Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is an association, not a lecture or a conference. This is a humble
place, and we are only asking Allah Almighty's pleasure

Audhu. Destur, ya Sayidi...(Protection...Support, my Master..) New ones welcome. From long distances they are
This is an association, not a lecture or a conference. This is a humble
place, and we are only asking Allah Almighty's pleasure. That is the top
point, it must be our targets, if anyone is asking you for what you are
living, what is your purpose, what you are asking to reach, to find, to
take, what is the aim of your life, for what you are working and running. I
may ask all people through East and West, and youngsters may say: 'I am
studying or learning.' And if I am asking: 'What are you going to be?' they
may say: 'I like to study, to learn.' 'What is your target when you are
studying and learning? What are you going to be?' And they may say: 'I may
be a doctor, a physician, engineer, politician.' And all politicians are
liars. No need to learn that, they may learn in three months in the market
places, markets may produce politicians of every kind. No need to be there a
branch in the university for politicians, no, it is okay. Some may try to be
politicians of a higher class. Middle class politicians may go to the
vegetable market foe tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, and such things.
They put for the price of 1 Pound; people should take for 1 ½ Pounds. If you
say only one Pound, then that person, who put the good ones in front, when
he is selling, gives from the back, small ones. That is politician.
High-class politician must go to flee-markets. Taking old things from
garbage. That market is only on Saturdays and Sundays. I was going also, and
people were welcoming me, thinking to cheat me, thinking I am a Sheikh from
Saudi Arabia, too much money.Saying: ' Welcome, Sir, look this plate, it was
painted in the time of Old Greece, in Macedonia. Very important.' 'How
much?' 'Ehh, 50 Pounds is enough.' 'What about five Pounds? No good?' 'No,
Sir.doesn't matter- give me ten Pounds.' And I am saying: 'No, seven.'
'Eight. Take!' High-class politicians must learn in flee-markets.
I am sorry to say that Pakistani people (a group of 14 Pakistani brothers
arrived) never knowing to come to flee-markets. They always make market with
new things. But they are also clever, opening a shop in every corner. Now it
is season for them. Why? Because the year changed and the stock market is
full with so many things, no one coming for selling. English people never
interesting in such things, asking new fashion, must be new model, of 2002.
Pakistani people writing on it 2003, saying: 'We Pakistani people are always
in front, we are not using past fashion or new, but the more new fashion.'
Coming Hindu ladies also, looking: 'What is this? 2003 fashion? How much?'
'One hundred.' 'Rupies?' 'No, we are not in India, this is London
flee-market.' Bringing new clothes from stores, stores now full. And shoes-
they change the label of the date to 2004- new fashion, saying: 'We are
selling future models. This is flee-market for our more developed people.'
And politicians must come to learn through flee-market.
Such a lesson you cannot hear in universities. Professors never know what I
Some youngsters want to study computers, engineering- so many kinds of
branches in the universities, and you cannot find anyone to say this: 'I am
trying to find a way through my learning to make Allah Almighty pleased with
me'. Finished. Turks, English people, Europeans, Western people, Oriental
people- neither among Christians nor among Muslims, you can find any student
to say: 'My target is to find a way to make Allah Almighty pleased with me.'
And this should be the top point or target.
You may reach everything from the material world, but it is not for you. You
cannot carry it, only you may carry some papers in your Samsonite and fill
it with so many certificates signing that you have this or that building or
this or that car, etc. Sometimes I see someone with a bag written on it
Woolworth or Marks and Spencer, and I am asking them: 'Where are Marks and
Spencer?' They say: 'Even their bones are no more, they are dust.' 'But
their name is written on that paper.' 'They had that material, but now their
material is here and they are not with their material.' If really that
material was for them, they would have taken it with them. And I am
surprising and say: 'Ya Hu! - leave that material that surrounds you- houses,
buildings, apartments, castles, towers- you can't be able to keep even your
material, your body. Even for your own material you cannot say: 'This is
mine.' No, it is not for you. If it was for you, you were going to keep it.
No, it will be taken from you some time. You should fall down, your material
should fall down, and that, which was keeping your material up, should leave
you and your material should go to its own material centre, the earth.
Allah created, giving our material from earth. But people are drunk, never
thinking about that no one can be able to take anything from material from
their life. Why you make that your main target through your life? To where
you reach? If the whole material of London was for you, this would only be
on paper; one day you are going to be nailed in your coffin, imprisoned in
it, and you cannot look around anymore- finished.
Which mentality is telling people to run after such nonsense targets? But I
am sorry to say that 100% of the people living on earth run after that
target, which has no meaning. Never it is going to happen, to come in
existence, but people run after it. The world's material is never going to
be a real target for man. Dunya created for unbelievers, may be for them,
may think on it, but not believers, to whom Allah is giving real, eternal
life and eternal Sultanate through His Divine Sultanate. How can they be
cheated with material targets!
