Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah wa ashadu ana Muhammadun abduhu wa Rasuluh!

Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah min kulli thanbin masia, min kulli ma yukallifu
dinu-l Islam...

As-salamu alaikum! Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Always you must think that Shaitan (is) around yourself, asking to cheat you! Never (he
is) leaving man to be rest here or to reach his Lords Pleasure! That is its target, Shaitans
target; (he is) asking to make you to fall in troubles here and to fall... the Day of
Resurrection to be carried to Hells- nothing else! And he is coming, coming to man as an
advisor, saying: “I am your best advisor, listen to me!”

He did his worst for first man S.Adam, till (he was) making him to be thrown away from
Paradise! From (the) best life and best conditions to be pleased and in pleasure, (He was)
making Adam to be thrown away, on this planet. This is its mission.

But Allah Almighty granted to man mind and will! These two important attributes (are the)
biggest Favour, biggest Grants to ourselves! Allah Almighty just granted (them to) us
through this life, not to fall in the traps of Shaitan.

S.Adam he did his ‘wasiya’, oath, to his children and he was (the) first advisor for his
children and he was Prophet. Allah Almighty (was) addressing to him and sending Gabriel
to show the way to come back to Paradise. Shaitan (was) just thrown away, because he
did his worst in (the) divinely Presence. He did his courage to say- Astaghfirullah: ” You
are wrong, I am right!” This (is) never acceptable! Therefore every Angel (was) kicking
(from) behind him and throwing Shaitan to fall down. ‘Tarku-l Adab’, not to keep the
high Respect for Allah Almighty! How he can say this, to say: “You are wrong, because
You are ordering me to make Sajdah, to bow (to) Adam. I am not getting obedient for
You, because this Order is not true!” Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah!

And (they are) on (the) same type, our egos; (they are the) same with Shaitan, because
Shaitan and ‘nafs’ (are) on (the) same level! (The) teacher of our egos (is) Shaitan. And
(the) students of Shaitan (are) our egos. Therefore (the) Prophet was saying: “If you are
asking (who is your) most terrible one, terrible enemy, don’t ask this one, that one… no,
(the) most dangerous enemy is through your two sides: (it is) your ego! Beware, o
servants of (the) Lord, beware of your egos! Every cursing (is) coming on you for the
sake of your ego!” This must be taught to people!

What they are teaching? (They are) teaching, how (the) atmosphere (is) getting warmer…
That is their biggest worry now, (for) mankind, nothing else! They are thinking: “When
these mountains of icebergs (are) falling down, what it should be? (to) where we are
going to run?” I am saying: “That is coming to cover every continent! Prepare for
yourself, as Malaysian people; (they are) making their houses from wood, sit on it and
look down…!” No anything else (is their worry), ‘hammuhum’; they are worrying about
what should be!

Ya Hu, (are you) not thinking that one day you are going to Akhirat, (that) one day (is)
coming to you (to be) your last day? For everyone (there) should be one day (of) his life
(that is his) last day- (for) what you are asking (about) this?

Because they are not believing! Shaitan (is) making, training ego, training egos, not to
believe in anything!

Therefore this democracy-pocracy, (is the) dirtiest system for people, giving 100%
freedom for egos! That is (the) command of Shaitan, (the) big Shaitan!

They are taking this, (their) whole care (is) going about this point and nothing else!

Ya Hu! We must die! (Even) if that icebergs and waters (are) not coming, we are going to
die anyway, we are going to pass away! No one (is) coming... But (our) egos that… they
are students and followers and ‘murids’ of Shaitan! Who has not a guide to Heavens, their
guide is Shaitan!

And egos, they are so happy to follow Shaitan, because Shaitan (is) saying: “Don’t worry,
do everything! Just I did it and I am free now! Don’t listen for Prophets, you may accuse
them, every kind of dirty description or dirtiest characteristics, you may say. You must be
free and democracy now (is the) best system for peoples government system!” And
whole of them (are) falling in an endless crises and endless troubles, countless problems
unsolved- they are now like no mind animals!

That is Shaitans advice and Shaitan (is) ordering to them to: “Look, which one of you (is)
more and most learned to be with his ego, to be servant to his ego, bring him (for)
elections, make elections!”

Allah (is) never ordering to make elections! (It is) pity for Muslims! Everywhere they are
following Shaitans ‘murids’; Shaitans followers (are) saying: “You must be also like
Europeans, Western people! If you are not going to be (like) Western people, you are
always… going to be your value no value!”

Therefore our people, Muslim people, they are also taking and making elections.

And elections (are) not bringing best ones or better ones or good ones, but (they are)
bringing worst ones! Allah Almighty (is) never ordering to make elections! It is not for
believers! And thousands of years… You are from Egypt; you heard about Pharaoh (that)
people (were) electing (a) Pharaoh?... Who is that one saying this, from where (they are
bringing election)…? (Shaitan is) never leaving people to follow heavenly Guidance!

Prophets (were) bringing heavenly guidance and they are guides! Anyone (who is) not
accepting heavenly Guidance and Guides, they are followers of Shaitan! And Shaitan, (to)
where it is going to fall, to be taken away the Day of Resurrection? He should (be) carried
to Hells and (everyone) who (is) accepting him as their guide, and following his guidance,
(they should) also (be) taken to hells!

