Maulana Sheikh NazimSubhan Allah, Sultan Allah!

By the Name of Allah Almighty, Most Beneficent and Most Magnificent. That is (a)
very short meaning from ‘Bimillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim’ or ‘Bismillahi r-Rahmani
r-Rahim’, if you are asking to bring (the) understanding that ‘Bismillahi
r-Rahmani r-Rahim’ (is) keeping in it - (even) if whole oceans (are) going to be
ink and whole trees (are) going to be pens, it is not enough for saying about
the meanings about meaning oceans from ‘Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim’! Only we
are saying - as mostly people (here are) understanding (the) English language
and it is a very short meaning: By the Name of Allah Almighty, (the) Most
Beneficent and Most Magnificent.

May Allah make you to understand and to follow. Whole Prophets (were) just
coming to teach people, to show people the right way. That means, (the) right
way (is) making people to reach Heavens and Heavens (is) leading people to (the)
divine Presence of Allah Almighty. People now they forget it now, whole nations,
and every operation through whole countries they are asking only Dunya; to reach
much more money and to save much more money - Subhanallah! And they saved
trillions or quadrillions from Pounds, Dollars, Euros (and) what happened? Which
benefit came to them?

You are understanding. You are now knowing that since 6 months or 5 months just
happened a crises that (this) crises (is) just shaking (the) whole world and
making whole people living on this earth to think on it. And they are now going
to be hopeless from their saved moneys; they are saying: “Ohhh, our whole money
just finished!” (It was the) biggest mistake for nations after the First (World) War to take
away (the) real value that it is gold, here and Hereafter; to take it away and putting paper
money. Paper money never happened even through old times that they are saying: “Those
people they are not knowing anything.” But they are knowing the value, real value, that is gold
and then silver. They are taking; after 1918 they are taking (gold and silver) away, putting a
paper, writing on it, as they like something. Therefore now people that saved their moneys,
now they are understanding: “What we did? We only did... we saved only papers, written on it
some numbers! Really we were so foolish ones! How we are changing (the) real value golden
and taking paper?”

Yes, whole Empires and their Emperors and also (the) last Ottoman Empire, who
was carrying the Flag, (the) holy Flag of S.Muhammad sws! (Here Maulana stands
up) You must stand up when his holy name (is) just mentioned! That is Adab from
Islam: to give as much as possible respect and glory for the Seal of Prophets
that everything (was) created for his honour! What Allah Almighty (was) saying?
“ laaka law ma khalaqtu al-aflaaq... O people, if I am not creating the
holy Prophet, My most glorified Prophet, (I would not have created creation)!
(The) most glorified Servant in My divinely Presence, he is Muhammad sws!” He
says ‘Muhammad’, but we must say Sayyidina Muhammad sws! He is Allah, He may
say: “He is My servant”, but we must say Sayyidina Muhammad sws!
Just Islam (is) coming to people to teach people, how they should be; how they
should deal with their Lord Allah Almighty (and) how they should deal with His
most beloved and glorified servant, (the) most honoured one in His divine

How you must deal with him? “He is not” – (as) Allah (Almighty is) saying – “he
is not as one of you, no! He is from you, but he is not like you! You are under
(Heavens), ‘tahta sarra’, but he is on Heavens, in (the) divine Presence!” That
it is impossible to anyone to reach that point. He was (the) most beloved, (the)
most respected one, (the) most honoured one in (the) divine Presence.
Allah Almighty (was) saying for Moses, S.Musa a.s.: “Ya Musa, ‘ikhra nalayk
innak bi-l wadi-l muqaddasi tuwa!” When S.Musa was hearing the Sound from
Heavens through that tree, he was running on it, but (there was) coming (the)
Order: “O Moses, take up your shoes and come nearer to Me!” Then, (in) the Night
of Miraj, Ascension, he (S.Muhammad sws) reached to (the) holy Throne of Allah
Almighty and he was taking, he was running to take (off) what he was carrying on
his holy feet... - that (here on top of my turban) is the shape of his shoes...
like this... - He asked to take (them) away and (the) divine Order (was coming):
“Don’t take (your sandals off)! Step on (the) holy Throne! (The) holy Throne
(is) going to be honoured with your step on it!”

(This is) written through (the) Old Testament, (the) New Testament and (the) Holy Quran! Now people they are
thinking that Prophets (were) coming to make them servants for Dunya, to make them
collectors of golden or silver! “What are you doing?” “We collected (money)...” What are you
doing! Your whole world (is) coming and going and (you are) seeing (that) so many Pharaohs
they are saving tons of golden and they were making a will. Their will (was) to be put, to be
buried with them (their gold), nearby to them. Now what happened? Thousands (of) years no
one (is) getting to be able to enter and to see what is in it, through (the) pyramids. (Then) they
are looking and seeing there mummies. You can’t look to their mummies; only the shape that
(is) on their coffin you may look (at), but if (you are) coming and looking (at the mummie), you must escape! Perhaps
several nights you can’t be able to sleep from the bad shape for that mummy!
Ramses and others, so many Pharaohs... Tutankhamen... so many. You can’t look
(to) them! Yes. No benefit for them and they are also saving and closing and
hiding their treasures, not to be used after them. That is.

