Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is not a lecture, but an association for the sake of Allah Almighty and for the honour of His most honoured servant, the Seal of Prophets, the honour of creation, S.Muhammad sws
Meded, ya Sultan-ul-Awliya…Allahumma la takilna ila anfusina…This is not a lecture, but an association for the sake of Allah Almighty and for the honour of His most honoured servant, the Seal of Prophets, the honour of creation, S.Muhammad sws. May Allah bless him, peace be upon him from pre eternal up to eternal. May Allah keep us to be his followers here and to be his neighbours in Paradise. Days running, following one after one, months are running and years also and centuriesalso running and another one running after it, asking to join it, as a river runs and runs and reaches to a ocean and taking its final point. The final target for a river is to reach to an ocean. Many rivers, running waters, and springs ask to reach to somewhere. Perhaps they know it or maybe not, but they are running and finally they reach to a ocean and see its water, it can’t be measured. They come with a handful of water and they see that the ocean is not a handful of water. When they reach it and find an unlimited ocean according to their decisions or knowledge, they are going to be in peace by reaching to that ocean., and their running just finished. And their waters join to the ocean and the water of the ocean is asking to rush on continents also. The ocean is asking to come out, its waves come and ask to reach to continents, running, and ocean is asking to come and to cover everything. Same water. Some of them running to reach to oceans and the same waters that belong to the oceans asking to come and cover continents. It is the same water.
And we are running, every day running. From the morning that we wake up we find ourselves running, up to evening. In the evening we are settling, sitting down. No more distance for us to run on it. Night is preventing, saying: ’No more running for you now. You reached an ocean, the ocean of nights. You must rest. No more running.’ Daytime everyone like rivers running, but night time, when darkness comes, people reach to the ocean of darkness and they sit down. Allah Almighty is saying in the Holy Quran: ’…wa ja’alna nauma subata…, We made night time for resting.’ You can’t stop yourself from resting. Therefore it is forbidden for people to do night works. If there is no obligation, everyone must rest. For some reasons some people must be awake, but for the whole of mankind, when they reach to the oceans of darkness, they must take their rest.
Now mankind is never listening to, hearing or obeying heavenly orders. They left it. But also on earth there are some obligations; we must obey the natural order, the natural harmony. Nature is sleeping night time, because night time darkness carries an atmosphere that is full with fear and through fear there is a heybet, a greatness, like what you are feeling for some people. Nighttime has too much of that. Daytime you don’t feel that in the same place, but when the curtains of darkness, the darkness of the ocean’s, come down, you feel fear through yourself. Therefore if people are far away from their home they ask to reach quickly before those curtains of darkness come down. That is the order of the Creator’s manifestation, or it is Allah Almighty’s divine wisdom, making that appearance for mankind. Everything and everyone must take their real positions for night.
Before this century, beginning from the 2oth century and through the 19th century, people were asking to make an artificial enlightening, that means that electricity was just invented. They found through that secret power that it gives lights, enlightening darkness. Before they were using lamps or candles from wax, such things, and they were not too powerful to take away the curtains of darkness. When electricity was granted to mankind, they became to take that power as light, to make artificial day through nights. And that is the will of Shaitan, satanic will. It is not the divine Will, but the satanic will, to make people unrest. And when people are going to be unrest at night, daytime they are never going to be able to rest, and they should be tired and more tired. Asking to occupy them day and night. Therefore nighttime began to appear with electricity, and spreading everywhere, and now we are on the top point for nightlife. People never obey the holy commands of Heavens that the Lord of Heavens or the Creator is saying: ’O people, I made daytime for your works, to run and to look after your sustenance, and I made nighttime resting time for you.’
That is the holy order and holy manifestation, the holy arrangement for the life of mankind. But Shaitan is making it opposite, saying: ’No, I am making for you an artificial day with so many kinds of lights’, and he brings to their service neon lamps, so many kinds, making such funny appearances nighttime that people run to…Even they are finished, but they say: ’We must look, we must dance, and play. Ohh, it is our holy time, nighttime, we must not sleep now. Allah is saying: ’Sleep’, but we say no. Allah says: ’Take your rest’, but we say no, we are young people, we are not in need to rest. Day and night we can work. We may work like donkeys daytime, and nighttime also we are going to enjoy ourselves.’ And every problem is coming after this. People follow Shaitan.
