Maulana Sheikh NazimSufism banned in Malaysia

Bad news for those who don't believe in Tariqat and wo don't believe in the
Naqshbandi order. They are not going to be (there) more than a year in
Malaysia. Who fights me, if I am fighting them, they are never going to be
there after one year. Disappearing or no power or should die.

As-salamu alaikum, Malaysian brothers and sisters, welcome. I am asking what
news from Malaysia you have, because I am hearing that some ignorant people
dress the dress of scholars, but are really unbelievers and only working to
reach from Dunya some more physical pleasure, not asking Akhirat or the ways
of Allah, not asking heavenly stations. They are like these creatures that
move on their chest on earth, like crocodiles. They are asking only for
salary, high-class people to be for Dunya. They are only for Dunya, not for
Allah. Therefore they are against people, who live for Allah, because they
don't live for Allah, they live for Dunya. We are asking to live for Allah
and they represent the darkness of this life. The Naqshbandi order is
calling people to come out from the darkness of our egos and to reach
enlightened stations of Heavens.

I heard that they banned the Naqshbandi order as they banned before
Dar-ul-Taqwa(?). They think we try to come to power for Dunya. That is their
intentions, their last aim: to reach much more from Dunya. But we are not
what they think. We are a handful of people or more, we do or we try to do
our best for Allah Almighty and to be good servants for Allah Almighty.

Up today that I was there, 15 years or more I came to Malaysia first- no
Naqshbandi person harming any person or giving trouble for government. What
Naqshbandi did for them? What harm coming to these foolish scholars from
Naqshbandi people? If they may say one of our brothers or sisters did
something wrong, gave trouble to government, may say to me! With which right
going to ban Naqshbandi order that belongs to me? And Naqshbandi- they can't
cut them. Millions of people are Naqshbandi. And the Naqshbandi order was
the real reason not to die beliefs of people through Soviet Union in 8o

If not for the Naqshbandi order, up today it was impossible to find
Muslims there. Only for the power of the Naqshbandi order beliefs just lived
through the hearts of Muslims. Through 8o years they couldn't reach to
their hearts. They must ashame, these scholars that are so bad people,
living for Shaitan. They can't prevent me or the Naqshbandi order in
Malaysia. I make a complaint to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallim and
they should find themselves where they are going to be after a while, one

Unashamed people. May Allah curse them. They may try to ban the way of
Allah- they can't do this. Who is making this is going to die one after one.
And you must keep your rights as Muslims that according to the high command
of Allah Almighty we make Dhikr. No one can prevent us to do Dhikr. If we do
against their rules, may call us to court and we may say. If may ask, I may
come there to show their ways, where they are going and my way, to where
going on. May Allah bless you and curse them. In Germany, England, Russia,
even unbelievers and Christians, they don't make a ban on Tariqats. Who they
are these foolish and cursed people? From where bringing that foolish fatwa?
No doubt it's from Shaitan. They should be with him in Hells soon.

Damaskus (Rankus), 20.04.2002

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