Maulana Sheikh NazimTo be servants of Allah is the honour of mankind and everything must be for His divinely honour
(Meeting with an Interfaith group on their way to a retreat in the Sadnaya-monastery)

To be servants of Allah is the honour of mankind and everything must be for His divinely honour. If not that is going to be sewage; their lives is going to be like that. That is running, and pure water, spring water runs also. Both may run but one is pure and clean and second it is not pure and dirty taste, dirty smelling. Therefore really must be our lives only for His divinely service; that is mentioned through all holy books and through every belief that mankind believes in. We try to be good servants, we try to make a better service or try to make best service for the Lord of Heavens. Everything beyond this is dirty. Who living for himself making himself dirty. Who lives for his love, he is clean and honoured. You are a handful people among big crowding of people, and through our ways now not hundred %, but 1ooo in 1ooo, people have been occupied only for themselves, for their physical being. Their importance is only for their physical beings and physical desires. Beyond this they are not asking, they say it is enough for us to live and enjoy ourselves on lowest level of life. No. It is not true, but what we shall do? Now our governments are only thinking how they are going to make their people, their citizens to be happy physically. They are not asking beyond this, and they are preventing people through government to speak on behalf of the Lord of Heavens and to say about His heavenly orders. They say: Take this person away.
I was in New York five years ago, in the centre of UN, United Nations. I was dressing my holy clothes, someone asking me to come there and he is going to show me around this building. I am not interesting in buildings, but people are happy to show it, I am saying: I may go. And at the entrance there was a (person with a) rifle, and on it a handkerchief also…preventing rifles, rifle towards to street, not towards to them. I am saying: What is this? They say: They prevent rifles. To carry with me inside? Perhaps, maybe. If it is, I am not carrying rifles. That means rifles prevented. What about other weapons? Why they are not mentioning other weapons? Oh, your holiness, you never understand anything? This is the place for cheating, cheating centre for people. All nations coming here and everyone asking to cheat another one. Therefore it is commonly this must be there, they may be inside, they may do.
It was praying time; some of our people were making their prayers, noon prayer. Just making this, and like this gentleman twice (as big) as a bear coming form jungle running and rushing on them, saying: Prevented, you can't do this! This is a place that even the name of God you can't say here. How you can do this? You can't do this. Even it is prevented to say the Name of God here. I said: 'I understand, it is enough, I am not going forward, I am coming out. This is a place that cursing of Heavens is coming on them. They should be punished'. 175 nations, I think. If all nations have no respect, no belief, what is their value in divinely Presence? Universities- you can't say the name of God, you must say that: Darwin is saying this, Darwin is saying that…. Revolution?… Evolution, not revolution… My English very short, because we were happy with our boss, England, at the time when I was small one, the king of England, emperor of India, I learned English that time, at the time of His Majesty King George the 5th, and he had a beard also, respecting. Now they are changing. King without beard? How can be? Sultan without this, how can be? Can't be… All Sultans must put also turban…That time I learned. I learned what I learned then I forgot, and then I was going to England since 28 or 3o years, I am trying to bring to my remembrance for speaking to people. Alhamdulillah, it is okay, 2oo vocabulary coming like this, like that, it is okay, you may understand, you are clever ones. Without even opening my mouth, saying revolution, you say evolution. It is okay. So happy.
Therefore, you are mostly like my sons or my grandsons, granddaughters, welcome to you and I am asking, we must try, even we may be alone, but we must keep our position and keep our promise to our Lord that we promised to Him to be His servants only. Not to anyone else. And people going to be servants for this lowest life that created from beginning of creation no any life may be lower than what people live now in our time. I may advice first to myself and you are free, here like a supermarket or hypermarket also, people free coming inside, they say: Welcome. If you buy something, okay, if you are not buying anything, we are not saying why you are not buying anything? No, it is a free market. If you like to buy something, you may buy, if not, you are free. And your conference, your dialogues, your meetings with people, or with official or unofficial people, or religious or unreligious people, you may say to them: You are free. If you like, you may accept. You don't like, we are all of us same. Same quality by our physical being, but there are some differences for our souls, and it is our from heavenly knowledge that just reached up to me from holy books, that our souls created before our physical being created through the wombs of our mothers. Therefore our physical being after 4x 4o days… waiting, no movement, no sign of life, no, and after 4x 4o days suddenly heart pumping. Doctors saying: Just life arrived. I am asking doctors: From where reached that life? They say: We don't know. Who is first one that makes the heart to pump, to make its movements? They say: We don't know. You think that anything without using a power may move or may stop? Why you are not believing in the Lord's power? Because doctors are first denying people of holy things and about heavenly beings. They are only believing in positive things, beyond this they don't believe. They are mostly materialist people, and material things without a power how they are moving? I am asking: This is our globe. Who is kicking it? Because football- you think without 11 that football moving and coming and entering this? Without kicking? No, this world is like a globe. How it is moving? In front of this there is a locomotive, an engine? Or behind? How? If it is an empty pace this space, I am asking, it is empty? No answer. If it is full, with which thing it is full? If it is empty, what is the meaning of being empty? If emptiness is nothing, everything in it is nothing also. You must believe beyond your mentality and mind productions. You must leave it and move beyond that so that you should find something you never learned through your mentality and your mind productions. And we are fighting; from beginning up to end this fighting going to be with two kinds of people. One their sight is only for the physical being, and others beyond physical being. We should be winning ones. Victory for believers, not for unbelievers, and through whole historical periods you may see that believers just won and victory for them, because heavenly support only for believers. And believers are good ones, unbelievers are not good ones, but bad ones.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, welcome to you. I was a little bit late, but I believe that everything is just programmed. Everything in excellent way is programmed. That is what we are believing: that everything is programmed through Heavens. Everything happening on earth is programmed and you must step as it is programmed for you. For everyone must be steps, and that is our destination. It is important. And till you know your destination, holy books say people are two kinds people. One kind is just seeing people, looking people, understanding people, and the second one is blind, not understanding, not learning or knowing people. Till your destination opening to you, to ourselves, you are like blind people. Divinely guidance guiding ourselves, as you carry small children: you are keeping their hands; they don't know where they are going, or where they are carried. You have responsibility. Now through spiritual world that we are in it also, we have been guided through spiritual guidance on our destination. And people who are not reaching to see and to know about their destination, they are like guided creatures, guided by a rope or a stick. No, it is not honour for you, me or anyone, to be taken with rope, with reigns, no value. Value: to be free, to know his destination and to be bravely walking on it. That is what you are saying, before time there were chevaliers or knights, spiritual knights, chevaliers, they are important ones, they are leading people. Now they disappeared, because so many cheating people. And till we are trying to reach and to know about our destination: to be free ones and honoured ones in divinely presence. If not knowing, they are going to be under the title of slaves. Servanthood is something, slavery is something else. Servanthood it has honour. Slavery dishonoured people. Therefore all prophets that coming from Heavens…people in our time slaves for their egos. Slaves for their physical being, they are not servants for their Lord. Therefore you see people no lights on them and no more pleasure on their faces, no, finished. They are tired people. 24 hours working person, how he can be? Tired and finished. Sleeping, coming to sleep and throwing himself on his face. It is not a good position for a person to sleep on his face. All prophets and saints sleep like this, looking up. Only shaitan sleeping on that way and trying to teach people. Mostly mothers also making their children to sleep like that. No good. Try to make them to sleep like this, because they are looking to Heavens. Heavens up, but Hells down. Make them to sleep looking up…
From up they are registering…you register also…
Damaskus - 07.05.2002
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