Maulana Sheikh NazimThere is no 'empty time'
Everything that is going to happen in this life has a fixed time. Every event has an appointed hour. If we know that all events will come in their appointed time, we will be at rest, patient; and patience shows the perfection of man, a strong faith. If we can take wisdom from every event, then we will be strong in faith. We will get more power to receive Divine Knowledge. Allah orders us to look deeply into each thing, into each event, to find a secret wisdom that gives it value. If you look deeply, you will taste.

Everything must be in its time. You cannot put it out of its time, because every momet is occupied. You cannot find time that is ‘empty’. Therefore, in our Tariqat, there is no delaying actions. Actions must be done in their times. As Allah Almighty says: “For prayer there is a special time and order.” This is a sign for us. Asking us to delay our actions comes from the nafs. Our nafs is very lazy; it doesn’t like to move, and therefore it wishes to delay every- thing. To our nafs, it seems easy to say: “I shall do it tomorrow.” It is always looking for an escape from serious actions; it only likes to play.

- 01.04.1999
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