Maulana Sheikh Nazim Environmental Pollutants from Modern Technology

…Lime, they immediately mix it with sand, they pour it in the lime and put water and it starts boiling. The lime gets hot until it becomes like milk, we used to call it, “lime cream.” Then the sand is put in around it. It does not get dry, it stays like that. If it was cement it would be like iron by morning, but this mix does not get dry, it remains as it is. This is the old method used in old buildings. These wretched ones now are all traitors and ignorant men. May Allah finish them!

Wherever the cement mix is dried, its smoke finished the forests and trees. It poisons and pollutes everywhere, also the air. They say, “Let it pollute! They will get sick, they will come to hospitals and we may sell them medicine.” Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah, laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah! I know all of it, I know, thanks to Allah Almighty.

In the past, how did they build the castles and city walls, with what materials, cement? There are city walls that are thousands of years old, even your long benches. But these traitors, all these ministers are taking commission from construction men.

Cement is dangerous: it does not get warm in winter nor cool in summer. Therefore, another trick of theirs with these buildings is to throw people outside, out of their homes. The important point here is that no one wants to stay in their homes, saying, “We may breathe a little, get some fresh air.” It is impossible to sit at home. And the homes are so small, like a small box. If you put your head inside, your bottom is left outside. If you put your bottom inside, your head is left outside. It is like that.

(Hajjah Roqiya: Air conditioning?)

Air conditioning, that is another new thing! Air conditioning causes people to get sick; immediately running to the pharmacy.

(Mud brick?)

Mud bricks are made in molds, when you put them together they become one piece, all of them one mud brick. This house with wooden beams is 150-years-old, mashaa-Allah. The house can breathe. In houses now the upper part is concrete, the bottom is concrete, right and left, everywhere is concrete. The people have become like concrete in the middle of it. What is made from iron or similar material harms the body. Therefore, look at this clay pot (which breathes), and also the spoons may be made of wood.

Astaghfirullah. What ruined the people is concrete, nylon, and hormones! All three of them have a great profit margin. (Manufacturers) are a handful of low-life people everywhere that also pour into the mouth of the government. Finished. Yaa Rabbee, shukr.

(What about polyester?)

All of them are like that. May these low-life people be drowned in this land’s oil! They are constantly drilling oil, so this world has come to this situation; they brought it to a dead end. Nylon, hormones, concrete, these three things. The Pyramids also have three legs, it is coming from back then. In ancient Egypt, the three-legged ones standing on three legs, because it can’t stand on two legs or one leg, it stands on three legs.

Lefke, 20.10.2011 (Translated from Turkish, Discussion with Hajjah Roqiya)

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