Maulana Sheikh NazimTonight is the holy Laylatu-l Qadir. Not everyone is reaching to it. People
are sleeping, and after they regret that they missed i

Tonight is the holy Laylatu-l Qadir. Not everyone is reaching to it. People are sleeping, and after they regret that they missed it. Others seem awake,
but they are heedless and therefore they see nothing. We are asking to reach
to this holy night and to be counted from among those, who reached it...
There is visible and invisible richness- some people are rich in Dunya,
others rich in Akhirat. If you come close to rich people in Dunya, maybe you
get something and they may not turn you away empty-handed. But those who are
rich in Akhirat are always giving. If a ship loaded with goods would land
here- would I not distribute it among the Ummah? I would call the poor. And
who is giving for the sake of Allah his money and goods are never finishing.
And who has ranks in Akhirat is giving to those, who follow him for
In this night Allah is opening such a mercy from His oceans that He is
giving manyfold to those, who reach to it. The faiz of this holy night is
also reaching to us...This night is the most blessed night of all.
We try to fulfill our obligation, but we cannot do justice to Allah. We are
far from serving Him in the way He deserves, so what we do has only symbolic
This month is passing so quickly. We are fasting, but we are not loosing,
rather we are increasing in vitality. If Islam was not true, how an order
from 15 centuries ago could still be valid and 1 ½ billion people fast? A
car cannot run without fuel. If there was no spiritual power that is working
since 15 centuries Islam could not have survived. There is a moving power.
Is there anyone that would get fed up from spring? Whan Ramadan is
beginning, the hearts fill with joy. If not, they are not Muslims. Who is
honouring this holy night will not fall into the crises. Who is not
honouring this night, he will be registered and marked by the angels:
Morning time - he is not making Sajdah. Midday - not making Sajda.
Afternoon, evening, nighttime not making Sajdah... Allah is calling people
for prayer, and they are not following His call. Everything is registered,
no matter, who the person is and what rank he has. I have to inform you
about this and advise you.
For everyone there comes a last day. And death is full with heybet, so that
no one can be able to spend even one night or one hour in the grave next to
a dead body, such a fear is in that place. Everyone will be alone in his
tomb, and there is darkness... Try for your soul to leave your body clean...
There was a person in the time of the Prophet sws who was full of love to
him and he used to make Maulid always. He was so blessed that when he died
the spiritual body of the Prophet himself came to take his soul. His soul
went clean and pure, with a good smell. It is important to go in a good way,
so that the angels may receive you well.
Lefke - 11.12.2001
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