
lost." The Wazir said, "But Hussain Agha Hz. His Highness the..." Before he could finish his
sentence Hussain had kicked him out and was shouting after him, "Go away! Get lost!" Sad and
confused, the Wazir rode away. A little while later he met a man who asked why he was so sad‚
He kissed the skirt of the wazir's coat while he was walking distractedly. He asked "O Sultan, why
are you so sad like this?" He said "Our Sultan's son fell in love with a gypsy girl he wants her no
matter what". "Then what happened?" "I went to see her father & he said "I have no daughter to
give". So I am sad like this.." "Ok, leave it to me" he said.

The wazir had a spare horse with him. "May you let me use the horse & I will arrange it with
these gypsies!" He mounted, spurred the horse onward & said "Bra gypsies! Bra gypsies! O
foolish ones, O no mind ones.." He started swearing at them using all kind of bad attributes &
shouting at them, he entered their place. The gypsies immediately said "Yes sir. O our Agha,
what do you want? Why did you get angry like this?" "Where is that one whose daughter the
prince liked & who said 'I won't give'? His name is Hussain?" "Are you asking for crazy Hussain?
He is there". He immediately spurred his horse onward & rode there. "Bra crazy Hussain, where
are you bra? O shameless one, get out!" he shouted. He got out of the tent trembling & said "Yes
O Agha Hz". "Thu!" He spit on his face! He said "Good, our face is whitened with the spit of our
Agha". They don't wash their faces.

So he said "O shameless one, how come you call yourself Agha, O crazy Hussain? Our Sultan's
Wazir came to ask for your daughter & you did like this?" "O Pasha, please..." He said "Take this
horse, ride back & forth a little bit". "I was riding so fast" he said, "the horse was about to die".
Hussain Aga goes & comes back, goes & comes back. His tongue is out from his exhaustion. He
said "Stop!". "O Agha Hz, have mercy". "O shameless crazy Hussain, from where did you get
this title Agha? Bra this, bra that..." he was swearing at him. He said "They came to ask for your
daughter for our Sultan's son. He said "O Master, O our Agha. A person came to us & said
something but we didn't understand what he said. Not a straight talking man like yourself came
to me". You see? "Straight talking man, I am under your command". "Mount on the horse!" He
made him sit on the back part of the horse, under all the dust cloud. "Please O Pasha, not a
straight talking man came to me" he was saying.

Now all these Sandala Mandalas look for a straight talking man. These men can't be decent,
can't grow into men. All are gypsy lineage. They are Sandala Mandala kind. They need a man
who will teach them their lesson. And he is coming. The world has become like this- Like crazy
Hussain who thinks of himself as Agha. "You are no Agha!" he said. His name is beautiful but he,
himself is a foolish one, a gypsy. Just like this, the situation of the world became Sandala
Mandala. "You do this, I do this..." Ok, take it & do! Wear it on your head! None of them can
find a way out of it- Russians can't, Americans can't, Arabs, or Turks or Iranians can't. Neither
blacks nor whites, neither China nor Japan can find a way out. Why? They need a straight
talking man. The straight talking man is coming. He will give the declarations.

May Allah not make us beyond the circle of good manners. Ya Rabbi tawba. Tawba O Allah,
tawba O Allah, tawba ya Rabbi. We want to keep the way of Your beautiful Prophet. May You
send us holy servants of Yours who will teach us those ways O Lord. Our Umm Hiram
Sultan, grant your tawassul on us. What should we do? Fatiha. This is, this is the news of today.
You like it?

H.F. Very good.

M. This story is important- straight talking. O Lord, Lakal Hamd. Alhamdulillah. May Allah not
leave us to our dirty egos. May He not leave us in the hands of no mannered ones either. May
He also not leave us in the hands of oppressors & unbelievers. Allah Ya Rabbi. The earth can't
accept it & volcanoes erupt. The earth can't accept & floods are coming. There is an attack from
the Heavens as well as from the earth to overcome these wild ones, these gypsies, these Sandala
Mandala ones. Aman ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Tawba Astaghfirullah. The
oppression/zulm can't last. If it does, it destroys & burns.

May Allah protect us from their evil. May He not make us from the oppressors either. Aman ya
Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. May You send us Your majestic servant.
O Lord, may he do to them as the Agha did. The whole world has become like gypsies. Gypsy
market. May You send us the Master, may You send us our Sultan O Lord for the honour of
Your Beloved. We are awaiting Sultan O Lord. We are left without a Sultan. We are left in the
hands of those who don't know what they are doing. Sandala Mandala nations are established
claiming to be real states & made everywhere corrupted. The earth doesn't accept anymore
either, spewing fire. It rains from the Heavens like a flood because of the Anger of Heavens. And
not even one person comes out & says: "This is a sign of Allah Almighty's Wrath. Aman ya Rabbi!"

Tawba ya Rabbi, Fatiha. May you see good days. May your end be on a good
day. May you have a long life.

Lefke, 25.12.2012

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