Maulana Sheikh Nazim This world may be as an atom through this well-seen universe

(Sheikh Adnan is arriving and staying one week)

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Ad-dinu nasihat…By the Name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…Yesterday is something, today is something else…

You can’t find anything through a second or less of a second, in a time that may be second or third, or 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th, or 9th or 1oth- you can’t find an end. If you are going to divide, unit of time, no one can say that time is something that (is) never ending or (that has) no beginning- Ezel, Abad- but the Creator just granted to His servants everything prepared through this world, according to our capacity. Because this world that mankind landed on it and then their generation spread on it, it only may be as an atom through this well-seen universe, no more. Beside of the Greatness of the universe, our planet may be less than an atom. And on it we are living, millions or billons of people. And our physical being’s space on this planet, our position through this planet, it is going to be also like an atom. This planet so big for our bigness or for our position.

And then- man, whom they have been landed on this planet, they have been granted some special and secret (attribute) from our Creator. Even we are so small physically, but that secret attribute that we have been granted, (is) making ourselves as (if) we are collecting all of this planet and we are saying it is so small world. Now people are saying: “It is such a small, little globe” and people now are asking to look another planets to reach to there. It is going to be so small for ourselves…What do you means to say this? It is something important!…Meded!…

And the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of this universe, through countless galaxies, we have been granted to be on this globe and we have been landed, we have been coming in existence on this planet. The Lord of Heavens, the Creator is saying: “Wa wa’da al mizan.” He put a balance. Nothing is going to be without balance for this planet! That must be well known. Everything is in balance and that balance (is) for what?

To show mankind that everything around themselves is just put in a special way and that (all creatures) they have a balance. You may look and see a tree with branches, leaves, flowers, fruits, and we are saying that: “It is a natural system that this tree is growing like this or like that, growing from right hand, or growing from left hand, or growing up or growing down, towards earth…” We are thinking that without balance that tree is growing and (that) its branches and leaves are coming without any balance. But (it) can’t be! Every tree that is growing must be under a balance, (a) divinely Rule, (arranging) up to where (it is) going to rise up, up to where it must be growing through branches, with which branch (it is) beginning, from where (it is) beginning, from which direction (it is) going to grow and then that branch also is going to bring so many smaller branches and at the end of that branches (there are) leaves- with which point they are going to appear. Then: in which measure and balance (these) leaves are going to be arranged, and when its flowers are going to appear, when that tree is going to flower. And then- its fruits, how (they) should be? Everything must be in a balance! This, only for this nature that we are living in, you must use your mind to think on it! And by thinking on creatures, you may find a way to the Lord of Creation, to the Lord of Heavens. But it is important that on this small planet, that you are living through this nature, everything is just arranged according to your understanding level!

Then you are asking: “This planet- to whom it belongs? A Rule can’t be without (having) a Ruler.” You are not putting (those) rules through nature, but you are finding hundreds and thousands of Rules (Laws) through nature. Who is that one that (is) putting that Rules on this planet?

Then you are asking a way for understanding. You are asking for (the) Creator, you are asking (for) the Manifestor- who is that One? You are asking. That understanding that you may be granted, don’t think that you can be able to be granted a full understanding. No! You can’t carry this! That understanding for that Manifestor and Designer and Creator is only going to be according to your (private) secret Grant that you have been granted from the Creator- according to that spot, that you can’t see. It is not a material thing, can’t be. You must not balance that understanding with ordinary balance, no.

And even it is beyond of your mind and beyond of (the) mind (is) coming mentality. Your mind is going to be in connection with the material of this planet. You may balance this nature according to your mind’s understanding; that means (on the) mind’s level. Beyond that, over your mind, there is mentality. Mind may belong to our physical being, but mentality is going to control our physical being; its level belongs to our heavenly being, (our) spiritual being.

That is (the) first step, that through your mentality you may find a way for understanding our heavenly Position. And when you are reaching that level, through that level, according to your spiritual understanding level, you are reaching an understanding for the Lord of this planet. You can’t reach (to the) universe, no, on this planet.

(The) biggest mistake of mankind now- (and) sometimes believers also fall in that mistake- is that they are asking to make the Creator through their mentality, through their spiritual level, to bring that One to their (own) horizon of knowledge and understanding. Therefore they are speaking something that is never going to be accepted in Reality. Because your existence is not a real Existence. (The) universe has never a real existence. If real Existence was given to the universe, the universe must be fixed- never moving, never changing, never disappearing.

And now when they are looking (to space) they are saying (that there are) ‘Black Holes’. That Black Holes- gigantic galaxies are coming nearby and disappear! If that gigantic galaxies have a real Being, how they are going to disappear? No, (it) can’t be! (But) they are only an appearance from existence of creation. He is (the) Creator (and) creating, and we are looking and saying: “Oh, we are in existence.” And (that idea is) bringing people to be mistaken about their Lord. Don’t use your mentality up, over your understanding level. Finished! You have been granted a level for understanding. “Allah”, they are saying, “is beyond our understanding.” You may reach endless horizons for understanding, but you should find never-ending horizons. Any limits you are reaching, His real Existence is beyond that, and you are always going to be on the position of non- being. That means we have never a real Existence here or Hereafter. No!

His holy Name ‘Samad’- no one (is) understanding. (His holy Name) ‘Samad’,- (they are) giving its meaning now, we are saying now- that He is in real Existence. All, everything (of creation) has no space and no any position to be in existence, (it is) only as an appearance, coming and going. Nothing from creatures is going to have a real Existence- ha sha- that is Shirk!

