Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim In a theatre people don’t amuse themselves

In a theatre people don’t amuse themselves…people go in happy and come out unhappy because it is a gathering for Shaitan. He is telling them: “You will amuse yourself, but, because it is a gathering for Shaitan and cursing is raining on it, they come out depressed.…Our meetings Shaitan is preventing and cutting, saying: “You will be bored, they will put pressure on you.” But who is not listening to Shaitan and coming, they get out happy, because in our gatherings mercy rains on in. Cinemas, casinos, theatres, coffeehouses are all meeting places for Shaitan and it rains cursing on people there and also on those who just look to them…These people forget their Holy Ones, they fight them, destroy and close their places, now they are in such a bad situation, they can’t get out anymore…)
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
It is an association, it is a small gathering here; we are thankful to Allah Almighty that (He is) granting us to follow the ways of His Friends. We are happy and thankful! (But) we are sorry also that (the) majority of people (is) not interesting in a real situation, a real meeting that (is) teaching them something for Allah. (The) majority of people has been cheated by Shaitan. We are happy and thankful to Allah Almighty that He guided us; that is a biggest grant of Allah Almighty to be guided on (the) right direction and (the) right direction (is) towards Allah and every direction that (is) leading ourselves (in the) direction to Allah Almighty. We are not going to be proud on other people; we must ask from Allah Almighty, from His endless Blessings to send us a guide that he should have a sword in his hand.
A dog, if it is not threatened with anything, with stones or a stick or a sword, (it is) never leaving you, (it is) running after you to bite you. When you have something in your hand, he is not looking to you, (but) looking what is in your hand- stick. It knows that: “If a little bit I am approaching, he should hit me on my head.” Thinking on it, therefore (it is only) barking from far away, because it knows: “If I am coming a little bit, that stick is hitting me on my head.”
We have been landed from Eden, from Paradise, on earth, Adam a.s. and Eve, Allah bless her. (At the) same time Shaitan (was) kicked down from Heavens and also (the) snake. (It was) through (the) divine Wisdoms… or (the) divine Will (was) making them to be each other’s enemies. Adam and Eve have been landed on this earth (and) Shaitan is (the) most dangerous enemy for Adam and Eve and also that snake or dragon that (was) kicked down. He was guardian on (the) Paradise entrance, because it (was) also cheated by Shaitan and leaving (its position), giving way (to) Shaitan to enter Paradise and to cheat Adam and Eve. When they were going to be cheated, they were going to be disobedient (to) their Lord’s holy Commands, and everyone who (is) going to be disobedient for their Lord’s Commands can’t be in Paradise! (He) never enters Paradises, until they should be punished here or Hereafter. Sins are a blame on them and Paradise (is) never accepting a disobedient one to step on the clean land of Paradise. Paradise land is clean and must step on it clean ones. No, dirty ones can’t enter, no. Pure, clean people may enter Paradise. Until they are going to be clean, Paradise (is) forbidden for people to enter in it. Therefore when Shaitan cheated Adam and Eve, (the) holy Command, (the) holy Order, heavenly Order (was coming), saying: “Get out! You can’t step on My Paradise land and you are now going to be disobedient ones, now you are not clean!” When you are coming to pray, you must be clean. You can’t enter (a) mosque, Mascid Harram, Mascid Nabawi Sharif if you are not clean. You must be clean to enter. Therefore they have been sent out, because you can’t step on Paradise with dirty steps.
And (all of them) had been landed (on earth), but all of them were enemies to each other.
And here people are going to be cheated by Shaitan that his target is to make the Children of Adam to be enemies to each other. They know… When they were coming and landed on this planet, if they are following Allah Almighty’s guides… through His guides, (those) who (are) accepting heavenly Guidance, they should reach cleanliness and peace on earth. Therefore Shaitan is running- as he ran after Adam and Eve to make them away from Paradise- now on earth he is (the) first and most dangerous enemy for (the) Children of Adam and trying to make them dirty ones, and dirty ones (are those) whom they are never obeying heavenly Orders. When (they are) getting dirty, (they are) trying to kill each other. Through that dirtiness growing enmity between Children of Adam and (Shaitan is) making Adam’s Children to be enemies to each other: Nations to nations, races to races, men to women, women to men, children to their parents, parents to their children, neighbours to each other, women to men and men to women- so easily they are coming to be enemies!
