Maulana Sheikh NazimTarget and effort…This is a reminding, and it means that most people are
heedless or drun

Target and effort…This is a reminding, and it means that most people are heedless or drunk. A drunken person needs someone to make him to know something,
not to continue from beginning up to end drunk, no. We are not coming here to be
drunk with Dunya or our physical being’s pleasures. Those pleasures get less day
by day; they are not increasing. From childhood they increase a little bit, then
they stop and come down, because our material being can’t carry the same power
from beginning up to end. A person must reach to a top point, and then the
pleasures of his physical body begin to come down. But our spiritual pleasures
are increasing endlessly. As much as you can ask, you can take; you may reach
more and more, and that is Paradise people’s speciality.
Paradise people ask more in every moment and they are also given; when they ask
more; they are given more, endlessly. Our spiritual being is just prepared to
accept more and more, but for physical enjoyments there is a very short period,
then they finish and there is no more taste.
From a jug of honey everybody likes to take one spoon and eat. If you give one
spoonful more, he may accept and enjoy and say: ’Oh, so good.’ And I am saying:
’Third spoon?’ ‘Very good.’ ‘One more?’ And he says: ’No, thank you, enough.’
‘Please take, it is free.’ He may take a fourth and a fifth spoon. Then, if I am
saying: ’This is free, take it all’, he says: ’Ya Hu- I can’t.’ ‘You must eat.’
‘You like me to die?’ ‘Why? From honey a person may die?’ ‘If eating too much,
may die.’ Honey is a symbol for good taste for people; and it is going to stop.
One can’t be able to finish even one jug; our physical being never accepts more.
But our spiritual being is accepting more and more, endlessly, and in Paradise
our spiritual being is on power. Our Paradise bodies’ material is not dense,
therefore we are eating and drinking and also the enjoyment is never ending, but
same. Through Paradise favours are growing. Never any Paradise person is going
to say: ’I am fed up.’ ‘La yabruna ana hiwala.’ They never ask to change their
life-style or place in Paradise, because there is no monotony in Paradise; each
time they look they get another view, another enjoyment, another beauty-
endlessly. The Tajalli, manifestation, is changing every second. Subhanallah!
Therefore- spirituality is our real target here and hereafter. We have been
created and we were in Paradise. When Adam and Hawa were sent on earth their
target and wish and will was always to reach to the paradise atmosphere. They
lost that atmosphere when they came here, and they were asking for it
everywhere. They never tasted any enjoyment since they were sent from Paradise
to earth, and they cried. Because who tastes, knows, and who doesn’t taste,
never knows. Adam told his son and children, his generation, about Paradise, but
as much as he said, they never reached what Adam reached, because he had tasted,
and his generation never. Adams saw by his sight and he tasted and then came on
earth, but his generation only heard about it. If you do not taste, you can’t
know about something.
They brought a plate with honey to Rasulullah’s holy presence sws, and he asked
one Sahaba: ’What is it?’ He said: ’Honey, ya Rasulullah.’ He asked his Sahabas
one by one and when he asked S.Ali, Ali put his finger into the plate, took some
honey and tasted it. Then he said: ’This is honey.’ The knowledge of the Sahabas
was something; the knowledge of S.Ali was through tasting. It is different, if
you know and see, but you do not taste. The main mission for mankind here is to
come to reach the taste of Paradise pleasures, but people run after material
pleasures, which are so simple, mixed and bitter, because of their physical
being’s enjoyment. They are not interested in their spiritual pleasures. That is
the heedlessness of common people. They get drunk with Dunya, and they get the
idea to reach more pleasure, to taste from the pleasures of Dunya more and more.
That makes people heedless, veiling the spiritual pleasures.
Allah Almighty sent His prophets to make people to wake up, to cut that veil and
to look what is the real position of mankind and to know themselves. When a man
knows himself, this opens the way of ‘marifat’, the divine knowledge of Allah.
Without this knowledge about their spirituality, the reality of man, which is
with his spirituality, people only run after their physical being, interesting
in material enjoyments. They lost the spiritual enjoyment, and it is not the
real target to enjoy with something beyond Allah, no. Through our tasting and
knowledge about ourselves there is going to open in front of us divine
knowledge, which gives us way to know about Allah, marifatullah.
But we reached the 21st century and people run after material aspects day by day
more and more. They come under the heavy burden of material, and economy
represents material aspects. East and West, Arabs, Turks, Muslims and
non-Muslims; the whole world is only occupied with economy and nothing else, and
economy represents material. Day by day that economy is coming on them more and
more heavy, and it is going to make them like a slide, like a plate. And as long
as people make material their main target and run to reach more, they come under
a heavy burden, and there is no way for the people in the 21st century to be
saved. The economy is finished; there is no way to save people with material
All prophets and saints were trying to make people disinterested in Dunya. The
medicine for all mankind is to try as much as possible to be far away from
material aspects. Material is like a peak, but you may take from it only what is
necessary for you. If there is a peak of gold, you have been offered, or Allah
Almighty is granting to you to take from it only what is necessary for you. One
piece you may take. When you take a second one, you will be questioned about it:
‘Why do you take two? One is enough for you.’ You should be asked and you must
answer. And Allah is going to say: ’If it is for My sake, you may take as much
as possible. If it is not for Me, and you take a second piece, it is going to be
a burden for you, and it may carry you from My divine Presence. It is going to
harm you and make you a slave, because if you are not taking for Me you take for
your ego. You are trying to feed your ego, to fulfil your egoistic pleasures,
but it is not for you, but against you. I am making it free, but I am going to
ask you.’
Therefore take from Dunya what is necessary for you to stand up for the divine
service and to support your religion, ‘dinallah’. If you say: ’I am using this
second one to support Islam’, you may take one hundred, or one thousand. If you
take for defeating Shaitan and his armies, it is okay, but for your ego, you
Therefore we have been granted to speak on our mission: every day support
‘Din-ul-haqq’, Islam, and Allah’s orders, to establish His heavenly Kingdom and
to destroy the satanic kingdom on earth. Day by day you must try to take away
even one stone from the way that reaches to the divine Presence, to make it
clear, so that people may walk on it to Allah. Everything must be for Allah.
When you pass from here there is a soldier’s camp with a flag. It is written on
it: ‘Everything for the homeland’. They say this, they are not going to say:
‘Everything for Allah’. That is heedlessness, big heedlessness everywhere. Every
country is saying: ‘Everything for our country, our homeland only’. Nowhere on
earth they say: ‘Everything for Allah!’ Look East and West. Which country is
saying: ‘Everything for Allah?’ Blame on mankind 1000 times, and 1000 x 1000
times, that they say like this and don’t remember their Lord Allah.
May Allah forgive us and send His guidance, to take away wrong people and to
bring true ones, to lead His servants unto truth. O Allah, You know…
Lefke - 16.01.2002
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