Maulana Sheikh NazimUsing Power: Tonight is the second night of the month of Safar, which is the heaviest
among the months of the year

(Translated from Turkish Sohbet) Tonight is the second night of the month of Safar, which is the heaviest
among the months of the year. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim,
Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l
'Aliyu-l 'Azim. Meded- 700 000 Bela come down only on the last Wednesday of
this month.

Say: 3x Shahada, 300x Astaghfirullah for protection against the Bela of
Safar. Give Sadaqa for yourself and for the members of your family. Put it
in a box, until you find someone to give it to. In our times Sadaqa is very

Since one month ago the preparations for the appearance of Mehdi aleyhi
salam. has begun. Now it is not the question where we can find a place to
rest, rest is only for those who are with Allah and they are in safety.
Nothing else can benefit you. Who is not with Allah, all of them with be

With Jesus there will be 40 years of Jennet-Tajalli, Paradise-Tajalli. So
many Holy Ones prayed to reach that time. They saw that they would not
reach, and therefore they prayed that one of their descendants should reach
that time. Through him they also get honour. They wanted to serve Mehdi a.s.
and be with Jesus a.s. Our ancestors were 'Aziz', looking for Allah and
asking His pleasement and who made this prayer. That is why these people
here run after us. Their ancestors had strong faith and a hidden belief in
our Prophet sws.

In a Church in Lefkosa there was a Papas with a white beard when I was
young, 8-9 years old. He was full of light. He used to give me sweets and
said 'Salaam'. He used to read the Quran. Once in Damascus we went with
Grandsheikh to the market. Someone greeted him, and Grandsheikh said to me:
'There are 50 like him, hidden ones, that carry faith. They came to me and
asked me if they should announce their belief. I said: 'No, stay as you are
in order to avoid Fitna.'

Because our ancestors believed in the Prophet, salallahu alayhi wassalim, in
secret they prayed like this. All of those who come to me are like that-
their prayer was accepted. The Germans and the English will come into Islam.
We will reach Jesus a.s. , insha Allah.The Holy Ones in our surrounding
(Rankus) have news about our presence.The time is near and one of the signs
is that in the morning you see one world and in the evening another. Every
day has another Tajalli and nobody can control the events- no President, no
rich man; it is beyond their power and will and they are afraid of tomorrow.

'Allahumma thabitna 'ala-l Haqq'- we are asking for firmness in our belief
from Allah, then nothing can throw us down nor even move us. There was a
wrestler from the lands of the Kufar and he had heybet. He was challenging
the people and in 1-2 minutes he threw everyone down to the earth. He was
proud of his strength. He also came to Istanbul in the time of Sheikh Yahya
of Trabzon, who lived some 500 years ago.

The Sultan heard about that wrestler and wanted to see him. In his presence
were his Wezirs and Ulema. As all Sultans had a Sheikh, the Sheikh of this
Sultan was Sheikh Yahya, and he was also always in the presence of the
Sultan. That Kafir Shaitan came to challenge the Muslims. He wanted to prove
that his Christian belief was stronger than Islam. And everyone was afraid
of him.

Sheikh Yahya was physically weak. But he got up, took of his Jubba and asked
permission from the Sultan, the Khalif of the Muslims, to accept the
challenge of the wrestler. The Sultan was hesitating as he was worried about
him, but then he said: 'As you like, o my Sheikh.' The wrestler was like an
elephant. He said to the Sheikh: 'What do you want?' 'I am coming as a
wrestler. I am waiting here for you. I will cross my arms and you may use
all your strength on me. If I am weak, then my belief is also weak.'

The wrestler was trying to push him from all sides, but he couldn't move the
Sheikh a bit. The Sheikh was just standing there. The wrestler was sweating
and shouting. In the end the Sheikh asked him if he was finished. Then he
turned like a whirling derwish 7 x around himself, threw the wrestler into
the air and around, who then fell down like dead. And the Sheikh had used
just little of his spiritual power, otherwise he would have shaken the

When the servant is with Allah, no power can move him from his centre. This
is what is missing in our days. We are not with Allah, otherwise those
against us couldn't do anything. But as we are with Dunya, we are weak.
Power, strength and honour is with those who are with Allah. And you are
with Allah in the Dhikr, because Allah is with the one who remembers Him.
But the Ummah has forgotten the Dhikr. May Allah protect us from satanic
actions. . 'Rabbana thalamna anfusana, wa in lam taghfirlana warhamna la
nakunana mina mufsidin (?)- this was the Dua for forgiveness of Adam a.s. He
punished himself and stood on one leg on a mountain for 3oo years (until the
forgiveness of Allah reached to him).

People in Palestine forgot their holy ones and therefore they themselves
are forgotten. No worldly person can save them. If they would call the holy
ones for help and recite the verses from the YaSin and blow around them,
they would be saved: 'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim..wa ja'alna min bayni aydihim
saddan wa min khalfihim saddan fa akhshaynahum wa hum la yubsirun.'

Ask: 'Ya Sahibu Nauba of the Mesjid al Aqsa.'- but they don't believe in the
holy ones any more and not even in the Prophet, who said: 'My eyes are
sleeping-(the body has a right)- but not my heart.'

..The levels of Manifestation of Allah: Dhat - Sifat - Asma - Af'al . Kulli
yaumin Huwa fi sha'an. Every day is different, the creation is constantly
changing, it is the attributes of creation and the creatures, but Allah
alone is stable, His is the Attribute of being stable, firm, unchanging. He
is now as He was. Subhanallah ama yushrikun. Huwa 'al'an kama kan- Allah
doesn't change. Laissa kamithlihi shay. Huwa-l Wahidu Ahad, without
Damaskus - 13.04.2002
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