People, Shaitan (is) making them to work for Dunya, to be not (just) servants,
(but) slaves. And 21st century people, all of them, they are, including (the)
Islamic World, they are, all of them, they are not going to be servants of their
Lord, the Creator, Allah Almighty, but they are running to be slaves for Dunya,
under (the) worst command of Shaitan! Shaitan - that is (in) English ‘Satan’.
Now (the) whole world, including (the) Islamic World, they are slaves for Dunya!

And (the) Prophet (was) saying, sws, S.Muhammad sws, that: “Shaitan every day
(is) coming and shouting, saying: ‘O people! I have a daughter. I like to make
her your... one of you to be my son-in-law. Who is accepting?’ Every day (he is)
coming and saying: ‘I have a very beautiful daughter. I like to marry her one of
you. Which one (of you)?’ They are asking: ‘How we can (do it)?’ ‘I shall look
today: which (one) of you (is) getting me to be happy with your slavery for me,
then I shall make my beloved daughter to be your wife!’ ‘What is that?’ ‘Dunya!’
‘Dunya!’ Whole people (are) running after to be son-in-law of Shaitan! Pity!

And (it has) no value, this Dunya and (the) Prophet sws, Rasulullah, was
saying: “... shurbatan ma...” Saydi Rusuli-l kiram, Saydi-l Awalin wa-l Akhirin,
(was) saying that Dunya, (the) whole (of) Dunya, what it is (its) value in front
of (the) divine Presence: “(Even) if (the) whole Dunya or its value (is) going
to be (only the value of) one wing of (a) mosquito, I am not giving (it to)
those creatures that I created and they are not accepting to be My servants. No

He gave, but at the end of this period, what happened? Allah Almighty now
ordered: “That is your last point that you may run to take from Dunya much more.
Even you have much more treasures than Karun - Karun finished (and) you should
be also finishing!” Whole Dunya (is) not accepting to be servants of their
Creator Allah Almighty! Allah Almighty jalla jalaluh! If we are going to stand
up up to end of our life, it is nothing! He is Allah Almighty, we are servants,
o people!

O people! We are living in (the) second period of ‘jahiliya’, ignorance. This
(is it). Once, the first one, was (in) the time of S.Rasulullah sws and He
(Allah Almighty) was ordering and saying (in) this period of ignorance: “O My
beloved one! (I am) sending you to take away from My servants (ignorance); to
open their minds as well as their hearts to know, who created them and what they
have been (created for), for which thing they have been created and which thing
(is) asking their Creator from them.”

Now whole people (are) reaching a second period of ignorance. No one (is)
asking, no one (is) asking (about) what Allah (is) saying: no Arabs, no Turks,
no Iranians, no Russians... no America, no Africa, no East and West people. I am
never hearing that people (are) running on streets, asking what is (the) Orders
of Allah jalla jalaluh. They are running on streets, they are saying: “That is
(a) ‘demonstration’!” Who was (ever) looking and seeing ‘demonstrations’ in
Islam? (In) whole Muslim countries Muslims (are) getting out on streets and
(are) shouting! That demonstrations - in which Verse (of the Holy Quran) just
Allah Almighty (is) giving permission (to do that)? Or which Hadith (of
Rasulullah sws is) ordering to them to run through streets?

Or (is) Allah Almighty saying: “Come to Me! Come to Me! Masajid buyut Allah!” Arabs, they know
(Arabic), but (they are) not understanding... like myself... I know it, but (I
am) not understanding...Which ‘Alim from East or West, from Arab or Ajam, may
say that: “Allah amr”, has ordered His servants to get out (on) streets, man and
women, shouting, making (demonstration)? Where is their mosques?
Mosques (are) for Allah Almighty. If you have something (that troubles you), get
in and make your Dua, what you are asking, in (the) mosque. Why you are...
(shouting in streets)!

Now today it is Cuma; (in) so many countries, (in) so many thousands of mosques
people (are) praying, and then one (is) shouting: “Oh Palestine...!”, one
another (is) shouting (something else)... What (is) happening to Muslims (that
they are) making demonstrations outside! Which Shariat (is) saying this? “We are
(making demonstration)!” To whom you are shouting on streets?
You must come in (the) mosque and say: “O our Lord, You (alone) may save
ourselves, we are so weak! ‘Irhamna’, give Your Mercy to Your believers! Give
Your Support (to) Your servants, whom they are running to make You happy with

This (is) written (to do) or (to do) shouting on streets, men and women? And
particularly for women, what Allah Almighty (is) saying, o Arabs? You are
understanding Arabic also, I think! What is the holy Command of Allah Almighty
for women? Astaidhu bi-llah: “Wa qarna fi buyutikunna! You must keep yourself
(in the) deepest place through your homes.” Not appearing through streets! It is
not Islamic, (it is not the) Islamic way, never! Iranian women (are) coming out.

