To make the life of mankind easy, technology, they have invented so many things. They make them to make everything easy in their life but when they are doing this, using these instruments, these inventions, they are bringing the human power, that Allah Almighty granted us to use for our physical life, they are reducing their physical powers to zero. For doing new things, and everything that we were doing before with our physical body, we are now doing with these machines. But, subhan Allah, Allah Almighty is bringing an end to that period &endash; everything must reach to an end. That is also what we are seeing and hearing from scientists and scholars and computer engineeers, they are saying that the life of those of mankind who are depending on technology, on the last day of 1999 they are going to fall down, they are going to finish.
Now my advice to my followers is to try to take themselves away from these things and to begin to use their own physical powers, to bring their physical powers into action, not to be under the command of machines &endash; Do this! Don't do that! Everything &endash; step by step, we must try to save our freedom from technology, to bring ourselves to ourselves. Therefore it is important what we are saying &endash; from now on you must try not to use those machines or instruments for everything. Make it, try to make it less and less and less. Because when it is suddenly cut out billions of people are going to die &endash; not millions, billions of people. When that limit has been reached and nothing is working, those who have not prepared themselves for a new period should die suddenly, or they should become crazy, billions of people may die, and millions of people are going to be crazy &endash; how do you say? Depression. A big depression, a very bad depression, will come to people that is impossible to treat and they will be finished, because the medicines that they are going to use are going to be out of time, they are going to be useless. Factories will stop, everything will stop, finished.

Therefore, step by step, you must try to come back to your real position and to use your manpower. Learn how you can do things by yourself, without machines, without instruments, without technology, you must try to learn how you can live without technology. Understand? Try it now. Don't sleep. Don't make high buildings but just two floors, don't use cement use mud, don't use concrete and iron, use timber, use stone, use mud, and you must try to use wells, because there will be no more running water, no more running electricity, no more running around in cars &endash; they will not work anymore. No more &endash;"Hallo?"(telephones) they will be finished, alhamdulillah, I am very happy with this then no-one can call me! Doctors may not cut people any more, no more operations, no more ceasarians, no more

In this way should be the space &endash; there will be a space, a distance, and in this everything will stop. In this way will be the distance to reach to Mahdi, aleyhi salam. When Mahdi, aleyhi salam, comes another power will come, that Allah Almighty will grant. He will grant common people in this time from His miraculous powers what He only granted to His Prophets and awliyas, and saints, before. But over that distance, people are going to die, to become crazy, to kill themselves - so many things. So that from seven only one will remain, six pass away.

May Allah bless believers. Believers should be saved and others are going to be carried away. Anything else we are going to say? Fatiha
Lefke - 01.05.1999
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