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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**THEOCRACY, DEMOCRACY**----To follow good people brings happiness and makes people reach goodness. If you follow honoured people, it will give you honour. If you follow sincere people, it will make Allah pleased with you. Every good purpose can be reached with good people. If a person follows Shaitan, he must realise what happened to Shaitan: he was kicked out of Divine Presence. Whoever follows Shaitan must also be kicked out. So you must take care who you are following. Are you following the Prophet sws. or are you following the devils? May Allah firm our steps so that we may follow the good-ones.
It is not easy to be with good-ones, but it is so easy to be with bad-ones. You will be able to find billions following the devil, but very few people follow the good-ones. Every time when Allah sends his Prophets only a handful of people will follow them and all the others will run away. Why? It is really difficult to be a good-one, but it is easier to be with a good-one. It is difficult to be a true-one, but it is easy to be with a true-one. It is difficult to be a trustworthy person, but it is easier to be with trustworthy people.
That is why Allah Almighty is saying that you must be with true-ones. He is not saying that you must be a true-one, because He knows that that is so difficult. So He is saying that at least, if you cannot be a true-one, then you must try to be with true-ones. That will save you. Salvation will come through truth. You must try to be with the one who is representing truth, because his way will lead to salvation.
It is impossible for everyone to be the engine of the train. Maybe a train has 40 or 50 or 100 wagons. It is not necessary that every wagon has an engine. No! One in front is enough. It is important that the engine is with Allah and will take all the wagons there. Now there are bad engines also, and if you get hooked on to them, they will take you to hell.
The Prophet sws. was reaching out to everyone who had love for him and made them follow him. This is something which has been forgotten and lost. Everyone must try to follow someone, either a good-one or a bad-one. If you don't follow a good-one, a bad-one will lead you.
Since the beginning of the second millennium of the hijra, that means the last 400 years, the umma is losing people everyday. People who do not want to follow the way of the Prophet sws. anymore. They don't want to follow his successors anymore, his inheritors. From day to day more are leaving this way and joining the other party. Every day followers of the Seal of Prophets, Sayidina Muhammad sws. are getting less and less in numbers and the followers of Shaitan is increasing. Since 400 years this is happening every day.
This is a sad event, but it is a reality, the Islamic world is not following the way of the Prophet sws. but instead they want to follow in the steps of the Christians and the Jews. A miraculous hadith of the Prophet sws. was informing us that there will come a time when his people will follow the ways that were before our time. That is the Christian and the Jewish way, and the time that he was speaking about is now. Step by step that is what is happening. Whatever they do, you are also trying to do. Muslims are trying to be copies of Christians or Jews. There are a few exceptions, but most of them are doing that.
On top of that, all Islamic countries are now making advertisements for democracy, not theocracy, which would be following the Sharia. No! They want democracy, because the Europeans want it, they would never want a theocracy. And now our people are trying to copy this. Also in the private lives of people they want to copy the western people. It makes them proud to be like the western people.
That is the illness which will make the Muslim world to come down and to be second. The Muslim world is not first, it is second. The non-muslim countries are first, they are the head and we are the tail, we are following. All our leaders; the Presidents, Maliks, Sultans... all of them are responsible in Divine Presence, because they did not keep Sharia, keep theocracy
Allah Almighty will ask them, "Oh, my servant, do you want a support from me? Do you think, that if you had wanted to keep theocracy instead of democracy that I wouldn't have helped you? Were you fearing the non-muslims because they wanted democracy?"
Democracy is a Jewish fitna. It is not from the Christians. No! They are just stupid, following it. Democracy wants to make the feet the head and the head the feet. This is the cause of endless troubles. You cannot take it away. How should it be possible to put the feet on top and to put the head on the feet? What kind of foolishness is that? That is democracy! But we are saying full of awe, "The Islamic countries are now also going to have elections." What is that: elections! From which part of the Quran is that taken? That is why the Islamic world cannot be the first, cannot be the leaders. Because they are following the non-muslims, they are following Shaitan. All the unbelievers are under the flag of Shaitan.
Why have you left the flag of the Prophet sws? No-one is asking that. The Syrians aren't, nor the Egyptians, Moroccans, Jemenites, Saudis, Pakistanis, Turkistanis... None of these are asking where the flag of the Prophet sws. is. The flag that was carried during 14 centuries. Where is it? No-one is asking!
Shariat is finished. We now have democracy, elections, and that is why we are going more and more down every day. Only the ones who are carrying the flag of the Prophet sws. will be saved. Don't be surprised at what is happening to the Muslims in the Islamic countries. No! There are so many reasons. We are sinners, we have so many faults. That is why Allah Almighty is not sending His Support. If He was, He would be supporting heedless Muslims. How can anyone expect Allah to support a devilish system like democracy? How does anyone expect Allah to support Shaitan? Why is the Islamic world doing this and then asking for support from Allah Almighty at the same time?
The Palestinians are asking for support. The Cashmere people are asking for support... In Pakistan people are going to elections. One person came to Pakistan and wanted to reintroduce the Sharia, and what happened to him? He was shot by his own people! Because he took away the foolish elections he was shot in the aeroplane. He wanted to have the Sharia, but the people of Pakistan did not want to support him. Now there are never ending troubles in Pakistan.
In Turkey the same thing. They are also saying, "No!" to theocracy. They support the secular system and democracy and now they are eating each other. The Arabs are in the same way. Some of them want right-hand democracy, the others say left-hand democracy. No-one has the courage to ask for theocracy.
The people from Pakistan even go one step further. They have put a woman on top. Where did they learn that? Bilkis was a Queen and Allah Almighty sent Suleyman quickly to her so that she could be under his command.
I am now bombarding all these foolish ideas. May Allah forgive us. I am saying, "Oh,or Lord, I know that You are unhappy with this foolish fashion and I know that You are far away from that kind of system." The lowest level of belief would be for us not to accept this kind of system . All Islamic countries are going in the wrong direction. We are not accepting it. You must also say that you are not accepting it, so that you will not be made responsible. Because the people who are not supporting the Sharia are cruel.
Once I was given some papers to join the election, because I was old enough. So on the paper I wrote behind the other candidates that I am supporting the Sharia. When they saw this, they said that because I hadn't chosen anyone, but instead written all this, my vote would not be valid. That was the only time that I joined the election, and I asked for the Rules of Allah, for the Sharia.
Oh, Muslims, the days are approaching and as long as people are going in a dangerous direction, more and more punishments will fall on the umma. This will continue until they leave all that and come back to the right direction. Until they have corrected their direction, the troubles will increase instead of to disappear.
Now it is the time of pilgrimage, the time of hadj. What I will say now, many people will disagree to and blame me, but that is alright. I was saying, but only to those who are going to make hadj for a second time, or even third time, or fourth time, or fifth time... that I am not happy, and Allah Almighty is not happy and His Prophet is not happy if they go. Instead of spending their money on that trip, they should collect their money and send it to the Muslims who have now been kicked out of their homes and have nothing to eat or to wear.That would make Allah reward you. But people are so happy to go to hadj. Everywhere Muslims are kicked out from their homes. Thousands of people, children and women are living in fields and in the mountains without a shelter.Instead of going to hadj, you should make jihad against those people who are chasing the Muslims away from their homes. But where is the compassion from the Muslims? They want to go to Hijas while these people...
You may go and ask Allah Almighty to send us the Protector of Islam, the one that He has appointed to protect Islam. Ask, when you are going to the Kaaba, "Send Him to us, oh our Lord!"
May Allah forgive us.---London - 24.05.1992----BookPowerOceansofLove
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