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SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La illaha illAllah.
La hawla wa la quwatta illa billahil ali'ul adheem.
Audu' billahi minash shaytaan irajeem.
Bismillahir Rahman irraheem.

People - they are thinking that they are powerful. That is a cheating from Shaytaan. Perhaps man weakest one through creation but it looks like powerful. It is a humble meeting. I don't think that through prophets sitting thousands of people. Always meeting with prophets, a lot of people may be helped. Maybe hundred, maybe two hundred or more people was meeting with our Prophet, peace be upon him. He was last one that just had been sent from Allah Almighty's Divinely Presence to people. And was crowding for pilgrimage, may come more than thousand people; and it was normal. But then coming groups of people to one meeting. And we are looking now in our days that people crowding hundreds and thousands, thousands of people crowding. They are filling roads, they are filling squares. Hundreds of thousands of people crowding. It is a sign of Last Day. They [are] never crowding for a good purpose. You may see through TV boxes everywhere people running but they are not knowing which direction they are running. Some of them running towards east, some running towards north, some people, some hundreds and thousands people filling roads and through every direction they are running but they are not knowing for what they are running. What they are asking? What is our main target for this life? Without any understanding they are running like this where you can't see a person in front of them leading them but they are following without thinking, running like this, running like that. That is one of hundred signs of Last Day. Men, women, citizens or peasants, small ones, big ones, running, running and they are using the colors of rainbow and running. If you are saying, "where are you running?" no one understanding, or no one hearing, no one thinking, no one can answer. Running! They lost their directions. Where you are going? For what you are asking?

And now the time only Seal of Prophets, Sayiddina Muhammad SAW this is his period. And he brought some - so many- strong rules to carry last building of this world, strong pillars. Most strongest pillars just he brought that can't be destroyed. No one can making that pillars down, no, because that pillars just granted by the Lord of Heavens. No one can take them away and destroy, no. But they are running away from Heavenly rules that they are sheltering them here and Hereafter. Only Heavenly building that just paved by strongest pillars is standing up here and Hereafter. Who is going to come under or to enter that building that it is Holy building from Heavens should be sheltered and protected and saved from every disliked things, disliked happenings here and Hereafter.

But people running away and no shelter - la aasimal yaumil. Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala that no anyone can shelter people only Allah Almighty's order.

The time of Noah, he was calling people to come and to shelter themselves under Divinely building but they are saying, 'No!' Noah, peace be upon him, calling them come and enter that ark because only through that ark that I build it by Holy command of Heavens you should be sheltered. And they are saying, 'No. If it is going to happen what you are saying from flood we may run away to high mountains we can be sheltered.' And Allah Almighty saying, 'No. No one can shelter you if I am not sheltering you.' And people now they are running, they are running from flood and they are looking that everywhere just under it under heavy crisis coming whole world and Heaven's representatives calling people, 'Oh people come and shelter yourselves through that ark.' But they are saying, 'No, we can save ourselves and we can shelter ourselves from every kind of crisis.' Look, and Allah Almighty saying, "Leave them to look after themselves. I am looking what they are doing. I am that Lord of Heavens. I am sending to you My advice and calling you to come to My strong building and you are saying, 'No, we can be sheltered ourself.'"

Two days perhaps I heard in one country one roof for exhibition in Europe or in America I don't know where it is - in Holland - falling on people and so many people just killed. That is man's authority to reach to that point and they are saying it was a strong building. We take every kind of protection. You taking care if coming on that roof one hundred pounds snow can kill you but you never going to think that maybe two hundred pounds snow coming on it and no one can prevent if Allah Almighty asking to send instead of one hundred may send one thousand. How this is going to be possible to carry - must fall down. That is the mind of mankind. Their capacity and their faith. No more. And they were thinking that that building can carry as much as possible from heaviness and people may be under it in safety. What happened? Coming more and more and more snowing, can't carry it and coming down.

Now people they are saying we can save ourselves, we have such a knowledge and such a products that we can use our rules to keep people in safety to take away crisis. But Heavens saying you can't do, "If I am not keeping you and protecting you and sheltering you, you [do] arithmetic. It is not enough to bring a solution." Who knowing arithmetic, you? Maybe one, two, three, four, five, six, seven that it is unknown asking to find equality through that problem. More than this our capacity never reaching. But Heavens unlimited, unlimited. He may do anything. Therefore man always needing a support from Heavens but through two hundred years they are fighting against Heavenly rules. From the time of French Revolution they are trying to destroy everything that belongs to Heavens on earth. And they are materialist people and they are atheist people. They are saying no god and they say there is only this mass. Nothing else. How can move by itself? Mass must have a power from one side for moving, for carrying. How you are saying only mass beyond this nothing? They are so foolish and donkey people! Haqq! Atoms they are running they are rolling [by] which power? By itself? You are saying beyond this nothing. How you are bringing a commentary on it? They are looking seeing gigantic galaxies. If only matter - mass, nothing beyond, how they are running? But no mind people, and up to today [some] coming on that point and saying no, only mass and no god. Islamic world saying so also. They are teaching their universities in such a way materialist theory and they are getting running after to be atheist people. If a person is not an atheist they are saying this old-modeled person, old fashioned. You, what is your position? We have new position, how? We change our heads and alhamdulillah we are not changing our heads to head of donkey. Donkey what understanding? Your understanding reaching to that point. And this world never going to be in peace as long as they are denying Heavenly rules and not taking care for Divine rules to keep and to follow it, this world [is] going to be destroyed by wrong. They are using wrongly what they have been granted and there should be a punishment on themselves. That is the summary of our position.

Therefore, we are saying it is a humble, humble meeting here because majority they are saying "old-fashioned, old-fashioned". And "old-fashioned" saying people, millions, they are now just fall down into unsolved problems and crisis and they can't be able to move out. They are taking strongly saying "democracy". Democracy [is] against old traditions. Democracy giving unlimited freedom that means they never taking any care from Heavenly rules. They are thinking that we are free [from] everything. First fighters for Heavenly rules: democrats and democratic system! I am going to destroy it insha-Allah. You can do. Noah did it from old nations. Nation of the Seal of Prophets much more powerful. I am weakest one. I am not asking strong ones to do that. No I am saying, "Sit on your seats". Sultan's throne you are sitting. I am your servant. Give to me permission not 24 hours, 24 minutes I may change so easy. That is my intention. I never happy what is happening on earth where they are running billions of people against the rules of Heavens, against the rules of the Lord of Heavens. You can't do that. I am putting them under my feet. You can do, why not? They are fearing from virus. From virus, they are fearing. Europeans, Asian, Turkish, governments, everywhere they are fearing coming virus; but you can't see them. We must shoot them down.

If one unseen virus [is] making them to trembling through fear. I am so much more
than their virus. I may do, InshaAllah. Those are my intentions. I am not happy that they are doing against the rules of Heavens. I am servant of Heavens, weakest servant; but I shall do something. Their weakness under my feet. Ya Allah ant Allah. Ya Allah ant Allah. Ya Allah ant Allah. Habib Akram, most honored one, most praised one in Your Divinely Presence, send us our Sultan, ameen. He is going to be shining through east and west like sun. I am looking for that. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honor of the Seal of Prophets.


Lefke, 29.01.2006 Transcribed by Sabiha Pathan

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