Maulana Sheikh Nazim Heavenly News and Warning: Terrorism is Ending Now!

Ya Rabbi, sallimna, ya Rabbi, sallimna, ya Rabbi, sallimna, fi-l Dunya wa fi-l Akhirat!
Ashhadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashhadu ana Sayyiduna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa habibuhu wa
rasuluh, salla-llahu ‘alayhi wa salam!
Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah!
We are so happy people that Allah Almighty granted us to say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad
Billions of people they can’t say. That is most honoured word that whole Prophets bringing from Allah
Almighty: Afdalu dhikr: La ilaha ill-Allah! To be able to say: ‘La ilaha ill-Allah’, Allah Almighty He likes
that word! Shukr, thanks to Allah, whole thanks, countless thanks and countless praisings for Allah
that He granted us to be able to say La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadan Rasulullah!
Destur, ya Sayydi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, if you are not, O our Master, if you are not granting to
ourselves something, we can’t say anything and no one can be present here. That is the power of
Heavens, coming on unknown worlds and we can speak.
Most difficult time for mankind that we are in it now, therefore you must say:
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya.
They can hear; power of Saint, power of servant of Lord, may hear the sound of an ant; when it is
moving, coming a kind of sound. They may hear the steps of an ant as a thundering, so clear for them.
You must believe in holy things, you must believe in Heavenly Messages. If not, you are going to be
only a dust, dust, no value. Therefore ask from holy ones to teach you some ways that makes clear for
you the power of Creator. Even the sound of atoms, they have also a glorifying; nothing can be in
existence without glorifying their Lord, their Creator, and the sound of glorifying of atoms you can’t be
able to hear, to listen, even through one part from one thousand units of time. You can’t be able, you
can fall down and our beings, our every organs, they cant work, if that power not reaching to them, no
any organ through yourself can be able to fulfill its importance.
Liver can’t work if it is not making that glorifying for its Creator. Stomach can’t do, if it is not completing
its glorifying for its Creator. Your mind can’t be worked, without glorifying. Your brains cells, everyone
is must be alive. Every part that it is in your existence, in your material being, everything must be alive
and to be alive the sign of being alive, they are glorifying. When glorifying stopping, they can’t do
anything, that means dying.
Therefore now physicians they are looking and saying: “This organ just finished.” For what? Because
no more glorifying. “Therefore”, they are saying, “We must cut it and we must throw it away.
Everything, when dying, useless. Whole body, a perfect body, must be just alive through its every cell.
Because every cell it is a universe. Each cell it is a private universe. Can’t be one to be hundred per
cent same the second one, and second one can’t be same for third one. Don’t think that this eye just
second eye, no! Each ones’ importance is different and independent. Independent ‘alam, universe,
each one. Each one! This can’t be involving with second one in inner works, but there is something
also… through cells there is a kind of border and also through cell, through cell, each cell it has
several kinds of functions and each one independent in itself. This can’t be able to involve that one,
therefore, when you are saying: “Allahu akbar!”, don’t think that you are measuring His Height,
measuring His Wide(ness), no! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Subhanallahi- l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim. That is
Takbiru-l Haqq, that is our ifada, our declaration for His Greatness and His Greatness just going to
appear through every cell and each cell also His Greatness going to appear through that function.
Subhanallah! And cells to cell they have borders, or walls, protected each one from second one, each
one from second ones’ attack. No, just that under the guarantee of Allah Almighty each cell. Who is
Guarantor for cells against cells? He, Allah!
O people, therefore such a things brings you a knowledge from our Lords Greatness, ma’rifatullah.
Ma’rifatullah that is high knowledge for Allah Almighty’s Greatness. Subhanallah! This world, all of it,
so many atoms, under Jabbar, Allah Almighty’s Power, keeping that not to go outside. That means
there is a very firm discipline. If no discipline, our bodies going to be melted and passed away. Each
one independent through your physical being, billions or trillions and it also, our bodies, protected on
everything around ourselves not to be touched by anyone with any harm, no, Allah Guarantor. “…wa
la ya’uduhu hifzuhuma… “ don’t think that only 7 Heavens and Kursi and ‘Arsh, 7 Heavens up, 7 down
worlds, He is Allah Almighty, He is Guarantor for them, but everything in it, in its smallest part, they are
also protected… “…wa la ya’uduhu hifzuhuma…”; it is not going to be difficult for Allah Almighty that
He is asking to do! And He is only may say: “Kun”, “Be”, and being, and obeying. And must obey!
Therefore Allah Almighty He likes from His servants to be obedient. He never likes disobedient ones,
they are - what we are saying now - terrorist! Terrorist - man they are not happy with terrorist - Allah,
He is going to be happy? No! Allah Almighty saying: “No, I am not accepting terrorism through My
territories! “Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu akbar!
