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Maulana Sheikh NazimSubmit to the Scales of Heavenly Justice
Justice is the main pillar of society. Like a tent cannot stand without the main pole, life of mankind cannot exist without justice. If we lose justice, every good characteristic that we have been given, will be lost. That is why it is so essential to keep justice alive. If we kill justice, every goodness which has been given to mankind by Allah will be lost.
I have been travelling through this world during this century and I am observing that the life of mankind is getting more and more difficult. The crisis is increasing and so is the suffering of people. Some people just want to reduce this to an economical crisis, but that is not the point. People have never been as rich as they are at the moment. But making people think that it is economical, is part of the plan to show people the wrong direction.

There are some groups of secret devils who want to cheat whole nations. They are succeeding by putting blinkers on their eyes and making them only concentrate on the economical situation. This is such a great lie. The real reason for the crisis is that there is no justice amongst people. That is causing the trouble. The balance of real justice is lost, which is why everything is upside down. Don't ever think that real justice can be a mind-production. Whatever our minds produce to achieve justice, will only cause much more trouble. The real rules of justice can only come from Heavens. The Lord of Heavens can only be perfect enough to give justice to his servants. There is no comparison of the rules of Allah to your own mind-productions.

These rules have been lost. Christians have lost it, the Jews lost it. Even Muslims lost it, although Allah gave endless treasures and proofs to them. Now they are in deeper trouble than the western world, because there is no justice. They are not using the rules of Heaven.

Europeans still cannot recognise Muhammad* as being a prophet, as having been sent by the Lord of Heavens. They look all the way to Venus, but they cannot see the moon. There were so many prophets in the Old Testament and they are all recognised, but the one who is closest to our time and who is accepted by nearly 2 billion people all over the world, is not. What foolishness!

Everyone must be given their rights, Allah has given everybody rights. No-one should be harmed. Whoever harms should be taken away. Democracy lets everybody live freely, every devil can do as they want. If they do get caught, they are put into a hotel with breakfast lunch and dinner, and even tea-time. Is this justice? It is like taking a wolf who has just killed a man, put it in a cage, feed it for a year and then say that it has become a good wolf. You will release it, it will run out and kill the next. You will put it into the cage for a second time, this for two years, and you will probably say that it needs company, so you give it a wife too. After two years they are left to go out and continue their killing. Is this justice? That is the main trouble. Devils must be taken away from the community. As long as people are cheated by devils, there cannot be any peace on earth. People must ask for real justice.

Judaism has no more power even though all the mind-productions of justice were brought by them. All 'isms' were brought by Jews, because no-one can think as well as they can. But they failed. That is why they too are asking for the Messiah to come, because they too are fed up. They tried all the 'isms' they could; capitalism, socialism, communism, liberalism...

Christians, who are following those 'isms' too, are fed-up and also want Jesus to come back. Only Muslims seem to think that they are so important that they can arrange everything. But they are doing nothing.

It is important for every person who belongs to the human family to ask for real justice. This cannot be achieved under the ruling of parliaments. Parties can do new justice programmes, but it will lead nowhere. They all have to submit to the Scales of Heavenly Justice, then they will have justice.

Until today we tried everything. This century is now coming to an end. I don't think that the 21st will be able to support such people. They will have to go. We hope that only selected ones who are clean in their hearts, minds, works and characters, who are trustworthy, will be part of the 21st century. You must ask for true, trustworthy and clean people. If not, it will be impossible for anyone at all to reach the 21st century. According to traditional knowledge that is the last century for mankind living on this planet. The Day of Resurrection will be in the 21st century. May Allah grant us good understanding, that is what we need. May His Blessings reach his servants.

People have been cheated in the biggest way by having been told that they have been saved from the hands of the kings. Now people think that they have been given the freedom of governing themselves. But that is a lie. There is no power in our hands. In the 19th century there was one person in power where there are now 1000. Once upon a time there was one shepherd, now there are a thousand. The people are on the same position, only the top has been changed.

Europeans have been given intelligence by Allah, a much bigger capacity of thinking and learning and doing. My advice to you, is to know this reality too: you are not under one king, but there are 1000 leading you. Here, in Germany, in France, in Italy... everywhere they are telling lies and the sufferings will increase until they go and Allah will send someone of his sincere servants to establish justice.

We need Heavenly Justice. Not the justice of these people who say one thing, but do the opposite. They are cruel oppressors. According to traditional knowledge this is the time of tyrants. All these governments are oppressors, may Allah take them away and not even leave one of them.

May Allah send us one sultan for all nations to establish the Kingdom of Heavens and to destroy the kingdom of satan. You must try to help by being supporters of the Divine Kingdom and not of the satanic kingdom. May Allah send one of his servants to carry people from darkness to light, from ignorance to real knowledge, from disobedience to obedience, from slavery to the service of Allah. May he take them from a suffering to a peaceful life.

- 01.01.1996
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