As beginning now on earth that Last Days… ‘ayamu-l fita’, corruption days now…

If you are saying (this), no one (is) believing or saying: “(What) you are speaking, o
Sheikh, (is) true!” And Allah Almighty (is) ordering: “O My servants, believe in Me and
follow My true Ones, true Servants!” Which one (is) true (from those) ones now elected?
(They are) perhaps (the) worst ones (who have been) elected up today!

O people, may Allah forgive us! We are in (the) holy month (of) Ramadan; (the) most
blessed Month! Try to reach a power and authority on your ego, to be able to catch it and
to ride on it, or it is going to ride on you, taking you to Hells!

That is (the) only reason- ohhhh!- that people (are) going- speaking… coming-
speaking… sitting- speaking… on false (?) Speaking, speaking, speaking…

Shaitan (is) making them speakers, ‘speakers’. “Don’t do anything, only you must speak!
You say, then you stop; when you are tiring, X. (is) beginning… You begin now!”

When (he is) finishing, tiring, (Shaitan is) coming, saying: “Y., take his place, speak!”
Then (Shaitan is) coming to Z., saying: “O Z., ask for who is going to rest (?)…”

“You tried these things…” also (he is) trying to address people and saying this and that,
this and that…: ”You must not… because (there is) no result for my work, you must go
to UK, because they are giving free money! You can find on streets also, because so
many people (the) whole night London people, all of them, they are drunk people… So
many times they are throwing, falling from them- ohhh!- Pounds or Shillings… You must
not work! Go to UK!” Saying A., giving, advising people: “Cyprus finished, because their
pockets empty, go there, UK! You, up to morning or after midnight, get out, like fox…” -

I was going around England, coming to home after Terawih, I was seeing so many fox
running like that, like that… fox, because they are looking, if no one on street, they are
coming out… -

And he is advising: “You must go the time of foxen, (when) they are getting out, you
must get out, to look around…!” This…

And everyone (Shaitan is) advising to go to Western countries, to collect money. New
advisor for…Z. (is) saying: “No, we must go UK or Holland… Holland is better for us!
We must stop in front of Pubs, when they are going like this, like that… people, because
they are drunk, put them on earth and take everything, leave them only with inner
clothes…” When he is getting…: “Oh, where is my clothes, where is my money,
watch…?” Then (the) police (is) carrying them to their homes…

He is another advisor for example….

That is (the) democratical system to give people full freedom to do everything!

No! Shariat (is) putting limits of Halal and Haram! But Shaitan (is) saying to our egos:
“Don’t listen, you must be free, 1oo % free! Don’t listen to (the) Shariat of Islam! No,
you must try to do everything, as you like!”

And I am sorry to say that Muslims (are) making what (are) making European, Western
people, their life-system; they are trying to be ‘Western Muslims’. To be Western and to
be Muslim it is impossible, never coming together! ‘Westernized Muslim’ and Muslim-
never going to happen this! Western people, they are not Muslims! Their life-system is not
Islamic, their schools (are) never Islamic, their works (are) never Islamic- what you are
going to do there?

Eat dry bread in your territories and listen and hear Adhan Muhammadi: “Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar!” What you are listening in Western countries? Dang… dang dang… dang
dung… dang dang… dang dung… all rings, bells of churches… Why you are going? You
are not finding bread in your country? What (is) happening to you to be ‘westernized
Muslims’? That is Shaitans advice to people!

May Allah send us a heavenly One who should be dressed ‘heybatu-l Islam’, Glory and
Power of Islam in him, to collect the hearts of people, to take (them) away from the
hands of Shaitans and to give them to be leaders to Paradise!

We must bring (the) Prophets way back, the Seal of Prophets (Way)! We must destroy
(the) shaitanic Sultanate, we must try to bring Islam’s Authority and Glory on earth, to be
living ones glorious ones!

May Allah forgive us! Fatiha…

Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Aziz Allah…

Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Kerim Allah…

Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Subhan Allah…

Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Allah Allah… Sultan Allah…

Sultan Sensin, ya Allah, we are nothing!...

…O people, don’t think such a things (instruments, are) giving honour for us!

(The) Prophet sws with his Followers, he was making, addressing to his Sahaba
and he was on his camel… everyone they were hearing, as (if the) Prophet (was) near
him and speaking! Islam (is) full with power!

S.Omar, he was making Khutba on (the) Mimbar, and he was shouting: “Ya Sariyat, al
jabbal, al jabbal!” From Medina Munawwara to Iraq, Iraqian front, he was shouting!
Sariya was (the) Commander in Chief of (the) Islamic Army and (the) enemies, they were
coming from (the) backside. S.Omar (was) stopping (his) Khutba and (he was)
addressing: “Ya Sariyat, al jabbal, al jabbal!” He was addressing to Sariya: “O Sariya,
beware, be careful! (The) enemy (is) coming (from) behind of you, (from) behind that
mountain, keep (that) mountain!”

How many distance? 4o days ‘masafer’, traveling… Yes, and hearing!

Islam (is) full with full power! But we are loosing our lives to follow unbelievers’
technology! We are not in need (of) unbelievers’ technology!

One (Wali) is enough to stop them! Fatiha.

Lefke, 1.10.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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