‘Samad’- you can’t find any place empty- according to our understanding-, that it is not going to be His Existence there. (There is) no room for anything through His Existence. ‘Samad’- no room, no space, no place. You may say (there are) billons, trillions like this universes, gigantic universes- but (there is) no room for them in real Existence. They are not, they are never granted a real Existence. “Lam yalid”! He is never giving from His real Existence to anything, to anyone. Can’t be! “Lam yalid”! He is never giving from His (real Existence) ‘wilada’, that means to give birth. A mother (is) giving birth (and) bringing a baby, giving an existence to that baby- but Allah Almighty (is) never giving from His real Existence to creatures, no! If we can find a space even less than an atom to put for someone existence in it, that means: He is not controlling everything by Himself, Can’t be! “Allah- Huwa al an kama kan!“ Allah- Hu Allah! He is Allah, that now also He is only One! As in pre-eternal how He is, (He is) going to be in eternal- never coming with Him anyone, no! He is ever giving a real Existence to anyone, can’t be!

Therefore, your mentality you must use and we have been ordered to use our mentalities according to our understanding level, not more in front, no! I am looking here to trees that before three months ago they were only woods. Now they are decorated everything with so many things and we are thinking that they have a real existence. After six months you can find all of this just disappeared. Where they are now? Finished. No existence for them. If they have a real existence, that can’t disappear. Biggest mistake to think about the Lord of Heavens and to claim that we are also in existence. No. Mankind that now everyone is claming: “I am that one” and never accepting to be no one, but saying: “I am someone”-, after a while they are going to disappear. Finished.

It is written in old Books and so many events as a tale- tales may be even fairy tales, doesn’t matter- I heard and I read (that) through India- that India is most holyfied continent on earth with so many surprising events, surprising botanics, surprising animals world- so rich continent you can’t find as in India, and its history is full with such surprising, astonishing tales. And so many people lived in it.

And our heedless Indian people (are) running away from such a rich continent and (they are) running to learn something in England, in Europe, coming even to Cyprus to learn something and (they are learning) this or that- all of them (are) heedless! They are not looking what Allah Almighty granted to them. They are running away from India to find work to live- they are so foolish, mindless people, leaving India and coming to Europe! What is in Europe? Wines, adultery, thieves, foolishness, violence- to where they are coming? But no mind people! Allah granted them so (many) treasures!

And then- so many tribes, so many kinds of people lived in India… and just reached to me also a tale that there was once upon a time (a King); they were governed by Kings, and they were happy that (there is) no democracy for them.

These foolish ones here (are) asking democracy- Turks, Pakistanis, Hindistan people…

Kings were governing and it was from their customs (that) when their King was passing away, they were preparing him and carrying him to his graveyard- not on shoulders or on a box like Christians or Muslims- (but) they were putting him on a sledge and (he was) lying on it and his head (was) outside. And people (were) carrying (him), (and they) were clapping (their) hands: “Ohhh, our King is going”- they were making a dance, very happy that that King (died), who was sitting on his throne (before), such a proud one, on his head his crown, in his hand his royal stick, so (beautiful) clothes…At the end they are putting him on a sledge and his head (was) not fitting on (that) sledge going to be out and they are carrying him and he is making tack, tack, tack, his head hitting the ground…and people (were) very happy: “Yesterday you were on your throne, but today we are carrying you, because today you can’t carry yourself also, we are carrying you. Look, oh Kings, finally you should be like this! Use your goodness, use your best doings for your nation or you are finally going to be like this!”

And people they were not thinking on it that (they have) no existence, that means: “Yesterday you have an existence to be a King, but today (there is) no existence for you, we are carrying you to a field, to the graveyard, to put on you earth and to leave you under earth and to grow on you so many grasses…”

Where is your existence, oh people! “I am graduated Pakistan student”…”We are graduated doctor of physics”, “doctor of good relationship between Shaitan and people- public relation”…People (are) graduating, putting on their heads (the) hat of Jews and dressing like (a) black eagle, putting this jubba, And putting their diploma (standing) like this (making photograph:)…”He graduated from (the) University of Europe University of Lefke”…And then- it is not enough also- “We are working to be masterhood now”…and after: ”To be PHD”… X.- you are doctor? Forget it…Where is your existence?

Look, (what happened to) so many Kings in India through thousands of years! They were carrying that King on a sledge to show people that (there is) no existence even for Kings or Emperors. “We are carrying him now to his graveyard” and making his head to hit earth and they are carrying him …

Oh people- wrong way! All nations on wrong way (they are) going. Democracy is the wrong way, because it is making people to run away from their Lord, to run away from Reality! Democracy (is) cheating people, saying: “You have a real existence” and (there is) no real existence (for anyone) except for the Creator. May Allah forgive us!

And Muslims they are saying: “That (one is a) big Alim, big Wali” and saying: “This reached to that station...” No station! (There is) only (the) station of servanthood and our situation, our position is only to be on (the) servanthood stage and to say: “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants. No existence for ourselves! Real Existence for You, whole Glory for You! Oh, our Lord, forgive us and grant us from You endless Blessings to be happy with Your Existence. We know we have no existence- grant us existence, only to look to Your unchanged, never-ended, ever-ended Beauty Oceans, to be there!” May Allah forgive us and give us some understanding!

Therefore everything (is) going to be on the level of our understanding, no more, more you can’t carry! We are speaking on the lowest level of understanding, no more, and the levels of understanding are never ending. “Marifatu-llah bahrun…The knowlegde about our Lord, stages or stations for understanding (are) never ending, never ending…from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Oh our Lord, give Your Mercy to your heedless servants! Give us from Your endless Mercy Oceans someones to awaken ourselves, to say: “Oh people, wake up and look to Reality!”

For the honour of the most honoured one in Your divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 16.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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