Maulana Sheikh NazimTime is Running, Technology Can't Stop it
Allah has given you a sword: to be able to start every action with the formula Bismillahi rahmani rahim. You cannot do anything, if Allah does not give you enough strength to do so. When you are asleep, you are like a wind, unable to do anything. You cannot survive more than eight minutes without breathing. That is how weak you are.
Still you claim to be so strong and so powerful, especially in this century. People think that they have become a new specimen and that they do not have much in common with the people of the last century. They feel so much more important. They tell their parents that they are old fashioned. The new generation is usually not pleased with their parents. What do you want to become? People with two heads, four legs, four ears, ten mouths? What is your importance? What a foolishness to be such proud people! And what are you proud about? Is it because you have computers, calculators and radar?

There was once a pharaoh who also thought that he was of another kind. He was claiming to be the greatest of all the gods worshipped at the time. Satan, whose job it is to take us off the right track, came to visit this pharaoh. He appeared suddenly in front of him, even though all the doors were closed. Pharaoh was very surprised, and asked him who he was. Satan answered with the same question.

"I am the greatest god of all people living on this earth!" replied the pharaoh.

"What makes you think that?" wondered satan.

"Because I have thousands of magicians working for me."

Satan wanted him to prove his point, so the pharaoh ordered his magicians to come forward and show their power. They all gathered in a huge hall. Satan had not come in his original form, but in the form of a human being. He told the magicians to start their demonstration, and a most horrible show started. People with a weak heart would have died on the spot in disgust. The pharaoh was watching at a distance. When all the magicians had given their utmost and presented it, satan just blew it all away with one blow. He then blew once more and a sight appeared which made the pharaoh and all the magicians fall down with fear. "Do you think that you are more powerful than I am?" he wanted to know. "Oh, you dirty bad servant, look at my power! Still the Lord, your Lord and my Lord, refuses my servanthood, refuses to let me be in Divine Presence. He does not even allow me to be his servant! How can you claim to be his partner? You seem to have no mind at all."

By now the pharaoh was completely confused and wanted to know from satan what to do: "Are you telling me to stop claiming to be a god?"

"No. I am just showing you what you are doing. Let the people continue to worship you, because you are the greatest for them."

Why am I telling you this old traditional story? Because in this century that is what people are doing. They claim to be like the pharaohs. Why? Because of technology. They think that they can do everything with their computers. The only thing they cannot stop is death and time. With that Allah is showing them how weak they are. Allah also demonstrates their weakness by sometimes sending a virus to the computers.

People must understand that they are under Divine Will and stop being proud of themselves. They should be humble, but the foolish technology of the 20th century causes people to be more and more proud. They lose their actual size and grow out of proportion. Out of a million people there are at most 5 people who are keeping their actual size. The rest are blowing up their own size beyond normality, which looks very bad. Their hands, backs and bellies keep on growing, but their head, their mind, is decreasing. Their eyes look like frogs, their ears like elephants. Their organs stretch from here to Paris. It all looks so strange. If Allah would remove the veil in front of their eyes, they would fall down at the sight of people nowadays. That is how ugly they really look. The clothes they wear cannot cover it. They would be shown naked. That is the real vision of the people of the 20th century.

There are very few people who are trying to keep their real size. Prophets do. We look at them and think that they are like us, but they are made of Heavenly Light. They are dressed with Heavenly Light. The Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad* walked right through a spider-web without damaging it. Another time he stood under the sun and left no shadow. Every prophet was dressed with such Heavenly Lights because they were in full connection with Heavens. Their main mission was to carry people from earth to Heavens.

The first man and woman, our grandparents, were thrown out of paradise and sent to earth for some divine reasons. But they were longing to come back to their original homeland, paradise. That is what they were created for, to be there. Nevertheless, they had a mission here on earth. Paradise was created for mankind and mankind for paradise. So even though mankind was sent to earth, paradise would not disappear. Allah had also created mankind with the mission to be his Caliph here on earth. In spite of that, Adam and Eve could not stop longing to get back to their homeland. They started telling their children about it. Some of them believed them, others didn't. They claimed that they hadn't seen it, so they couldn't believe it. Until today, some people believe in eternal life, even though they haven't seen it. But most people will not believe without seeing. It is the same illness, and it will continue until the end of the world.

The main mission of all prophets is not this life, but the next. It is to enable people to take their desires into the next life, from earth to Heavens, to carry people from the lowest life to the highest. That is the main mission of all of them; from the first prophet Adam* to Noah*, Abraham*, Ishaq*, Ismael*, Moses*, Jesus Christ*, Zachariah*, John the Baptist* and Muhammad*.

No prophet ever built a palace. The only one who did was King Solomon*, because he had been granted to be king at the same time. That is why he made the jinn build him a palace. But King Solomon* only sat on his golden throne when he made his judgements, when he was official. Privately he slept on a mat and ate the food he had earned through the work of his own hands. He was not like other kings and emperors.

That is the mission of all prophets, to call people to eternal life. But satan wants to cheat us and urges us not to be connected to heavens, but to earth and to these physical desires. He wants everybody to take more and more care of their physical desires. In our days, this is the case: people are taking every care they can of their physical bodies. They are trying to get the maximum taste of anything physical. But the result is the opposite, because the more you try to be satisfied physically, the more it will decrease. On the other hand, if you decrease your desires, the more your taste will increase. This happens to fasting people, their pleasure increases. People who have never fasted will never experience the taste of someone who is breaking their fast.

This is an advice for everyone who still has something in their heads, not for those whose heads have turned to footballs, because they are hopeless. Never waste advice on people who are empty, it is useless. Whoever does not understand what we have been saying here may Allah forgive and open their ears to hear, listen and to obey. Whoever obeys will reach higher ranks and reach his own size. Allah will then take that size, dress it with the real size, which we call Haqqani. That is the real body which will be given to us in Divine Presence which will last forever. The body we have here cannot grow much older than 127 years. Some of them can, but the average, if you look after it and use it carefully, your body can be of help to you and last without giving you trouble, for 127 years.

Don't think that mankind will be able to find anything to regain eternal youth, no! Everyone must leave this life and reach their Heavenly Positions. If he is prepared to dress with his Heavenly Clothes, that is what he will do. If not, he will have to undergo a special scrub. So after death some people will dress straight away and others will still need a treatment. Don't wait until after death. The only way is to be obedient. Whoever obeys is preparing. Whoever disobeys will be caught one day and will get a special treatment.

Time is running, technology cannot stop it. If man could stop time, he could do anything. But Allah will never give him that authority. Mankind is under Divine Will. He must recognise his own weakness and say, "Sorry our Lord, we ask for forgiveness for whatever we did wrong. We ask you to bless us."

- 01.01.1996
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