'O Sheikh, you are asking us to be always sitting in the Dergah and not to
do anything.' This is a wrong understanding, misunderstanding, when I am
saying to you to make your target the pleasure of Allah, the Lord of
Heavens. He sent to us from His chosen servants to teach you the ways that
make Allah Almighty happy and pleased with you, so don't accuse me and say
that I am preventing you from Dunya, no. But what is your main target and
the mission of the existence of man on earth? Everyone must know it and try
to bring it in reality on earth.
Prophets came to establish the Heavenly Kingdom on earth. And always Shaitan
and satanic groups, devils, came in opposition, saying: 'We are not leaving
you to establish the Divine Kingdom on earth, but I am going to establish my
own Sultanate.' Therefore the main mission for you, and youngsters
especially, which you must know, is, to destroy the kingdom of Shaitan and
to establish the Divine Existence, Sultanate and Kingdom on earth. This must
be well known, but people are of no mind, and most of the Muslims also
imprisoned themselves in a square of millimetres.
I am not telling you to come and sit here, no. But wherever there is the
satanic kingdom, try to build in front of it the heavenly Sultanate, and
then destroy and bombard the satanic castles to be down. If in such a way,
no one can be more learned than the Sahaba after the Prophet sws, they were
his students. They learned what I said to you now. You say: 'If you say
about Dunya, we must only sit here and eat only one piece of food.' No, that
is a misunderstanding. I am saying to believers. The Sahaba were not sitting
only with Rasulullah in Medinah Munawwara, making Salaam, Dhikr and Quran,
no. Everyone was going out with the armies. For what? To establish the
Divine Kingdom in East and West. You were learning the history or not? You
must try to do that. This is your mission.
Everything that comes to you, you must use either to establish the Divine
Kingdom or to destroy the Satanic kingdom.
No one can say anything on this association. What we say to people, no one
can object on it. It is real reality. So many bad currents and
misunderstandings through the Ummah now, and they are wrong. Only what we
say is true, and your conscience is saying: Yes.
This is a humble place, and the Lord of Heavens, through His most Beloved
Servant, is giving a spring, a fountain. Even only drops are coming, but
they give new life to believers, and therefore you are coming here.
Sayyidina Khidr and Sayyidinna Dhul Karnain were knowing about the
Ab-ul-Hayat, the water of life, that who is drinking from it, is going to life forever. They were
running to find it, and S.Khidr found it in a humble place, not in a castle
or a palace, he drank and he is alive until Yaum-ul-Qiyyama.
This is also a humble place, Cyprus. We hope that even drops are coming
here, and your souls are asking to come here. Youngsters, young people are
coming, they are thirsty, their souls are thirsty for the real power of
knowledge, which gives them real life and brings them to the Divine
Presence. And Allah Almighty is pleased with them. Welcome to you. We hope
that for your Baraka blessings to come on me also, and that those few drops,
which they are granting to me, should be enough for the moment for all of
you. Soon we hope those drops are going to be rivers, and rivers going to be
Ya Allah, You are the Eternal Sultan, the Mutlak Sultan. Try to be for Him,
try to be His eternal servants of His eternal Sultante, for the honour of
Rasulullah, may his honour be more and more.
Evening: What I am seeing- and through my heart there is something from that
knowledge- is, that daily troubles on earth are going to climb. Allah gave
the chance to people to come back to real belief and to accept.of Allah
Almighty and to try to be His sincere servants, and Allah granted this
chance to them through one century- the 2oth century. But people never came
back to His Divine Service.
Therefore now heavenly Justice is making for them a punishment, to take away
tyrants and their supporters, which means, devils and their supporters.
Their period is going to reach its end. They must not think that they should
come once again how they were in the 2oth century, making everything
according to their principles. That chance is finished.
Now it is the period of punishment, and difficulties are going to climb.
Therefore I don't like people to leave their bases, until an opening to move
is coming.not to go out without need.
(Regarding one brother who wanted to come and spend 4o days with Maulana:)
.It is not the time now to make 4o days seclusion here, and he must not
think that he may find normal conditions, no. Perhaps something is going to
happen in our area, a war may be, and then there are no vessels, no planes,
no way to reach to his family and children. And they may be in need of their
father and husband.
Therefore I don't like after Shavval anyone to come! May come by their own
responsibility- not I am giving permission!
If he wants to do something like a seclusion- 4o days after midnight until
sunrise he may do. And he may keep his heart with Grandsheikh, and spiritual
power may run to him.
Lefke - 06.01.2002
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