Maulana Sheikh NazimTefekkur- reflective thinking, meditation, is like the stairways or the
plane to take you up, and even more, it is taking you up to the highest
spiritual ranks like a rocket, saruh

Tefekkur- reflective thinking, meditation, is like the stairways or the plane to take you up, and even more, it is taking you up to the highest
spiritual ranks like a rocket, saruh. That is why it is said that one hour
of reflective thinking is better than 7o years of prayer without tefekkur.
Tefekkur is an important aspect of worship and it opens secret doors-
without it no door will open for anyone.
The least for a man who is mature, mukellef, liable, responsible, and a
believer is to think before doing anything, if it is for Allah or for his
ego, if it is pleasing to Allah or to Shaitan. Without this reflection
anything he does, is like rubbish. And his life is going to be like the life
of the animals in the jungle. The measure for the life of a believer is to
think if what he does is for Allah, rahmani, or for Shaitan, shaitani.
Islam shows us a discipline, a measure for our life and all acting. And who
is responsible will have to answer to the question: Why did you do this? For
whom you were living? For what you were running? How did your life pass? For
Allah or for Dunya? This measure is for all our actions, for every movement.
But people don't want to be aware, conscious, and think, but rather give up
all thinking to the computers. What about your own abilities, capacity? But
no one is thinking anymore.
Who understands how these machines are working? What is inside to make it
work? In old times we had watches that we had to wind up to make it to work.
Nowadays we don't even have this in our hands anymore, everything is
automatic. Everything is made in a way to take the control out of the hands
of people. They become like robots, eat, drink and enjoy, coming and going
like a machine. The people of the 21st century have no awareness,
consciousness, anymore, they don't think and reflect anymore. They are told:
We do the thinking for you in the laboratories, you rest and be in peace,we
are thinking for you. But people are not in peace, because peace comes with
nearness to Allah. When the soul comes closer to Allah, man finds peace.
With the distance from Allah fear grows. And all development and inventions
are used to bring people away from Allah and their own selves.
All ways are closed except the shaitanic one where people are diverted from
reflection and thinking, and there are only three open doors: eating,
drinking and sexual amusement. People do Haram and under the influence of
alcohol they get completely out of control. In such a way people are easy to
govern. Everything is free, there is no control on them, people become like
monsters, and so dirty. And there are Pharaos of the shaitanic kingdom over
According to what they built, it is coming on them now a revenge. People are
like in a tunnel, a one way tunnel without exit. People are threatening one
another, they want to kill and destroy one another. And Shaitan will watch
everything from a hill and burst out into laughter, because the world will
burn and all buildings will break down except those, which are built on
Haqq, truth... Billions of people will go...
This is what Shaitan has prepared for the Children of Adam. From the
beginning he was against S.Adam a.s. When he saw the new creature of Allah
he entered the empty mud form through its mouth and went around everywhere
in the body, through all venes and arteries, because the body was empty. He
thought he would govern man easily. ( We have venes that are fines than a
hair, and they transport oxygen and CO2 and nourish the body. Look the
tajalli of 'Azamet, that man has! But people became crazy. So many nerves
and venes- how they are arranged. How any power, creator, could create
something like that if it was blind?) The angels said: ' This is the new
creature of Allah Almighty', and Shaitan said:' How strange- you are made
from light, I am made from fire, but this one is made from mud, earth. A
strange cerature. It must have a secret, a wisdom. O angels, if Allah gives
this new creature a rank over you, will you accept?' ,Yes', they said, , we
are submitted to he orders of our Lord, we will accept'. Shaitan said: ,If
this new creature is put over me, I will not accept. And if he is not put
over me, I will not do him any good either, I will finish him'. And he asked
Allah's permission to finish them.
Because of that, the biggest war is coming, Merhamet Kubra. The computers
will not be able to count the dead...To destroy mankind is the aim of
Shaitan. And he is against Islam. Whoever is acting against Islam, is alao a
Shaitan. People now will finish and kill one another. Like those buildings
in New York all buildings which are not based on Haqq will come down.
Nothing will happen to Mosques, they will not break down.
Shame on those Muslims who read the Quran without understanding it...They
have no power against Kufr, but also they are not recognizing spiritually
powerful ones, the Saints. They are not accepting them and call it Shirk,
when we call the Saints for help...They go against America, but they can't
do anything against Kufr and its allies...Now this fire and smoke will
continue until the appearance of S.Mehdi a.s....How Shaitan will laugh!
Who is it that Allah was showing you as your ennemy? Shaitan. But you fight
against each other. They show Shaitan to you as your best friend...People
are not listening to Allah. But even if the whole world was vanishing- Allah
has thousands of worlds. If the world was not in such a bad condition, it
would not burn...Now the world will be cleaned and then a door of Rahmet
will be opened, because Allah has endless mercy...
They were trying to make rain to fall in Istanbul, and now we have such a
rain, that the barrages are bursting...
In Egypt they built a barrage, the Assuan-barrage, huge like Turkey, but it
will not be able to hold the waters. The Jews and Christians cheated them to
build this barrage with so many thousand of tons of cement...Egypt will
drown according to the prophecy, and that is a sign of the end of time...
,All power is with Me', Allah says, ,who are you?!' May He give us the mind
to understand..
Lefke - 02.12.2001
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