Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim To be thankful brings more blessings

Ya Rabbi laka-l hamd! Shukr, ya Rabbi! Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Rasulullah, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, Meded!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
To be thankful brings more blessings. Who is complaining, (even) if he has (the) whole world’s treasures, never (he is) going to be happy. The entrance of happiness for people is so easy- to be thankful to Allah!
Anger (is) preventing to be thankful and anger- as it is well-known through traditional knowledge that Awliyas (are) reaching to that knowledge through the Seal of Prophets- peace be upon him- (the) most dangerous characteristic for mankind is anger. Terrible! Anger is fire and coming from Shaitan. Shaitan (is) created from fire (and) therefore he is the source of anger. He is teaching people to be angry first about their destination, to be angry with so many reasons. And anger is a secret, very secret characteristic. You may see a person calm, but under it there is (the) fire of anger and it needs only a reason to appear!
X. very calm person…only don’t touch his tail…don’t step on it! If you are touching his tail… “How you are saying, oh Sheikh, we have a tail?” Yes, originally we haven’t , but who is trained by Shaitan, and Shaitan (is) happy with him, he is saying: “Oh, X., you are my follower!” And follower is not only by saying. You have a knowledge heavenly knowledge- he is so proud that the Seal of Prophets is teaching you, Shaitan- saying a big word, big ones’ saying: “Man tashabbaha bi kaumi wa laissa minhu”...”If you really belonging to me, you must have a tail also”, so that everyone who has anger, but it is secret and you are seeing that he is a calm person, very calm person- but if you are stepping on his tail, uhhh! Making so big trouble for you!
Therefore when Awliya looking, first looking: “This small tail… this big one…7o meters!”…Some of them saying: “Reaching that one’s anger like tyrants tails, their tails surrounding world”, tyrants, the worst ones, that (it is) their time now. They are full with anger! One word (is) making them to explode like a volcano: “How you are saying such a thing to me!”
Anger is (a) terrible tail and (the) Prophet sws always was saying: “Oh my Ummah, beware of anger, because when you are getting angry, you are just going to be a full representative of Shaitan!” When you are angry for yourself- as Shaitan was angry for himself, angry with Allah, Astaghfirullah! He was so angry! When Allah Almighty was ordering: “Bow to Adam”; he was saying. “What is that?” Just touched on his secret tail. His tail was secret, (but) when he was touched on his secret tail, (it) just appeared and his tail (is) surrounding (the) world seven times. Everywhere Shaitan’s tail surrounding and (he is) saying: “Oh Children of Adam, I may give to you a power through my anger and it is not like electricity-meter, I am not asking anything from you, to be a meter. No meter, free!” Saying to X.: “Use it, that power that I am giving to you, it is free, use it! No meter! And also, if anyone (is) asking to reach to you, send wires to him also, free wires, let him use this power, because it is (a) secret terrible power. Oh, the Children of Adam, I am with that most powerful one among creation”- Astaghfirullah- and anytime you are stepping on Shaitan’s tail, (he is) making a big explosion like atomic bomb. Terrible power that (is) burning! Who is using that, (he is) burning himself. First burning his faith, then burning also his physical being. Look! If a person (is) going to be angry, put in front of him (a mirror) to show how his face changed. His face (is) changing in a so violent masque, on his face coming, if dying that moment, passing to Hells. Terrible!
Yes. We were saying now to be thankful, to be thankful to our Lord and anger (is) preventing you and all mankind to be thankful to Allah. And Shaitan (is) giving to them so many means and reasons or causes to be angry. Everyone you can find that they are complaining. Some of them (are) complaining from their physical being; some (others), so many people are complaining from their wives; so many people (are) complaining from their husbands; so many people (are) complaining from their lives; from their children, from their neighbours, from their salaries…So many foolish women (are) saying: “Why my nose must be like this?” So many people (are) saying: “Why I am carrying this …so heavy”, some of them (are) like stick…some are saying: “Why my hair (is) like this”, some are saying: “Why my eyes is not like Europeans eyes”, some foolish European ones (are) saying: “Why not my eyes like African peoples’ eyes?”…
Countless reasons teaching Shaitan to make mankind complain. When you are complaining for anything, you are not a thankful servant, no! Countless reasons and you can’t find- if I am asking- so many people without asking to them they are beginning to complain. How their Lord (is) going to be happy with them and giving more to them? What He granted to us, only one point, if you are thinking on it, you should be so thankful:
There is a donkey. His owner (is) putting his bags on its back and also riding on it and also kicking it and also hitting it and that creature (is) not saying anything.
