Maulana Sheikh NazimLet us look at the new lesson, the new page, there is so many pages and lessons
Astaghfirullah…Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba ya Rabbi…Let us look at the new lesson, the new page, there is so many pages and lessons…Allah Jallahu ‘ala…As-salamu alaikum. By the Name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, Most Beneficent most Magnificent. It is an association. We are sitting here, we are trying to follow Allah Almighty’s good servants’ ways as much as possible. Really we are not followers, but: Man tashabbahu min kirami falahum…even we are imitators, we are not real followers, imitating, asking to go after those good servants’ ways, but we have so weak legs, and we are so weak mind people, so weak moving people, himma- himmatu rijal takrau jibal-, that is a grant from Allah Almighty to His chosen servants, it is so valuable, so precious gift from Allah Almighty granted.
Do you think a Sultan is giving his representation with His divinely authority to a person from the market, calling that one and giving, (saying): ‘This for you’? Can’t give. May give, but that person is never going to be able to carry that. Another example: Do you think that a Sultan, such a majestic King, even through his princes, is going to call youngest one- may be five years old- and order his horse trainer, the servant that looks after and trains his royal horses (to bring one of his beautiful and powerful horses for that small prince?)…

-Before they were using horses. So many kinds of horses, as in our times imitated leaders, imitated rulers have a lot of cars. Every time a new model coming on, they have been granted one from the people who have factories of cars. Therefore I was hearing through my travellings that some rulers have perhaps one hundred cars through their special car stations. Anytime if he is asking to go around, he is ordering: ‘Bring that car today for me’, to show his magnificence, to show: ‘I am that one, every day I may take a new car for myself. I am that one’. As he never dressing same clothes every day- perhaps the clothes that he is wearing in the morning he is not dressing night time. 100 or 200 years ago Kings were using horses, and those horses were so beautiful and powerful and valuable, expensive…-

Do you think that that Sultan is going to ask from his servant to bring one of his horses and says: ‘Bring that one for my small prince’? May say, but that five year old prince can’t ride on it; he can’t be able to ride on it and to send it as he likes, because horses are never going to be happy to ride on them a weak person such as women or persons that are unable to ride even young or old- they never like it. They like to ride on them such a person that can be able to command, to make it under his control with his power, with his heybet, greatness. That is the nature of horses. Horses are not like donkeys, no. On donkey may ride a person like me, 90 years old…or women, or even a small child may ride, a donkey is not so proud; but through animals, the most proud one is the horse. They have been created- according to traditional knowledge- from the wind of Paradises, given to them. Therefore up today Kings from old times were using always through their palaces such good horses, particularly her Majesty Queen in UK keeping, and many Lords are keeping, because Allah Almighty is praising horses and all Prophets were riding on them, including our Prophet the Seal or Prophets sws. Like wind…And so many Hadith, Prophet’s holy Hadith, praising horses, saying that: Victory is through the foreheads of horses. That majestic King can’t give such a horse to his prince, youngest prince as five years old, no!

Now we are speaking and asking divinely blessings for awakening mankind; to be awakened, because people are sleeping now, through their dreams living. Dreaming something, but they are not going to reach to their dreams ever. Satanic teachings make people to sleep and to dream, therefore Shaitan through centuries was working to make people how they can sleep. And sleep is going to be naturally, it is a grant from Allah Almighty to make our physical being rest. But Shaitan was never happy to make people to sleep as a grant from Allah Almighty for resting. He was asking to find ways to make people to sleep more and more and more, because sleeping people are going to be under the control of Shaitan. Audhu bi-llahi mina shiatani rajim…we are asking protection from satanic ways, not to fall in it. And through centuries shaitan’s main target was to make people to fall and sleep. And he was trying to find so many ways, he was trying: How can I be able to make them not to be with themselves, but to be under someone’s control. I never like’, Shaitan claiming-, ‘to be man able to control himself’, and he was trying to make people to loose their control on themselves.

To be heedless is a kind of sleep. First of all shaitan was trying to make people heedless, and to be heedless means…who is heedless one? Who is not knowing about himself. And therefore now in the 21st century the whole world is full with schools- high schools, universities, academies, but they never teach youngsters, the new generation, about their identity: Who are you? No answer! Only for this question they may teach people 40 years- is not enough. But the main purpose from thousands and thousands of universities and hundred thousands of books and lessons is only to make youngsters to loose themselves, to be heedless from their real identity. No one can answer if I am asking: ‘Who are you’? Most important question that they are never knowing anything about that identity. They say: ‘I am from mankind’, ‘I am a man’ or ‘I am a woman’, ‘I am Turkish’, ‘I am member of the Greek society’, ‘I am a member from UK’, ‘I am a citizen from US’, ‘I am a person nationality Deutsch, German’, or ‘I am Egyptian’, ‘I am Japanese’, ‘I am a Mandarin of Chinese people’, ‘I am from Africa’- that is their answers! Their identity is this.

