Maulana Sheikh NazimIf there is a territory, a kingdom, there must be a King, because without a
King there can't be a kingdom

Audhu bilahi minesh shaitana rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim If there is a territory, a kingdom, there must be a King, because without a
King there can't be a kingdom. If no Emperor, no empire; if there is empire,
must be emperor. If there is a sultanate, must be a Sultan.
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim.We are running away from Shaitan to Allah
Almighty. No one can be able to shelter a person from Shaitan that (who is)
thrown away from divine Presence. Therefore we are asking a shelter from
Allah Almighty and run to Him and ask protection. And He is saying: 'La
ilaha ill-Allah hasni, wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi.' "O My
servants, just I made for you a castle; for you I built it. When you are
fearing from anything, quickly run into it and you should be sheltered. You
should be under My divinely protection, and no one can be able to jump into
it. It is impossible for anyone from My creatures to jump into it and to
harm or to hurt you, because I am the Great and I am the Protector. And if I
am the Protector, no one can harm you if you run to Me and ask My
sheltering. My divinely Protection should be with you.'
What is that castle? To say: La ilaha ill-Allah.
Say: No God but Allah.
No Protector but Allah.
No safety but only with Allah.
No goodness but only through Allah.
No happiness but only with Allah.
No pleasure but only with Allah.
No satisfaction but only with Allah.
No life but only with Allah.
No honour but only with Allah.
No light but only with Allah.
Nothing- but only for Allah everything.
'Run to My castle! And My castle is not like your castles. Your castles
should be like a spot (in comparison to Mine). As much as you do this spot
bigger, bigger, bigger- but it is not going to be more than a spot. In
comparison to My castle all the castles that you are building for your
protection are going to be in limits, and everything in limits is going to
be nothing in comparison with My castle, because My castle is unlimited.
Anywhere (that) My servant is saying: 'La ilaha ill-Allah', he is in My
castle; no need to ask: 'Where is the castle of my Lord?' to enter in it. It
is enough for My servant, if he is asking to find My castle, that is
protection for My servant, to say:'La ilaha ill-Allah'- just he is in it.
Anywhere he may be and at any time he should be in My castle.'
And people are ignorant! They are reading so many holy words from Hadith
Sharif, that are a revelation from Allah Almighty, but very, very, very few
people may reach to ask:'For what is this Hadith? What is the real wisdom of
the holy words of the Prophet?' Very few people are asking this and it is a
well-known Hadith. Allah Almighty is ordering His Prophet to say this
meaning and that wisdom with his speech. And he said that Allah Almighty is
saying:'La ilaha ill-Allah hasni, wa man dakhala hasni, amin min adhabi.'
And now people are in a very critical and terrible and dangerous, most
dangerous position. They are surrounded with endless errors and terrors, and
everyone is feeling (that there is) no safety anywhere or anytime. Not
through countryside or cities, through their homes, in the jungles, in
markets, in coffee-shops, in theatres, in gathering places, in stadiums-
everywhere they are not feeling a safety. Maybe they enter a super-market
and maybe something there that kills and burns and destroys everything in
that place and perhaps hundreds of people may be killed. As on the 11th of
September 2001. Thousands of people were sitting through that World Trade
center in New York, and it was protected with every kind of safety means.
But they never thought or imagined that something could come from over their
heads and strike those towers. And in moments those two huge towers of
Nimrod were in ashes, and everyone in them also, perhaps 50,000 people.
Everywhere, every step that a person may step now- because it is the time of
error and terror, as the holy Prophet was saying- everywhere you may be in a
dangerous condition and with any means you can't be able to protect
yourself, no! And man is looking and saying: 'No hope'. He is fearing: 'How
can I be able to protect myself and my family, my children, my goods, my
business, my money and jewels, my life?' Everyone is now through that
depthless fear, everyone is fearing now. Even kings or queens, presidents,
generals or field marshals, scientists or businessmen or rich ones, lords or
sultans- everyone is in a depthless fear now. They are even fearing to drink
something or to eat something, they may fear to use something, they may fear
to take a plane, to take a ferry, to take a car or a train.everywhere, just
the whole world is surrounded with fear. No one is feeling a safety now.
And we must use what Allah Almighty is saying:'Use My words. Use what I did
for you as a castle, to make you in safety and satisfaction and to find a
peace.' What is that? O all peoples living on this planet, your Lord is
saying to you: 'Say: La ilaha ill-Allah', no God but Allah, and I am putting
you in safety!' Till people use this, they are not going to find a safe
place to stand up on it even one step, one foot square place. They can't
find. And they are not going to find neither in East or West, on continents,
on oceans, through air or on earth to be safety for them, finished.
This is another announcement for all living people on earth now. It is just
a new announcement from Heavens: 'O people, come and say: La ilaha ill-Allah
', is you are asking safety. Until you are saying this, you are in depthless
fear and no safety for you. Come and say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Sayidina
Muhammadun Rasulu-llah.
People run in streets and say: No war!, because the fear of death is
surrounding people, surrounding the whole world. Not fear of wars, no. But
wars equal death and destroying, nothing else. Therefore the fear of death
just reached to all nations and people run like rivers through
streets.coming that to Iran also, everywhere- Egypt, Lybia, East to West,
North to South, on oceans and continents coming death, approaching.And not
from one or two people Archangel Gibrail will take the soul, but from
thousands, tenthousands, even millions and billions of people's souls are
going to be taken and their lifeless bodies are going to fall down in pieces
or just as bodies without life. And fear of death, behind wars people
fearing from death, becausde wars bring death. The fear of death is never
leaving people to enjoy with their eating and drinking and dressing, and
their carsa, business, money, casinos, their Dunya- taking it away. No one
is thinking that wars come as a punishment from Heavens to people, when they
are going to insist not to be obedient ones for the Lord of Heavens. That is
a whip for them. And the first disobedience from living people now, 2003,
through the 21st century, the biggest rebellion is not to say: 'O our Lord,
You are only One!' It is the biggest guilt or sin for living mankind not to
come on their knees and to raise their hands and to ask: 'O our Lord, You
are only One, no God but You. Save us, save our souls!'
And therefore the fear of death is finishing every enjoyment for their
physical being; cutting them down and finishing and they are going to be dry trees falling down. They must say: La ilaha ill-Allah,
Subhanak, inni kuntu mina dhalimien. The whole world must say:.? And for
Muslims: La ilaha illa Anta (Allah), Subhanak, inni kuntu mina dhalimien
(famous Dua for forgiveness from Sayidinna Adam alehi salam in the Holy
Arhamna ya Allah. For the sake and honour of the most honoured one in Your
divine Presence, Sayidina Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallim, Fatiha.
Lefke - 02.02.2003
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