Maulana Sheikh Nazim There are three levels of certainty

Ya Hu, ya Hu, ya Daim! Destur ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…aiduna bi madadikum…Ya Awliya-ullah! Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is an association that is making our spirituality to hope for a good future here and Hereafter. We need hope and hope is (the) common level of believers. They are hoping and over that level (of hope there is) another level, (it is) going to be through certainty.

(There are three levels of certainty:) (First) people are through (the certainty of) their knowledge (‘Ilmu Yaqin), and over it (there is the) certainty of their looking (Ain ul Yaqin) and another level is going to be Haqq ul Yaqin, (the Truth or Reality of certainty)- when they are reaching to that level, never remaining with them any doubt.

But (the) first level is the level of common believers, that their belief is only as (the belief of) a student of 5, 6 or 7 years, (who is) beginning to learn the letters of the Holy Quran: What his teacher is saying to him, he is repeating, saying: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Alif.” That small one is saying: “ Alif.” Then: “This is ba, ta, tha”- that small one is following his teacher. Without bringing a proof through himself that this sign is Alif, he must say that it is Alif. When he is learning letters and beginning to join one letter with another, then a word (is) appearing. Then he is understanding that this letter really is Alif, because when you are putting in front of it some other letter, appearing a word and it has a meaning. So that first of all our belief is going to be as Prophet was teaching to them. (The) Prophet (was) coming and saying: “Oh people, you just say: La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws.” Say! Follow your teacher! Follow your teacher, and you should reach what you are asking! And we (are) now, we may say, we are on the level of hope.

We are hoping to reach for example to Paradise. That is our hope, and over this hope (is) coming our belief that is are just depending on certainty, on 3 levels. We hope to be from Paradise people, and we are here, (in Dunya). According to our belief for Prophet and what they are bringing, we know about Paradises and Hells, and on that level now we are hoping to be from Paradise people. Then this hope changing to belief and belief also (is) getting more strong, on 3 levels through certainty. 3 kinds of certainty. Firstly we are hoping to be from Paradise people, and the last level is that when we are entering Paradises we are saying: “Yes, it is not (only a) hope, but it is certainty that we are in Paradise.”

Now we are trying to call people to (even) the lowest level; but it is (the) limit of animals’ level. Animals are not hoping anything for them in future, no. Therefore the level of hope is going to be over the level of animals. Until a person is reaching the level of hope, his membership is going to be with (the) animals world. He is one member of animals world, nothing else, because they are on (the) same activities, on same desires, on same pleasure; they are concerning only (for) their physical being and they are not saying (that there is) anything beyond their material being. So that they are fully members of the animals world.

When people (are) reaching (up to think) about their situation, conditions or (their) manifestation level through their mind and (they are) beginning to ask a continuous life, it means (that) they are awakening. They are awakening and asking to reach to another level. They are those people who (are) fed up from being a member of (the) animals’ world. That is (the) beginning of awakening. When (the) awakening (is) beginning, that hope (is) carrying them up from (the) limits of (the) animals world; their belief (is) getting up and (they are) looking and seeing: “Ohhh- this is another world than the world that we were in; this is more wider and more enjoyful and more hopeful for our lives!” Coming awaking…And these people on that level may touch with someones (like Prophets)- that Prophets just have been sent to people on that level, and on that level people are coming nearer to Prophets, but others are not, because yet they are with animals membership, they are running (with them), (and) therefore they may kick who (is) calling them to another level, they may bite and kick, because their membership is for animals world. Those people have an identity card, (for) their identity (it is) written: “These ones are members of (the) animals world, don’t touch them!”

Therefore Allah Almighty was saying (to His Prophet): “Say: Lakum dinukum, wali ad-din. Don’t touch these people, because they have (a) membership for (the) animals world, may bite you, may kick you, may harm you., may hurt you. Leave them on their level. But (those) who reached (the) level of hope, when (they are) astonishing and looking: “Ohhh- this is a level (that is) just 1oo different from the level of (the) animals world, that we were in it, but now we reached (another level), we may think something beyond our membership of (the) animals world.” And they were amazed, they were beginning to look (up), not like sheep, sheep (are) looking like this, like that, where is grass, never looking up- but those people, who belong to mankind, when they are reaching to the level of hope and (they are) looking another world, they are amazing and saying: “Ohhh- this is another world! But we (are) never going to reach the wisdom of being that level over level of (the) animals world.”

