Maulana Sheikh NazimSufi Tariqats: The Wings of Islam

We have two powers, one is a part of our physical body, the second is our spiritual being. The physical being uses batteries. When it eats and drinks it gets power. The second one does not need to eat or to drink. It works through Heavenly Power. Angels do not eat, drink or sleep, and still they never get tired. That kind of power comes to people through zikr. The more zikr you do, the more power you will get from Heaven. Step by step such a person will not need to eat, drink or sleep. Angels have been glorifying the Creator since beginning of time without ever stopping. They have been doing this for billions and trillions of years without tiring.

People nowadays have lost that source of power. They want to get their power from eating and drinking. They eat vitamins, elixirs... They exercise and think they are becoming powerful! They are not. As long as they are not interested in their spirituality all that is rubbish! All animals are more powerful than those kind of people. Mankind have lost their way. They are going in the wrong direction. If they would know the real source, if they would keep the right direction, their lives would be so easy, peaceful, enjoyful and happy.

The handful of people who are interested in spirituality are not enough for mankind. The majority of people are on the level of animals. Their only interest is how they should eat, drink, dress and enjoy themselves. If anyone wants to reach their spiritual powers, the only way is to make zikr, to invoke the Name of the Lord constantly. This will bring them into the Divine Presence.


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