Arab women also they are coming (and) shouting. Turkish Muslim women (are)
coming and shouting! Egyptians (are) coming and shouting. Where is Azhar? Where
is (the) Sheikh of Azhar to say (something)? From whom he is afraid? From whom
(he is) afraid? Why (is he) not saying (the) Truth? If (they are) not saying
(the) Truth, Allah should give them (a) punishment! Don’t fear! If you are
asking to fear, fear from your Creator, from Allah Almighty!

And (the) holy Prophet was saying sws: “Wa lan yaghlib min ummati idha ashar alf
min qillat!” O Muslims, you know this Hadith Sharif that (goes): “If my Ummah,
if they are coming (of them), even they may come with swords, it is
enough to be victorious”? (This is) because (Allah is saying): “Victory, I am
that One who (is) giving victory!” Not your ‘sawarih’, rockets, no! Don’t depend
on your rockets, no! When two armies (are) coming (and are) facing each other,
Allah Almighty, if He is going to be with that handful (of) people, their whole
Dunya armies should be finished!

But our faith (is) going on (the) point zero, therefore we are asking from this
or from that help: “Support us to make Jihad!” That is not Jihad! That is not
Jihad! No, Jihad (is) for Allah Almighty and Allah Almighty, if He is
supporting, which side (He is supporting), it is enough (His Support)! 2, 3
Muslims, if Allah Almighty (is) supporting them, 3 billions or 3o billions (of
their enemies) should be taken away! Enough!

We must change our ways! We must change (our) western ‘usul’, habits, we must
leave (them). (The) Muslim World must leave (that); (they) must come to the line
that (the) Prophet sws was on it. If not, they are going to be also finishing.
It is not important for Allah Almighty, if He is taking away billions, no! He
sent (the) flood of Noah, (saying): “Take (these people) away!” Only 80 people
(were) saved and (their descendants are) coming (to be) billions now!

He is Allah! You must know who is Allah, as S.Muhammad, as (the) Prophet is
teaching you, o people! O people, if not, you must be punished. Now Allah
Almighty (is) making (a) Punishment among Islam and Non-Muslims! Non-Muslims
(are) making (it among) themselves (and) Muslims among themselves, because they
are not asking: “What Allah Almighty (is) asking from us to do?” Eh! If you are
not asking (that), (a) heavenly Punishment (is) coming!

Astaidhu bi-llah: “Qul: Huwa-l Qadiru ‘ala an yabathu alaikum adhaban min
fauqikum aw min tahta arjulikum aw yalbisakum shi’an wa yudhdiqa ba’adakum
ba’asa ba’ad andhar (?)”

“Must be My Punishment! I must sent (a) punishment, when they are not obeying to
Me and (not) following My heavenly Orders. I am taking My divine Revenge; either
(I am) sending on them - as I sent (before) - something from Heavens on them, or
I am making a punishment (to come from) under their feet.” (The) Prophet was
asking: “O my Lord, don’t punish my nation as You punished some rebellions from
other nations (before)!” But Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Yes, I am accepting,
but if they are continuing on their way, (the) wrong way, I must punish them!

I am making (them) ‘ahzab’, so many parties, I am making and they are beginning to
kill themselves among themselves.” As happened through (the) Children of Israel,
when they were worshipping (the Golden) Cow: Allah Almighty (was) giving their
punishment through themselves. (Those), whom they are not worshipping (the) Cow,
(He was) making them to kill all (of those who had been) worshipping (the) Cow.
He is Allah! You must know! You must correct your steps!

You must not follow Shaitan! You must follow your Lord, Allah Almighty!

These words by divinely Help of Heavens we may continue. Up to next year, (up)
to (the) end of this world (it is) not finishing, but you must try to take, what
it is (the) summary, what is the ‘jevher’, (the) valuable part. Take it and you
should be saved! Or (else you) should be punished. Should be punished! Small
ones, they are going to Paradise, big ones, according to their actions, should
be judged!

Keep yourself! Run to Allah! Don’t follow Shaitan, run to Allah!

May Allah forgive us! O our Lord! O our Lord, I am a big sinner, asking Your
Forgiveness, (because) I am not trying to be Your sincere servant! I wasted my
life (and) I am asking Your holy Blessings, to forgive me, o My Lord, for the
sake of Your most honourable, most glorified Prophet, as well as every (other)
Prophet. (They are all) glorified and honoured, but the most glorified one, (the
one) most closer to Allah Almighty, (he is) S.Muhammad sws!

Ya Rabbi, fafuana wa-ghfir lana wa tub alayna! Yabath lana Sahib, yabath lana
malikan yahkum ‘ala-l Islam wa kulla dunya mina-l maghrib ila-l mashriq! Send us
a Sultan, o our Lord, because we lost our way. That one may carry ourselves (to)
Your true Path, right Path, to reach to You and our faces (are) going to be
shining, not coming on it darkness! Amin! Amin!

May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one,
S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha!

Lefke, 30.01.2009

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