O people, think on it, think on it, think on it! “…wa la ya’uduhu hifzuhuma wa Huwa-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…”
You can’t bring any measure for His Ulum that covering everything under His Mightiness! Everything
they are under His Dominions; countless Dominions just Allah Almighty making in yourself and in
everything. Dominions! Allahu Akbar! Therefore Allah Almighty He never likes disobedient people,
because disobedient people they are terrorist! Let them go to Hell, may go to fire! Therefore sending
whole Prophets to prevent man not to be terrorist!
First terrorist who was? Kabil, first terrorist, breaking Holy Command. Therefore, who breaking holy
Command, going to be terrorist! First terrorist Kabil, methab, and his party or his terrorism, he founded
that and Shaitan - alayhi la‘natu-llah - this is new Tajalli for Laylatu-l Bara’a! Power coming now, power
coming now, should take away…
Man they can’t be able to stop terrorist or to destroy terrorism, now last night there is a Hukm Ilahi,
Heavenly Declaration: “I am now involving to stop it, to clean now world!” Enough! That is their last
point that coming and man they are unable to stop terrorism and to finish terrorists. “Now I am sending
My Power”- minimum, not maximum, no, minimum, that you can’t be able to bring a description on it.
“Minimum power I am sending now, on those terrorist people” like… how it is, for example, he may say
for every terrorist he is not taking sword or using rockets, no. Where is terrorist?.. . Anyone here
terrorist? Pu on terrorists!… Enough! Just reached to final point for terrorism and terrorist. Sending…
for example, one from terrorist people was Nimrod… also Pharaoh was terrorist… Hitler terrorist…
nighttime sending bssss…very small creature, sending, these such a strong person …touching, till
morning… “Heh! Uh! No one?” Ya Hu, there also… some people passed away and Doctors coming
quickly to make… looking: “Nothing happened, everything okay!” This is terrorist and coming Heavenly
Revenge, coming on them... Allah saying: “I am Allah, I am Allah!” Subhana Hu wa ta’ala! Or, if 70
Russian, 70 Americans, 7 Turkeys, 70 Arabs - they can’t catch them, they can’t finish them.
Now Allah Almighty last night, Laylatu-l Bara’a, gave Hukm that it is just stamped on it: “Now I am
going to finish! And I am using only very weak, weakest, more than bird-flu… very weak and sending
to everyone - I know them - one one…where they are sleeping, where they are doing so many…!”
Don’t be terrorist! Finished! That is last point for ashkiya, terrorist and whole people, whom they are
not keeping Holy Orders that reached last point for their chances, finished, finished… now you should
see through this year!
O people, therefore, keep yourself! Be obedient! Unobedient people, all of them, terrorists and whole
nations majority terrorist! Governments, whole of them, terrorist and their way terrorism. They are
saying: “Democracy, democracy! We shall bring good one!” No, you can’t bring! One abshar mina
thani, one most dangerous, more dirty than second… finished!
This is number one from Heavenly e-mail… coming Heavenly e-mail… don’t think that Sheikh
speaking, no, no! That is e-mail, I am reciting… Yes, terrorism, just beginning with Kabil, ending now!
And then Jesus Christ coming now! Sayyidina Mehdi – alayhi salam - coming now! Dunya going to be
clean and pure, no more terrorism, no more terrorist, oh, oh, oh… Therefore no more… animals, tigers
terrorist, lions terrorist, wolves terrorist, foxen terrorist, bears terrorist, sharks terrorist, snakes
terrorist… should finish! Fearing from Allah Almighty’s ??? mighty Power or Allah.
Therefore that time lion going to eat grass with cows and wolves they are going to eat grass with
sheep, and foxen going to eat…(coming) friendly to… “O my cock, I can’t eat you, because if I am
eating you, I am going to be terrorist and mighty Power of the Lord of Heavens finishing me. I am
eating like you some grains, oh…!”
This is my declaration, but powerful now to be understand everyone, who thinking. Therefore had
been said last night through high, highest point of people, awliya: “Whom they are doing nothing, but
their hearts going to be with terrorist people, they should be taken away!” Keep your heart for your
Lord Allah Almighty! Don’t carry bad intentions, you should be taken away, sleeping, and coming
morning like buffalo… “Ya Hu - this person was small size, what happened? Now he is awakened as a
buffalo!” That touched it, that Revenge of mighty Allah touching, making such a buffalo… even small
ones… O people, keep yourself!
That is a new news from Heavenly News for warning; Heavenly Warning! I am only a translator! This
must be heard through East and West, they must take their attention, not to be written their names
under terrorist list, or one night they are going to finish.
May Allah forgive us and protect you! For the honor of the most honoured one in his Divine Presence,
Sayyidina Muhammad – sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam… Who is preventing Prophets Salat wa Salam -
terrorist, should be taken away!...
May Allah forgive us and protects you under His Divinely Shelter! For the honor of the most honoured
one in His divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad – sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam,

Lefke, 28.8.2007 (Day after the Laylatu-l Bara’a)
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