Maulana Sheikh NazimThis year there is a strong Tajalli, full of heybet. All those who are not
making Sajdah, no matter, who they are, are going to die

This year there is a strong Tajalli, full of heybet. All those who are not making Sajdah, no matter, who they are, are going to die. Who is not making
Sajdah, has reason to fear. But if your name is not written from among them,
you have nothing to fear...
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim
Nowadays everyone is slave of his ego, living to serve his ego. From
morning, when he is awakening and opening his eyes, till night, when he is
going to sleep, he is asking: 'O my ego, what do you want?' 'I want to take
a bath.' 'You want to make Wudhu?' 'No, I want to take a bath, relax and sit
in there all day...' If you remind it of prayers, it says: 'I have no time
for prayer. I am so busy. Five times prayer? Shall I pray the whole day?!'
It doesn't like to make Wudhu, and prayers are not on its plan. And fasting?
'I am not fasting, I cannot carry it, I want to eat..' 'What do you want to
dress, o my ego?' 'Let me look in the wardrobe...No, this dress I wore
yesterday, today I must dress something different.'
These examples are to show you how people are living nowadays. They are
slaves of their ego, they live only to fulfill its wishes. So few are the
people who are serving Alla- they can be counted with two hands. Everyone is
servant of their ego and friend of Shaitan. Nafs, Hawa, Shaitan, Dunya- you
cannot save yourself, if you don't get free from these four ennemies. Who
cannot free himself from his own ego, cannot free someone else...People are
servants of their ego- may Allah not let us be from them, because their
punishment in Dunya and Akhirat is big. In Dunya they are punished, because
they can never reach a peace in themselves. Their wishes are endless, and
the more you give to them, the more they want. Like this their life in Dunya
is hell. If you don't keep the ego under control, you will never make it
satisfied. It never gets enough.
Now they are beautifying tombs. Before they made them simple, from wood, now
they must be decorated and from beton. Ya Hu- to give him his right, 5
kurusch is enough for a tomb. No, it must be 5 million kurusch, when so many
people are dying from hunger and cold, get ill, or have no sufficient
pension. But to give to these people is not acceptable for the ego...The ego
doesn't let you free for the service of Allah, and so people are feeding
their ego without limits, because the greed of the ego has no limits.
Therefore now people are going to eat one another...
Who can control himself, can control the world. This is the measure of true
greatness: Great is that one, who may control his ego...

Advice for a business-man and his son: ...Shaitan is cheating mankind with
so many tricks. He is telling them to study, and he is showing it as
something precious. If someone says: There is a heap of gold over there- is
there anyone that would not run to take from it? Why you don't work with
your father?...
There is no crises for a Muslim. Rather his business will increase... The
heart of a business is not to involve strangers, but to keep the secrets in
the family. The control must be in the hands of members of the family, not
in the hands of strangers, because not everyone is pure and with good
intentions. Let your son, your brother, or the son of your brother help,
don't involve strangers, even they are 1st class people. It must be a
family-business- like it used to be in Europe. Train your children, so they
can take over one day, because you are getting older and you are reaching a
limit of your strength and powers, and then the business will go down. Then
the children must be able to continue, and you may take your rest, because
Allah will ask you: 'Why did you take the whole burden on yourself and tired
yourself? Why you didn't give your family responsibility?' So take care to
slowly let go of the burden as you are getting older, so that you may rest
and be in peace, when your son takes over...Prepare an office for him with a
telephone and a secretary...
Lefke - 17.12.2001
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