Maulana Sheikh NazimThere is no compulsion in religion
You can't rule people by force... Allah in His Wisdom is saying in the Holy Quran: "La ikra’a fi din... There is no compulsion, no force, in religion. Whoever wants to believe, may believe. Who doesn’t want to believe, he doesn’t have to believe. Both the believer and the unbeliever will return to Me. Don’t force anyone to believe, because he will not really be a believer.” This is a big wisdom. In the 2oth century they have tried to force people into so many things, but at the moment that the pressure was released, people returned to their old condition. It is the nature of man to be Muslim- you can’t seperate them from that. As much as you try to paint over gold to cover it, still the gold remains gold under that paint. Keep this wisdom. The conscience is calling out, the inner feeling is guiding to goodness. Only the nafs, the ego, is forcing us to evil, trying to paint us... but still there is that gold underneath.
Really, man is going on the straight path towards Allah. When babies make movements in the womb of their mothers, they try to escape the Angels that come according to Allah’s Command to make them to leave the womb. So the Angels say to Allah: "Oh Allah, Your servant is disobedient, we can’t take him out." Then Allah’s Tajalli, a spiritual manifestation, is descending on the baby, and it falls into Sajda, coming out of the womb like that! And at the end of our life our soul will come to make Sajda before its Lord again. Therefore keep making Sajda to Allah Almighty. It is important! Without Sajda there is danger for you- you may fall into the hands of Shaitan, making Sajda to him instead...

- 01.04.1999
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