Only once a person was riding on his ride, and so much kicking with iron spurs and also with his stick. (Allah Almighty was) making that ride to speak to him, saying like this: “Oh my master. You can kick me, you can give my so many troubles, but you must know that in our coming future there is the Day of Resurrection that everyone (is) going to take their rights and every cruelty should be punished! Hit me as much as you can do! The Day of Resurrection I am asking from my Lord that He takes my revenge from you. Then you should be my ride on the Day of Resurrection and I am going to ride on you and kick you!“ (That person was) coming down and catching (embracing) that donkey: “Oh, forgive me, forgive me”, taking (the) bags, putting (them) on himself, making (the donkey) to walk freely and he was carrying this…
Don’t think that they are not understanding! No, they are understanding! As long as they are understanding also Angels (are) looking what you are doing and it is written. At least you must be thankful you are not created (as) a donkey or (as) a rat. It is enough!
And He is able it change you in a second to be a rat, not to be a man. Fear from Allah! That point only is enough for mankind to be thankful. When they are looking to a mirror (to say): “Alhamdulillah, alladhi sawwir khalqi, Alhamdulillah, ya Rabbi, I am thankful to you that you are designing my form as a man, from mankind!”
And people (are) looking to make much more complaining and they are never going to be happy either here or Hereafter!
To be thankful. When you are going to be thankful to Allah? When you are finishing your complaining and getting to be satisfied and to be pleased (with) what He granted to you. Then you are making a real thanks to your Lord Allah Almighty.
Anger. Its source is not to be satisfied (with) what Allah Almighty gave to you; not to be happy (with) what Allah granted to you. That is (the) main source of complaining and complaining (is) bringing people to be angry with Allah Almighty and when they are getting always complaining, their lives (are) going to be the life of Hells people.
But who is going to be thankful and leaving anger- anger (is) bringing complaining or complaining (is) bringing anger. Who (is) leaving them, (he is) going to be in Paradise here, because (he is) happy with Allah Almighty, his Lord. And (it is) He (who) chose for him to be man or woman, tall or short, fat or thin, black or white, labourer or minister of labourers.
And everyone who is complaining, (it) means (that) he has a tail from Shaitan. Don’t look that he is now calm! Step on it! Then you should find that he is angry, representing Shaitan. He is (a) follower of Shaitan. Because Shaitan is yet angry, up to the Day of Resurrection, angry with his Lord, his Creator. Astaghfirullah! Everyone (is) complaining now: man or woman, young or old- everyone (is) complaining. No one (is) saying: “Oh our Lord, it is such big pleasure for us to be Your servants and to be granted countless Favours from You. We are thankful to You, oh our Lord, ‘zid wa barik’- make it more, we are more happy with you!” When you are happy with your Lord, your Lord (is) going to be happy with you!
Now you can’t find a person that is not quarreling with his destination that Allah Almighty (is) making his destination . They are coming and complaining for their destination, asking to change it. Why? You know if you are reaching to that position, (if) it is good for you or not? Why you are insisting? But people (are) insisting: “If I was on that position”, “if I was in that condition...” Who is complaining, they are out of the Mercy Oceans- never reaching to the!. Mercy Oceans (are) reaching to everyone to be in existence, but I mean to say that the Ocean of Mercy and Blessings, there is a special ones that dressing you honour on divinely Presence.
Oh people, you must try to be calm ones, not to complain, try to be a good servant for divine Service. As much as possible you must leave complaining and be happy (with) what Allah Almighty (is) granting to you.
May Allah forgive us and prepare for us from His endless Mercy Oceans Paradises and Beauty Oceans and Blessing Oceans. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad, sws, Fatiha.
Shaitan’s tail like dragon’s tail, split…if you are stepping on it…uhhh!…Turks and Arabs are famous for their anger…saying: No one is like us!…Take your ego away!

Lefke, 01.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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