There is no economical crisis. They are liars. If these people that life on earth, perhaps 6 billion people, would not come out for one night, there would be no more crises. Finished! What 6 billion people spend every night? How much you think? Billions of Dollars, not millions! Wasting for one night. One night makes everything to run in its original channel, no more crises. It is not the money, not an economic crises, no, it is a crises of wasting. They don’t say this, never, but they use to say: ’No, not wasting crises, but economical crises.’ Why the world is coming down? People are same. Everything, so many things, you may reach. How it can be economical crises? Why not saying the true name for that crises? Why not saying that it is a crises of foolish wasting, abnormal wasting? Why you are not saying this?
If they prevent nightlife for three days, that makes the whole world up. If I say three days, and so short, I may say thirty days, if not enough, but in 4o days everything on earth comes to be okay. But Shaitan not making them to say: ’Wasting crises’, but to say: ’Economical crises.’ Dollar coming up, Turkish Lira coming down, and finally we must cover this foolish wasting and make Marks, Francs, Liras and Pesetas all together, one money: Euro. How many times you change on that paper, it still has no value. Like this. When using gold thinking on it, asking: ’I am giving so much gold?’ and he can’t give. But this paper easily may give, because it is paper. But gold- you can’t give? This is the important wisdom (behind gold as money). They are cheating all mankind. It is a satanic direction. Shaitan is directing people, saying: ’Don’t use gold, use paper’, because paper is so wrong to be given (as money). But if you would have to give gold (to pay for something), you would say: ’How I can give this (away)?’ And check book is even easier: Write some numbers, finished. One million? Doesn’t matter…This is the real reason that no or philosopher or economist can speak on that point. You cannot find in East or West (anyone to say) what we say now. Gold belongs to you; you feel gold as your soul and you ask to keep it. You cannot waste gold. Therefore in our days we have a wasting economy. They invented paper money for what? To be easy for wasting, because no one takes care of this paper. But gold- never! Therefore they ask people to use paper money, because it is easy to give, in your eyes no value. But gold you look and value. If they say: ’Give it to me’, you say: ’No.’
Therefore I am always saying if anyone is telling me ’I am economist’ : ‘Do you think through your rules economy can stand up? You think on paper foundation economy can stand up?’ And they are surprising. ‘Economy must use the real values that Allah Almighty has sent to man. To keep their values stable, He is sending to them gold and silver, and that is the heavenly order. Until you come to the real values, there is no hope for your economy to stand up, because it is finished, no more do paper and carton carry this heavy building on it. The world economy needs a strong base (for something) to be built on it. More than gold and silver can’t be (anything as) a foundation for your building. Come to the real values or you cannot find any solution or satanic works.’ No one can object on my words through East and West…
May Allah forgive me and bless you. I am asking more honour for the honour of mankind, the honour of the universe, S.Muhammad, for his honour to be sent real guides that have a good understanding to save humanity on earth…Soon, ya Allah…Give this to internet. Don’t sit like lazy people…
I will destroy the satanic kingdom on earth. There are treasures under the pyramids in Egypt. Why are the pyramids so valuable? Because they are full with gold inside. Otherwise no value, only a peak of stones. But pharaohs carried their whole treasures under the pyramids, therefore they are so valuable. Therefore the values that Allah Almighty has put as a measure for mankind are gold and silver. Allah Almighty first said about gold and silver that people like it, mentioning first that people are in love with and like to be for them peaks of gold and silver. If a person loves something, it is difficult for him to give it. It is not mentioned that paper money or checkbooks or credit cards have value.
Therefore, the followers of Shaitan know that people through credit cards may spend trillions without caring. But if you give them five coins and say to them: ’Spend this’, they should take care not to spend except one or two, because it is lovely for people to have gold and silver. Wasting comes after these banknotes, checkbooks and credit cards…
Lefke - 19.02.2002
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