Now in our days people (are) suffering. For what (they are) suffering? Because (of the) dirtiness of mankind; they are falling into dirtiness, into sewage channels. If a person (is) falling through sewage channels, (he) can be clean? No. All of them (are) now in sewage channels. You can’t find clean people now, finished! And (even) if a person (is) taking his care, but (he is) going through that sewage channels, even some drops must touch to him or to her. And if we are using (the) heavenly Balance that Allah Almighty put, (saying): “I put (a) Balance”, if you are using that balance, we can’t use (it), but Angels- if they are using- you can’t find now clean ones. Dirtiness (is) through East to West, from North to South, and Shaitan (is) very happy and dancing. Putting rings here and rings there and dancing…happy with hippies…Happy Hippy…new nation, new generation, that they are never accepting to be for them a Lord, never believing in anything, never asking any Command from Heavens, their ‘meslek’, their target is only to reach full freedom. Full freedom people are those who surrender to Shaitan completely! Muslim, aslim, taslim- Muslim is (someone) who (is) surrendering to Allah. But hippies- that 99 % (of) people are on the ways of hippies- (they are) asking freedom, endless freedom; they are completely dirty ones, completely they are surrendering to Shaitan. If you are saying: “Come to surrender to Allah”, they are saying: “No, no, no! Why?” Particularly Western people, Non-Muslim world, if you are saying: “Come and say: I am Muslim”, they are saying: “Islam? No, we are not accepting!”
So many people are coming to me or (to) someone like me, they are thinking that: “We are on way of Heavens and we are trying to make people to reach to their heavenly Stations” and they are giving (their way) a name, mysticism, Tasawwuf. They are accepting (that), but they are running around, they are not getting to be satisfied, because nothing with them. (They are) coming to someone like me, saying: “Oh Sheikh, we are asking a way from mysticism, from Tasawwuf, to reach that spiritual Stations or heavenly Stations. Please guide us on that way.” I am saying: “Yes, okay. (The) first step (is): Come and say: I am Muslim.” “No, no! We are not accepting this. Without becoming Muslim we are asking a way to reach to heavenly Stations!” And I am saying: “Do you think that even in a high building without using a lift you can reach (the) top? I am saying: Come and say: ‘I am Muslim’. Ask, what is the meaning of ‘Muslim’!” “No, no, no! If you are saying Islam, we are not (accepting)…” Up to Jehennem (with them)! If you are not using (a) lift, how you are going to reach? Eiffel Tower- anyone can be able to reach the top of (the) Tower of Eiffel? Impossible! If you are asking to reach, use this! And they are insisting: “We are not using…” I am saying that time: “I am making ropes out of that Eiffel Tower, everyone putting around themselves these rope and when we reached top, we are making people to carry them up, up, up. If you are not coming inside to reach (the) top point and asking another way, another way that is only this! You are asking something that is impossible!
Who (is) asking to reach to their heavenly Positions, must be clean first and if you are not cleaning yourself as Heavens (is) asking to be clean, you can’t reach to that point and Islam (is) coming to clean people from dirty ideas, dirty works, dirty characteristics, to make your ego under your feet and to make Shaitan far away from you! And you are saying, coming as a limited company: “Limited Company: Mr. No-Mind, limited company with Shaitan and ego.” Your company (is) very important! Company of Shaitan. Your company is with Shaitan and ego and this dirty Dunya that (is) making you to be slaves and with Shaitan. You have this company and you are saying: “I am asking to reach up, higher positions of Heavens.” Oh. These dirty ones, if you are not leaving them, you can’t get up, because Heavens (are) never accepting your limited company. People are saying: “No, we are (a) famous company and most important company. From the first step of Adam on earth we established that company and we should go up to end. We can’t leave our company- so important limited company (of) Shaitan and his helpers, his members, his partners. We are not leaving. If you are taking us up, up, if not, we are not accepting.” And we are saying: “Leave (that company) and come!”
Now (the) whole world (is) going in such a way. If you are asking for them to be clean because they are asking to reach heavenly stations, they are objecting on it, your way of cleaning them, (saying:): “Islam? We are not accepting.” “Go away! We are saying: “Leave.” “No!” They surrendered to Shaitan, but it is difficult for them to surrender to Allah. Islam means: To surrender to the Lord of Heavens, our Creator. Even they are not able to carry the name of Islam- what is you hope for these heedless and foolish, no mind, square head, but mm square head people? What your think for them? Which hope you have for them for their future? Now Dunya and its inhabitants reached to that point: all are refusing Islam, all are making Islam down, making another show, the worst show for Islam. If you are saying that: “Islam is in such a way”, giving its description, why you are coming and asking to reach Heavens? Go and use your way! They can’t use!
Ants- now it is the time of their election, election for their queens and mostly the noble ones who are going to appoint or elect their queen, they have wings now. They have wings and other ones, ordinary workers, (they have) no wings. Ordinary ants, if they are asking: “We like also to fly up, but we can’t carry these wings. We like to fly without wings”- what (is) saying mentality? (It) can be? “That wings”, ants they are saying, “you must have this.” They are saying: “No, we can’t carry this.” “Eh. You should be on earth, we are flying…” And mankind, who is accepting Islam, they may fly, if not accepting…there are workers of ants, they may be there, until they are finishing…
Try to have wings and wings are only given through Islam! Without Islam you can’t be given wings to fly to Heavens. Impossible! You must know this. If not, work on it as ants workers, you can’t be Queens or Kings.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 24.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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