If you ask a cat: ‘Who are you’? It may say: ‘I am a cat’. ‘For what you are created’? It may say: ‘To hunt mouse’. It knows. But if you asking to man: ‘For what you have been created?’ No answer! Making people not to know about themselves. First heedless, then going to sleep, to make them to sleep, not to look towards reality, toward their identity, Without identity what is that? ‘O Sheikh we have identity card- KKTC or Turkish citizen’. ‘Only this is your identity? For what you are created’? If you ask a dog: ‘For barking I am created’, saying. Dog knowing for what created. If not knowing, never barking. Ask cock: ‘For what you have been created’? ‘To be head of hens, all hens under my command. And I have been created to sing every time, every praying time, to make people to awake. Particularly night time I am crowing to make people to awake, to know that night time is just passing: O heedless people, get up and stand up and be clean and come to your Lord’s divine Presence for His worshipping!’

Every creature knowing about themselves, their identity, except man, because Shaitan making them not to know. This to be heedless just now through 21st century; full control through the hands of Shaitan. No doubt satanic teaching is everywhere to make people heedless from their Creator, to make people heedless for that they have been created, to make people not to know about their identity, to make them not to think for their ends- to where going their lives to be ended. That is. This belongs to our spirituality, just veiled; but Shaitan is making camouflage for our spirituality. Shaitan, to make this situation and to make much more powerful his control on mankind, through thousands of years he is working and trying and finding some things to make people to sleep.

Therefore now youngsters are sleeping more than enough two times, three times, and for a normal young person 8 hours is the limit of their sleeping. More than 8 hours for youngsters, who reach maturity, it is dangerous and harming our physical being. But now youngsters at least ten hours, twelve hours, 15 hours, 20 hours, some of them 24 hours sleeping, because using something. We are coming to that point that is important: Shaitan just tried to take whole control on the Children of Adam to make them to sleep. And whole drugs are only for that purpose; whole drugs making peoples youngsters body to sleep, and that is the way that shaitan is going to be able to make his control over whole nations. And it is biggest cursing on people.

I was in UN in New York. I was passing from one hall through stairs, and there were some posters. I remember what was written on it: ‘Save youngsters from drugs’! 160 states in UN, all of them their care or their worries that is to save youngsters from drugs. Asking, saying ‘Save’, but those - I am sorry to say- that who can be able to save, they never give permission for even His holy Name to be spoken through any statement through their meetings. No one standing and saying: ‘Glory to our Lord. I am beginning to address to you, o people’. No one saying. And Muslims- coming perhaps 60 or 70 Muslim states, no one coming to say: ‘Bismillahi-r-Rahman-r-Rahim, o people, I am addressing to you and I am in honour to announce my Lord’s holy Name, I am calling you to peace’. No! If they are not speaking on behalf of the Lord of Heavens it means they speak on behalf of shaitan! And this advertising is written on it…How it can be? If you are making youngsters not to know about their Creator, how you can stop it? And their will power is on zero point. And making youngsters to accept that when they sleep because their physical pleasure they are wasting, that they are finishing. So may young people finishing, because their youngsters power just finished. Man power finished. Then saying Shaitan, coming to them: ‘When you use this I am opening to you another world’s doors. Come here, use this, now you may sleep and you are going to look some other world, that you never seen before it. When you enter in it, no need for your physical being to have such power. You may be through your dreams living such a beautiful life, you can’t imagine’. That is the center of the main point for cheating youngsters when they are finishing physically, to cheat them and destroy their spiritual being also after destroying the physical being, and then they are going to use these drugs, as tablets/pills, and not going to be enough, then using injections, and sometimes going to be too much and falling down and finishing, dying. Every day perhaps thousand and thousands, perhaps millions they are dying from that injection from those drugs.

Biggest cursing on people now, and they think war bringing death. They are carrying this signs through the streets, but they are not saying: Drugs bringing death. And every day thousands of people dying from that, no one saying this. Only they write: War brings death. That is dreams that we are speaking on now- people are sleeping and thats bringing to them such cursing, and sleeping. People can’t be granted- even they may be prince or princess- they can’t carry this himma, the most precious grant from Allah to them; it is forbidden, they can’t carry. Therefore- ‘himmatu rijal’ we are saying, whom have been granted, they are chosen people, those who are stepping by their feet and may jump from France, from Atlantic Ocean, from one side and put their feet on New York. That is such a grant, heavenly grant. What is that? If it is too much for you, I may say: If they are stepping on earth, they may reach and put their feet on moon. With that divinely grant they have been chosen people. Now therefore we are asking from such people himma to be granted to us very little, very little. Atomic powers going to be nothing if we have been granted from that power; their weapons, their atom bombs are going to be as a toy for children. (One chosen person) may take (these weapons) like this, collect and throw them away. One servant of Heavens, who lives on earth. Therefore we are not fearing from their weapons, no. They can’t do anything! They can do themselves on themselves, but chosen people are under divine protection.

May Allah forgive me and grant to His chosen people, for their honour, to be sheltered. His divinely shelter for the honour of the most honoured one in his divine Presence Sayidinna Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallim. Fatiha
Lefke - 10.03.2003
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