Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is an association. It is a market, but not a supermarket - flee market
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. This is an association. It is a market, but not a supermarket - flee market. Old things, every kind, whatever you are asking, you can find. A person may go to flee market, walking up and down, and if anything interesting in it, may ask and buy. No one forcing them to buy something. If they are interested, they may buy. Not interested, may go around, up and down, and people don’t fight with him, no, it is okay. This is a market; you can find everything that belongs to your life here and hereafter. If you are interested in something, it may be good for you through this life or next life. If not interesting in anything- okay, you are going to be dust. This is a humble place, not carefully prepared for people to take their full rest, no. We- and when I am saying ‘we’ that belongs to prophets who belong to the Seal of Prophets?????????They never interested through this life more than they may be in need for building, for eating, for dressing, for everything that they may be in need. They were happy with whom going to be on lowest level of life here, because the lowest level is most close to the earth. To come down from skyscrapers, these towers of Nimrod, is not easy; to come down from 5 floors up and to reach the bottom of the earth. It is so difficult for our egos. But who is living for example in tents they live on earth, or who builds a simple building from earth, not from concrete, because concrete buildings fighting to mankind, giving them trouble. Therefore when people leave to live in simple homes that are built from mud, from earth, and begin to live through concrete buildings, first troubles for their physical being begin to increase, because our structure is just opposite to concrete materials. Man is not created from concrete elements, no. Our structure, physical being created from earth. Therefore man, our physical being, takes familiarity when living through earthly buildings and wooden buildings, and not concrete buildings. Our physical being is never happy to live through concrete buildings. That is one of the biggest problems for the life of man on earth, concrete buildings, fighting mankind. It is a satanic invention that Shaitan brings to people to live in concrete buildings, because it harms people’s physical beings. Shaitan is very happy to make people to live in concrete buildings, because their sufferings begin when they enter, with the first step. And you see that the biggest advertisement is for cement and concrete buildings. Everywhere people are so heedless, they destroy their healthy buildings that they lived in, and build on it concrete buildings. In summertime they are like an oven, in winter like a fridge.
I am fighting, but no one is hearing. And troubles get more and more. Everywhere no more old villages, old towns and cities remaining. They are carrying them away and build concrete buildings- so ugly buildings. And they put so many floors, one after one, trying to reach as much as possible, to reach higher than others. And it is mentioned through holy peoples’ miraculous news about the last days, that people are going to be occupied which one of them is going to be able to build higher than others…What you heard about one of the biggest buildings on earth> What happened to it through two minutes, that it was built perhaps in ten years taking for building it, and in ten minutes it was finished, and everyone in it also, because angels cursing these people who are asking to come higher. After two floors angels say: ’O adu’ullah, o the enemy of Allah, what you are asking to do? You are asking to do the same that Nimrod did, who asked to reach Heavens and to fight the Lord of Heavens, and who built that huge tower in Babylon? Where are you going? Not enough space for you on earth so that you make like this, up? Why not going like that(horizontal)?’ And what happened in Turkey three years ago? So high buildings through an earthquake like carton falling down and killing people. Mud buildings or wooden buildings never affected by an earthquake.
After two floors there is danger. Allah likes His servants to be humble. These people with their high buildings get so proud. I am sorry to say that Arabs read Hadiths of the holy Prophet sws that that one is cursed who makes high buildings, angels cursing him, and they are building against the Prophet’s warning who was blaming those people who build high buildings and gave their description as shepherd for camels or other animals, who are going to come to the holy land of Hijaz and who should be in competition for buildings, which one of them is going to make it higher. This is written, they know, through holy books, Hadith, and they do against Rasulullah, against his advice.
