Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Tariqat is just built on association with Sheikh

Destur, ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

Long time I am not coming here ( to the Dergah) and I am in need for a rest, (but) today our South African brothers and sisters (are) coming from the end of Africa, last point…

Our Imam that he is the most important pillar through (the) most distinguished Naqshbandi Order, Shah Bahaudin Naqshband, he was saying that our Tariqat is just built on association with Sheikh. And if (the) Sheikh is not ready, (then with those) whom they have been authorized through (the) Sheikh to speak (to) people, to make association with people. (Association) must be, even (for) a short time. If you can find a (period of) time (as long as) that (in it) you can be able to milk two sheep- that make take 5 minutes- you must not leave association. If two brothers or sisters are coming together and (they) can’t do anything, but (they) may say, one of them: “Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah”, and (the) second (one) may say: “wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadun Rasulullah sws. Ya Rabb, keep us on this real belief”, that (for) who (is) keeping this He (Almighty) may open His Paradise entrance. No one can be able to enter Paradise without using that key, the key of Heavens.

The key of Paradise- what is that? “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah”, and to say: “I am witnessing the Oneness and the Existence of Allah Almighty, Who created everything and (Who is) giving to everything what they may be in need. Nothing can be hidden from Allah, impossible, because everything He created. If He created (everything), how He is not going to know? No one can be in existence, if Allah Almighty (is) not putting that one in existence.

Therefore we may say: “Oh, this atmosphere is full with atoms. We are breathing- what (is) coming in it and what (is) coming out, how we can know?” Must know! (It) can’t be hidden. If it is hidden (it) means (It is) not coming in existence. Don’t use your balance (material measures) for Allah, no! He is the Creator, He is the Lord of everyone, (of) everything in existence, and everything (is) saying: “O my Lord, glory to You!” Everything (is) glorifying Allah and He is knowing. Subhanallah! Don’t use your balance for understanding Allah Almighty, no! Leave Him- even you can’t understand a real being from an ant. (And) leave it- you are knowing yourself? You are knowing yourself, who are you? You may say: “I am Sheikh X..” “From where?” “From Germany.” That is your identity! You know nothing else about yourself? Who are you? You are different from that one, and he is different from that one- everyone has a special condition, a special foundation, a special identity. You are one, (there) can’t be (a) second one as you. Who are you? How you came? How you are living? How you are living this life? From where you came? You think from the womb of your mother (you are) coming? How you entered in it and coming out? Who are you?!

Today you are here, (but) tomorrow coming someone else, you are disappearing. 1oo years ago no one from here (was) in appearance, in existence here. Now we are in existence, (but) tomorrow, that means (in the) coming 5o years, or 6o years, or 1oo years no one (is) going to be…How (it) happened? So many millions of people lived on (the) same area- where they are? They are becoming imagination, no reality (for them).

But (there) must be something from reality that (they are) coming and living here and (then) leaving this life and going away. Must be something! Through that imagination (there) must be one point that belongs to reality. What is that? Man through (the) 21st century (they) are not leaving the way of heedless people! They are leaving themselves and (they are) running through nature or through space and spend huge amounts of money and energy and effort asking to go to space. They are making such instruments, rockets, saying: “We are going to reach to (the) comet.” “Which comet?” “Any comet. We are asking to reach there.” “You are reaching through your eyes?” “No, we are putting some instruments to look on behalf of ourselves.” “Your eyes (are) much more important or your instruments? What you are asking?” “We are trying to reach know the beginning of space, of our earth.”

Ma sha Allah! So foolish people! “What you are going to know? And everything had been sent from Heavens to know it! Why not looking through the messages that the Creator of space and universe sent to you to look and to learn? What you are going to say?” They say: “(The) Big-Bang(-theory) (is) just getting older and (it is) getting to be out of time, going to be useless. We must try to occupy (the) minds of people with another theory! (So) we are saying: Oh, we looked (and saw) that comets that they are making such planets everywhere they are going, and they are bringing new born world planets.”

What happened? We are riding on camel to take this new planets for yourself? Registering on Americans or Russians? American rockets (are) going straight, Russian (rockets are) going like this and coming on them…therefore (the) Russians (are) very unhappy, (wondering): “Why (this happened)?” After a while also American rockets (are) going to disappear…

Look through yourself! Ask yourself! Why occupying yourself with nonsense things? “Who are you?” I am asking, (and): “What is your mission?” You know it or now when sending this rocket up? No! Look after yourself to learn your identity and mission!

But people (are) working for Shaitan! 1oo % people (are) working for Shaitan now! You can’t find a person working for Allah. Perhaps through one million you may find 1o or 1oo, but others are all working for Shaitan. That is the source of troubles on earth, because Shaitan (is) trying to give trouble and (the) first trouble-maker (ever) was Shaitan. When Allah Almighty (was) ordering for Sajdah and he was refusing, (he was) making (the) first trouble through (the) heavenly existence, making angels and every creature there not to be happy, because he did a trouble. And he continues up today (to make trouble) and he is going to make that trouble up to the end of this life (on earth).

Therefore every trouble (is) coming from Shaitan and every trouble that people fall in it (and all) unsolved problems (come) after Shaitan. Shaitan (is) teaching (people) and as long as people (are) working for Shaitan they are not reaching a peace on earth until (the) earth (is) going to be destroyed with these people. As Allah destroyed the nation of Noah with (the) flood, (He is) going to destroy whole Shaitan’s workers. When they are destroyed our planet is going to be clean. Then, when (it is) clean, (it) means (that) people on earth should work for Allah, because (that was) our oath (on) the Day of Promises: “O our Lord, we are going to work for Your servanthood. We are not going to work for anyone else.”

That is our oath! Now everyone (is) forgetting this and (they are) changing and saying: “We are working for Shaitan.” May Allah forgive us!

O people! Save yourself from the hands of devils that (they) are all representatives of Shaitan. Leave them; don’t give (them) any support! Don’t give your support! If you give, you fall in sufferings and miseries! Come to the friends of Allah! Try to be with them to save yourself, to be clean and to try to clean (everywhere) from East to West, from North to South. Allah Almighty (is) promising: “Who is trying to do this, I am his Supporter!” Don’t worry that you are (only a) handful (of) people. (It) doesn’t matter! If Allah (is) with you, you are victorious, (you are) never going to be defeated, always (you are a) winner. Who is with Allah (is) always (a) winner and victorious! We are humbly asking (this) from our Lord Almighty Allah!

For the honour of the most honoured one His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha…It is difficult, but it is the best way for our lives…

03.03.2004, Transcribed by Khairiya Siegel

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