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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**O believers, this is the third Juma of the holy Ramadan. May thanks be to
Allah that He gave us the opportunity to honour this blessed month and to
praise Him- if not, we would also be among the heedless people**----O believers, this is the third Juma of the holy Ramadan. May thanks be to
Allah that He gave us the opportunity to honour this blessed month and to
praise Him- if not, we would also be among the heedless people. It is a
mercy and favour of Allah to be allowed to enter through this door- He gave
us the permission... So many important people are denied entrance, because
they don't recognize Allah...No matter how proud they were during their
life- at the end they loose their power. As they didn't know Allah they are
made to be forgotten also.
Allah is the Owner of the religion. All prophets came to inform people that
Allah and Akhirat are a reality and that we have a responsibility. Who has
mind and is mature, must declare the existence of Allah. It is not enough to
say the Shahada. A believer believes, makes Sajda, does goodness, thinks
about Akhirat and works for Allah. Either our service is for Allah or for
our nafs. And all people live only to satisfy their ego- everything must be
ready for them immediately, everything must be from the best, and they want
to amuse themselves with women. All these things are not aims of our life,
we are not created for that.
Now all nations have religion- in Europe there are so many churches, ask
them about that. And the Jews still stick to the laws that Musa (Moses) brought in
the Taurah. Religion is like spiritual clothing of light, that you can
dress. All the Christians and the Jews stick to their religions. But our
people made it a fashion to get away from Islam. What shall become of us?
Shall we become Orthodox? Protestant? Jewish? The emptiest people live here
in Cyprus. The Turks on the continent at least still pray. But Allah is not
sleeping- He sees and watches everything...
Musa a.s. once asked Allah: ,O Allah, is there a time when You are sleeping
also'?- ,Taadab, ya Musa! I will give you the answer. Take two jugs of water
and go on your way, I will answer you'.- So Musa went with the two jugs full
of water. And Allah send one moment of heedlessness on him, a kind of short
sleep for one moment only, and in that moment the jugs fell and broke and
the water was spilt. ,Ya Musa, do you have your answer now? Imagine-if I
would sleep even for a shortest moment, the creation would be upside down.
But I am Hayyu, Qayyumu, I am Raqib, and I am watching over my creation all
the time. I am aware of every movement of any of My servants in any moment.
Nothing is hidden from Me'.
Islam is the religion of truth, Haqq. No one can say that anything that is
forbidden in it contains any goodness. But the Cypriots nowadays are doing
all Haram without ashaming. Watch out! Allah will put you in a condition
that you will not like, because you make Kufr and do not give thanks, Shukr
to Him. We have peace on the island since 27 or 3o years. The young people
don't know what happened, and no one is thankful, because we are not
teaching them that in the schools. Instead they give lessons about sex and
they teach girls and boys together. Everybody, even animals, know about this
by themselves- no need to make lessons on that. But because they don't
respect Allah and don't listen to Him.
Next week there is the Laylatu-l Qadir. It is mostly the 27th night, one
night of the last ten days, and it must be looked for, because it is the
most precious night of the whole year. We will see what is going to happen
after that night, or after Bayram...They always talk about an economic
crises. That is a trap of Shaitan. We have a religious crises in reality.
People leave Allah and run after Dunya, and Dunya is running away from them.
We have a crises in Adab- people don't look after their behaviour to correct
themselves. It is not a question of money- but that is so easy to
say...Finish nightlife and the crises will be finished. Who is going out
nighttime except those who go to make Haram? Except for those who go to
prayers, everyone goes out at night for Haram...I am against the
fortresses of Shaitan!Until we learn about Haram and Halal again, the crises
will not finish. Our government is not looking after us, and we are amanet
for them, a trust to be looked after. We will see what is going to happen
So many young people here in the mosque- you are like the young shafts that
come up after the old branches have been cut from the tree. Islam will never
go down. This century is the century of Islam, of Haqq, and Batil is
Every Juma we used to make rain dua- today, after prayer, we will make a dua
for Shukr...Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, ya Rabbi, Shukr, Alhamdulillah...Tauba,
ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah...---Girne - ----
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