We are saying all prophet’s advice: that people must be closer to nature. And when a person comes closer to nature, nature is going to be friendly to him, no harm comes to him. When people live in high buildings, they are not friendly with nature, they are escaping, because in huge centres there is no nature, it disappeared. There are only concrete towers of Nimrod. Full. They are fighting nature and nature is fighting to them. All prophets make man to be humble, closer to nature. Who is going to be close to nature is going to be humble, and servanthood means to be humble. Those people are not humble. Humble people may out their forehead on the earth, bowing to Allah Almighty easily, and nature is protecting them, no harm comes to them. But those people living in Nimrod towers can’t live without pills, tablets; they use countless kinds of medicine for eating and drinking, sleeping and resting- for everything that they are asking to use their physical body for. They cannot move or work without using those artificial harmful medicines. Therefore Shaitan is urging people to build higher buildings, so that they should fall into troubles and sufferings and should be in need for medicine. Therefore cutting. Shaitan is arranging for foolish and heedless mankind, unbelieving mankind, making for them what is worst for them and their punishment begins on earth without going to graveyard.
This is a humble place, and you are coming from different countries, huge centres, huge buildings, you lead a modern life. Here perhaps going to be strange for people how we sit in such a place, like stable of horses…I am not saying stable of donkeys, no, and camels never come in a stable, always they are free outside. Very proud, camels…Alhamdulillah, we are happy. So many people come here with a handful of pills and they live here and say: ’No need (for these pills).’ We are trying to be friendly to nature and nature is ready to accept our friendship and it is honour for nature that you walk on it. But high building people never walk on nature, but on huge buildings, and when they come down, they quickly get into a car…They never step on earth, they are escaping from nature.
Servanthood begins with humbleness. Therefore all prophets called people to be humble ones. And that invitation, that calling people to servanthood, never stops, from the first man; he was calling people to servanthood, nothing else. Don’t think high buildings prevent us to call people to servanthood. The most proud ones must be called to be servants. I am calling everyone to servanthood. That is the mission of all prophets and of who is following them and their steps. And it is not going to finish. Someones through mankind, even mankind just fell in heedless oceans, but some people around that oceans call them: ’O people, come to servanthood. You have been created for servanthood, not anything else.’
There is an old story, historical story, that is written through traditional books about one of the famous Sultans, who was one of the most respecting ones for Shariat, heavenly rules through Holy Quran, Sultan Ibrahim Adham, may Allah bless him, Sultan of Balkh through Afghanistan, Belujistan, Ajemistan. He was a magnificent Sultan, powerful. As much as he was respecting Allah’s orders, Allah Almighty was giving much more honour and going to be magnificent among states, among people. And he had a hobby- hunting. He liked too much hunting. Once he was running after a deer and he was on his horse, and he heard a sound from his right, it was clear for understanding. It was in Arabic, saying: ’Ya Ibrahim, do you think that you are created for that purpose?’ And on another side, second sound coming to Sultan, saying: ’O Sultan, or do you think that you have been ordered for hunting?’ He was staking the reigns of his horse, stopping and turning back, leaving that hunt and coming.
These two words were enough for him for an awakening. He woke up. He understood that he is not created for or not ordered anything except servanthood. Finished, he was coming to himself. These two words just woke him up and he understood what is his mission or our mission: servanthood.
And our mission is to call people for servanthood, nothing else. As long as you run away, you fall in more crises, sufferings, miseries and troubles, until you come back to yourselves. People think that when they reach something, going to be much more benefit, rest and a comfort life for them. It can’t be. But who leaves such things and comes to servanthood- nature just has been ordered to carry the burden of servants. Never servants carry any heavy burden on their shoulders- nature is carrying. No ‘ham’, not taking care for anything, because nature under their service, serving them.
Now people don’t keep servanthood to Allah, but they serve nature for living, and they don’t live properly, but so difficult. Everything they eat becomes like poison, what drinking becomes like poison, everything that they look to, poisoning. From everything they turn to poisoned winds come to them, and poisoned winds make the physical being quickly to loose its brightness, through their faces, inside and outside. Everything blowing on them a kind of poisoned air. Therefore the faces of men and women quickly get ugly. From everywhere coming that windy poisons, making that. But for who keeps servanthood, coming winds of Paradise to them. They are coming for servanthood after midnight and winds of Paradise come to them.
O people, try to keep servanthood of Allah Almighty, you should be happy here and hereafter. No trouble for you. Don’t follow the first class troublemaker Shaitan. Anyone following him falls into trouble. Who is not following him, never falls into trouble.
Lefke - 20.02.2002
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