Maulana Sheikh NazimThere are so many things that we know nothing about. But people don’t care about anything nowadays…
There are so many things that we know nothing about. But people don’t care about anything nowadays… Nowadays people don’t look if the beans they are eating are raw or cooked- that means, who is the one speaking to them. Food, knowledge, must be cooked to be digestible, to be beneficial for people. Look for those people whose heart is working and stay in their service.
There are some insects with two fine pairs of wings on each side, flying over water. They were the models for the helicopter. It can land anywhere. If an ‘Alim is not like that, and he is not mixing with people, he can do nothing for them. But nowadays Alims are like a Concorde, which needs a special landing-place, and a Concorde represents pride. Pride makes the Alims to be over the people, but an Alim must be able to come down to the lowest level, otherwise he is useless. The Sultans of the Soul are like this, they can land everywhere.
And it is important to learn from an authorized person. Knowledge must be cooked and then brought among the people. You cannot become a surgeon just by reading books. So many times you have to watch the expert making an operation, before you can do it.
The Prophet was teaching 4o years, but the Jews were not accepting his teaching. 4o times he made khalwet in the cave on the mountain and then he prepared for his heavenly journey. But precious stones you don’t find everywhere, they are hidden; common black stones lie around everywhere.
Nowadays nobody is asking for the holy ones anymore, and therefore the holy ones closed their shops and went away. But who is asking seriously for them, may find.
Then those who understand and those who pass on knowledge and make others understand, are different. A prophet takes knowledge and he passes it on. Some people just take, others just give, but a Murshid must be able to take and give.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. To say ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’ is an obligation for Muslims. We have been ordered through the Islamic law. And there are 54 obligations, which people were learning up to the time of tyrants. Then it was forbidden, they buried the 54 Fard. We are speaking on them. One of them is to say: ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’, ‘O my Lord, I am running to You from Shaitan, who is Your dog, assaulting on people. We run to You from its harming.’ Therefore at least you must say it daily 100 times, out of prayers, because Shaitan is never leaving people to step on the right path. He comes and tries to take your foot from the right path and to prevent you to walk towards truth. When he is coming to you, you must say: ‘O my Lord, I am running to You from Shaitan, Your dog. Protect me from its assaults.’
With ‘Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim’ you run away from Shaitan, and then saying: ‘Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim’, you run to Allah. It is obligatory that believers must run to Allah.
This is not a lecture, we are not sitting in a lecture-hall or school, it is only something to make our attenders to listen for a short time, and I am hearing also through their Baraka. I was praying Dhuhr and something came to my heart or my memory- because for people who work with their minds and brains we must say: ‘Coming to my memory’, and they should be happy. If I say: ‘Just some inspiration reached my heart’, it is a little bit difficult for those people, who are always occupied with positive knowledge. Therefore I am saying: ‘Coming to my memory’…and so long time I am not using that memory…
Today there was coming something to me, an Arabic addressing to one Sultan of Islam: ’Do you think you have been created for that, or that you have been ordered to do that thing?’ It was for a famous Wali, Ibrahim Adham, a famous and glorious Sultan in Central Asia and through Persia. He was rich and powerful. They say that shepherds were using 12.000 dogs to guard his flocks, and each dog had a necklace of gold… If Allah is asking to give, He gives. This Sultan was so powerful and his Sultanate famous and glorious.
It was his custom to hunt; he liked to hunt, and that time they were hunting on horses with bow and arrow. Once he was hunting and running after a deer. He just put the arrow on the bow and was ready to shoot, when an addressing came to his ears, a secret voice from space, saying: ‘O Sultan Adham, do you think you have been created for this hunting?’ And a second time a voice was coming: ’Or do you think that you have been ordered to hunt?’ Then stopping. Some Awliya say that this was the main reason or wisdom than changed him fully, 1oo%, to be not a Sultan, but a servant of Allah.
It was enough for him what he heard. He left everything and he said: ’Sultanate or Dunya is a play. It is a big loss, what we are doing. We loose the most precious thing that we have been granted from Allah Almighty, to be in life, and we run after something that has no value.’ He left everything and he called one servant who did the lowest service. He said to him: ’Take off your coat and give it to me and take mine.’ The servant was trembling: ’O Sultan, how it can be, you are Sultan, how you can dress my dirty clothes that I am working in? I can’t do that.’ ‘I am ordering you, quickly! Now I am Sultan, but tomorrow morning I am not going to be Sultan, I am going to be servant. Not like you for a man, but for the Lord of Heavens. Quickly take!’
Then he was taking his stick and getting out, going, going, going, up to Mekka. He came to the beginning of a big desert, and Shaitan came and said to him: ’O Ibrahim Adham, up to here you came on foot, passing through villages and gardens, rivers and mountains; so many places that you may find something to eat and drink from nature. But now this is the beginning of a huge desert. So many people like you entered it and not reaching there, and you don’t even have a camel to be on it, not carrying anything from drinks and food. You must take care, I am saying to you, beware, I am advising you, keep my advice.’ And Ibrahim Adham was saying: ’If I keep your advice, I should be like Adam, who was keeping your advice and was thrown away from Paradise. I am not listening to you, but instead now I will stop on each step and I am going to pray two Rakaat.’ And he passed this huge desert in 12 years. The Kaaba was saluting him, coming.
Those people understood the wisdom of life, the honour of mankind, the value and honour to be the servant of the Lord of Heavens. Now Ibrahim Adham is buried in Lattakia in Syria. Ottoman Sultans built a Dergah. Alhamdulillah, I visited that place, it is such a holy place.
Once Ibrahim was sitting on the seaside, on the beach, trying to sew something from his clothes with a needle. Suddenly his mother came and she said: ’O Ibrahim, you left everything from your kingdom and you are coming here and sit in such a way. What is that?’’O my mother, look’, he replied and threw the needle into the sea. Then he said: ’Whoever is there, bring my needle.’ It was nighttimes and it was like a firework on the surface of the sea, when the fish appeared, each one with a needle in its mouth and a precious stone on its head, which were like lightening. Ibrahim said: ’O my mother, do you think this kingdom is better or that one?’
We are trying to follow such people to be written our names as followers of Your Awliyas’ way, o our Lord, and we hope that heavenly mercy and blessings may reach to us. Therefore I am saying Alhamdulillah, through our place blessing is coming, not cursing. If the whole world is going to be in fire, our place and places that look like this place should be blessed and protected.
Lefke - 20.01.2002
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