Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Only One
Who is the Sultan? How must the Sultan be? He must be the greatest one. No one can be greater than him. If anyone is more powerful than him, he couldn't be the Sultan. The Sultan must be fearless. Someone who is afraid of the coming days or anything around him, cannot be a sultan. Who is the Sultan? He is the one who is forever victorious. Who is the Sultan? He is the one who has a never-ending sultanate. Who is the Sultan? The one who has an endless kingdom. A sultan must have these attributes, you cannot find a second one of his kind. The only one is Allah. Who is the Sultan? He is the One whose Will cannot be stopped or prevented. He can create without using anything. That is the real Sultan. He is the One who can make anything into existence immediately by a single word. If He wants to reverse it back into the unseen oceans, He can instantly turn it into nothing.
That is why there is only one Real Sultan. All the others with this title are only imitations. If you are the sultan you are supported by your armies, but the Absolute Sultan does not need to be supported. Everyone wants Him to support them, but He does not need any support from anyone. Our sultans need to be supported by their armies and nations, but our real Sultan does not need support from anyone for even one second.

The smallest atom as well as the gigantic galaxies would disappear immediately into nothing, if He did not give His Support. All universes could disappear in the shortest unit of time, so quickly that your mind cannot even imagine it. If He takes His support, nothing can be in existence. Do you know of anyone else having such power?

No one can imagine His greatness. No one can imagine His power. He has endless oceans within His endless attributes. No one can imagine an endless ocean. It would be without an ending in all directions and endlessly deep. There would be no limits. It is totally impossible that there is another Lord. He is the Only One. Your logic will tell you that this is the only possibility. You must accept it.

- 01.01.1997
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