Very soon there is going to be a Great War that will destroy three out of four parts;
three-fourths is going to be destroyed and out of seven people, six are going to be
destroyed. The most terrible and the greatest war is coming now, and that is the bridge
or mediator between the small signs and big signs; when that war breaks out, the little
signs are going to draw near to the big signs. The people of this world are waiting;
everyone is awaiting that war, morning or evening. There is a fear on the whole world.

When that begins, finished. The big signs will follow the war, and during the war the
Mahdi (alai) will say Takbir, “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!” and will appear
for Muslims, and then the great sign, the Dajjal, will come. After the second great sign,
“Isa (alai) (Jesus) will come. Then three parts of this dunya will sink into the earth; then
Yajuj and Majuj, then Dabbat ul-Ard. Then dukhan; this whole world is going to be
covered by thick smoke; then fire; then the sun rising from the place of its setting, the
West. When it is all complete Qiyamah will come.

As believers of the Traditions, we believe in a Savior who will come first before Jesus.
Yes. He must come before Jesus. We have this in our Traditions. His name is
Muhammad al Mahdi (alai). He is coming, but his arrival will be after a Great War
(Armagaddon). Our Traditions tell us that the Great War will be the last war. It will be
fought by the big powers with each other. Don’t say that Switzerland is a neutral
country or Austria or Luxembourg or Sweden. No! When the storm comes, it will come
from the East to the West, totally and wholly. Also from the West to the East. From the
continents to the oceans and from the oceans to the continents. That must be so.

And in that huge war, the Mahdi (alai) will come like a Divine Hand from heaven to earth
and stop the war because when small countries are fighting now, the big ones come
and say, “Stop!” but what about when the big dragons come to fight? No one can stop
them except Divine Power which will say to them, “God is Greater!” (Allahu akbar!).
Then they must stop. That will be the first Savior whose name has been given through
Traditions as Muhammad al-Mahdi (alai).

A short time After this, a tyrant will appear, well known through Traditions as Anti-Christ.
He is the most dangerous tyrant for the children of Adam. The whole world will get into
never ending troubles and sufferings during his time.

Then the second Savior, Jesust will come from heavens to earth. He will meet Mahdi
(alai) in Damascus at the tomb of John the Baptist, the son of Jesus Christ’s aunt
Elizabeth, the wife of Zacharias. He is buried in Damascus under a beautiful dome.
Jesus Christ will come to a minaret of that dome which lies in the East. When the
people go to the dawn prescribed prayer and two angels will protect Him with their
wings. They will bring him down. He will be wearing a green turban and he will be
shining. He has the most beautiful face, rosy and white. His beard is red and he is

He has a sword. When he was on earth, he never touched a sword, but now he is
coming a Savior. In his time, all technology will be finished. His sword can reach any
point to where he sends it. It is a miraculous sword, a heavenly sword. His Lord gave it
to him. He will save the people from the hands of the Anti-Christ. He will come to the
dawn prescribed prayer. It will be ful of people in the mosque and they will all be
performing the prescribed prayer because prayer is always for all prophets and their
nations. Even if people have lost it now, it does not matter. Jesus Christ was, in any
case, praying to his Lord. He was not praying to himself or to the cross. No! He was
kneeling in front of his Lord. He is the Savor who will save the people and will not leave
one of the followers of Anti-Christ on earth.

When he saves the people from the hands of the Anti-Christ, there will come forty years
of absolute peace on earth. In these times we will not need planes or ships or cars.
Nothing! Every person will be given miraculous powers through Jesus Christ. If I, for
example, then look at the second hill of that mountain and say, “In the Name of God,”
This means, “By your Divine Permission, oh my Lord! You have honored me to be your
deputy. I ask of You!” And if He gives permission, then you may put your step from
here to the second hill of the mountain.

Shaykh Nazim: Grand Shaykh is giving me a guarantee for people during Armageddon.
He is saying that there are three points. If they are kept, the person cannot be hurt in
the wars. Zahara! This is not something to cry or ask about. No.

It is impossible for those who deny the Creator to survive. Never. If it is your father or
mother or daughter, sister or brother! It is impossible!

It is impossible to survive if you deny the Creator. There people must be killed. They
will kill each other. If anyone of his relatives was denying the Prophet, they would fight
them, kill them.

Cruel people cannot survive. Cruel people will not survive.

Envious people: Envious people are the enemy of humanity. They will be killed and
hurt and harmed according to the envy in their hearts.

It is impossible for believers to be killed during Armageddon and for people with good
actions and good intentions. That is impossible but for those who harm humanity and
have enemies and are denying the Creator, they must be killed. That is their punishment.

Sheikh Nazim has given the zikr to be started at the beginning of the war, and then to be done daily:

100 times Hasbun Allahu wa niyamal wakil

100 times La illaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minal laalimin

40 times Salatan Tunjina

Hasbun Allahu wa niyamal wakil-Allah is enough of a Defender (Protector) for us.

La illaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minal laalimin-There is no God but You Oh
Glorified One, I verily am from amongst the transgressors. (Zikr in the belly of the
whale, recited by Prophet Yunus (alai)

Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin salatan tunjina biha min jami al ahwali wal afat
wa taqdi lana biha jami‘a al hajjat
wa tutahiruna biha min jami‘a as-sayyiat
wa tarfauna biha ‘indaka ala darajat
wa tubalighuna biha aqsa al ghayat min jami‘a al khayrat fil hayati wa bad al mamat
wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim tasliman kathira

O Allah pray on our Master Muhammad a prayer by means of which we will be saved
from every awe-inspiring harmful thing,
and that will take care of all of our needs,
and purify us by means of it from all of our ugly qualities and characteristics
and raise us and purify us by means of it from all of our ugly qualities and characteristics
and raise us up by means of it in Your Presence to the highest of degrees,
and cause us to reach by means of it the extremes of all goodness in our life and after our death
and this prayer be upon his family and his companions
and may he be given safety and much salaam.

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