Then the Lord of Heavens is sending those people who (are) hoping and asking (for something) beyond their lives, beyond their beings, hoping (and saying): “Perhaps we may find something in this direction or in that direction”, and (it is said that) if anyone is asking something and he is serious for (his) asking, the Lord of Heavens must send that person to that direction that he may find something, making their hope to be a belief. They have been sent to that direction and there they should find someone speaking something that they never heard about!

“Oh people,” (he is) saying, ”come! Welcome to you, to your new world! You are new ones here, come and look what we have or what (is) just prepared for us. Come and look, come and give a look!” Those people that they were believers in idols, idol worshippers, they are looking and saying: “Those people (are) calling us to some other world that is (an) unknown world, but we (do) hope to reach to unknown worlds beyond our world”, and these people who (are) authorized through Heavens, they are Prophets; they have hooks, making like this… carrying them (and) making their hopes beliefs.

People are coming and listening. First (they are) coming and sitting around Prophets (and listening to) what (they are) saying and their hopes (are) growing. Growing, but that hope (is) never giving a satisfaction. (Prophets) make (their) hope a belief that that belief (is) giving to them a strong desire to reach to their targets through that beliefs and (therefore) they may follow Prophets; what Prophets (are) saying, they are following them and according to their deep desires and deep wishings they are giving much more effort, much more time to reach what they have been shown through heavenly people that show to them (something) about (the) eternal life through Paradises or Hells.

They are giving much more effort and make much more activities, and according to their efforts and activities certainty (is) growing through their hearts, that (the) first level of certainty is for their knowledge, Ilm ul Yaqin. When they are reaching the horizon or the limits of (that) certainty of knowledge, (it is) appearing to them another level, that they should be in that level looking and seeing and what they are knowing; there are going to appear some signs from another world, from another level. Beginning to appear, and if they are giving much more efforts and they are working on it, trying to fulfil their obedience through their first level, (it is) coming another opening (and) they have been granted ‘Ain ul Yaqin’, to look, to appear an ocean. That ocean is so far and they are asking: “Ohhh- if we can reach to that ocean!”

And as much as you are giving much more effort for reaching to that level, Allah Almighty through His beloved one (is) giving much more power and making a way for them to reach to that oceans of Beauty, oceans of Knowledge, oceans of Power, oceans of Wisdom, oceans of Paradises, oceans of Desires- endless oceans with endless aspects. (They are) asking to reach, reaching, (and) when we are stepping in Paradise, then we are reaching ‘Haqq ul Yaqin’, (the) most highest (level of) certainty that we were hoping to reach and we were believing and following Prophets (for reaching that) and that ocean, when we are entering (it), we are saying: “Ohhh- we reached to our hopes!”

And that is the last point of certainty, to be with Haqq; (there are) no more desires remaining, because they reached the ocean of Beauty that it was their main target to reach (it). When (they are) entering in it, finished. They reached to their last target and their enjoyment and pleasure and satisfaction and peace and to be honored and praised in (the) divinely Presence. (It) just happened, (so that) they are asking nothing (more), only (they are) saying: “Oh our Lord, be pleased with us” and the Lord is saying: “I am pleased with you, oh My servants.”

That is the end of their desires; they are entering through never-ending oceans. They should be there. They are finishing, they are becoming one point through that ocean under the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens…

May Allah give us a good understanding and send us someone, someones, to make us to understand, because now such speeches are going to be (so strange) for people, as the language of Jinns. We are asking an opening and that is the way of salvation of mankind, that is the way of peace for mankind, that is the way for their honours and glory.

We are asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty and blessings, for the honour of (the) most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 10.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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