Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimThe time of Nemrut (Nimrod) is coming to an end

Everyone is aiming to be first one. No one wants to be 2nd one.
This is our characteristic. No one is happy to be 2nd one. Everyone is aiming to
be chairman, everywhere. In our days, so many people in the army like to be 1st
one, not liking to be under the command of a civil government. They want to be
first ones. Everyone wants to be the power center, so that everyone else says to
him: Yes Sir! and kiss his hands, feets and boots! and so that they may put their
soles over peoples' heads and say that you are my servants! That is Shaitan's
way, along which 100s of people are killed in order to make all others under
their command. Everyone wants to be a tyrant and no one saying to him: No!

If mankind not happy if someone saying No, how should the Lord of
Heavens be, if Shaitan says to Him No, I will not bow! But Allah All
Mighty is Patient. A creature by Allah saying No, I am not bowing?!
That is such a big and ugly deed beyond all measures. Allah replied to that: You
are a demon, go out! This is a characteristic of Shaitan, and it is present in
mankind through their ego, which has the same structure. Everyone carrying that
worst ego characteristic, the first thing that they'll do when granted a chance
is to step on people's heads, and will say: I am your Lord. Just like Pharaoh
said: "I am your highest Lord, be my obedient slaves"

As my Grand Shaikh always says: "Why is Mohammed, peace be upon him,
the most praised and glorified one in Divinely Presence? Because he
was the most humble one among all creatures." He was always sitting as a servant
would sit in front of his master or owner, and always eating as a servant or
worker would eat in the presence of his owner or master. He never sat on
tables.. Therefore no one reached his rank in Divinely Presence, no one was
honored and glorified in divinely
presence as much as the Seal of Prophets, peace be upon him. Therefore Allah
Almighty salutes him by saying:

"As Salamu Alaika Ayyuha An Nabiyu, Peace be upon you, Oh Prophet."

He Almighty doesn't say, Peace be upon you, Oh Mohammad. No, He says: Peace be
upon you Oh Prophet. We are repeating Allah's greeting to the Prophet five times
in our daily prayers, during the tashahhud. This divinely glorifying is not
granted to anyone else. It is the highest point of glorifying from the Lord of
Heavens to His Prophet. He reached the top point who no one else reached due to
his humbleness. Therefore he represents his Lord's Glory through
all creation. The Prophet's ego is just finished and surrendered, not like your
egos. No more rebellion, saying No, No.. No, he is
the most humble one in divinely presence.

Oh people searching for honor in divinely presence, try to be more
humble. But today, Shaitan is teaching people how to be the first
ones. He is teaching people how to have the ego of Nimrod. Therefore
everyone today is asking to represent Nimrod, not to represent the
Seal of Prophets, Sayyiduna Muhammad, peace be upon him. That the
case, how can they ever be happy? They will only be fighting one
another. The real honor is achieved by trying to be humble as much
as possible. That way you will rise up and up. But as long as you
are saying: I , I , I am president, I am prime minister, I am General, I am
Lieutenant... Shaitan will be dressing you with Nimrod's characteristics.

Today a handful of people are putting everyone else under their
feet, in Europe, Africa, Arabia, America, Asia, everywhere. But
this is over. There are so many signs now, and people are going
to say to those wild animals: Enough! We must break those tyrants, cut them to
pieces and bring them under our feet.

Now there is summer and the winter just passed away. The rule of winter just
finished, and the summer is taking power in his hands. The summer is saying to
the winter: everything is under my rule now, I am defeating your rule... Now the
rule of tyrants has finished. Since 1789 until now it was their season. Now it
is the time when they will give back what they took from the people, and people
will put them under their soles, assisted by heavenly support! No army or rank
will save those tyrants...

May Allah never leave us to our dirty ego characteristics, and may
He send us blessed servants to save us from such evil. May He send snakes on the
heads of tyrants to swallow them. The flags of Islam must rise and the flags of
Shaitan must come under the feet.

These are not my words, it is heavenly speech. I don't know what
I am speaking, but they are broadcasting through me from this humble place to
the whole world. It is up to you to listen.


Lefke 05.09.2005, Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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