Maulana Sheikh NazimTOWN PLANNING
Another important point for Islam is not to have gigantic cities - there should be small colonies over the whole land, so that it is easy to look after them one by one. As long as huge groups of people are crowding together then there will be so many troubles, endless troubles because of huge cities. Therefore, if Islam was in power people would not leave the countryside to run to cities, but there would be small colonies in the whole land. That makes fewer problems for the government to watch and control everything easily and to reach people easily. But in such huge cities no government can do anything. Therefore, Islam makes small colonies, towns or villages.
Islam tries to make people owners of their homes - no rents. The best accommodation is to have a home for themselves without paying rent. That also takes away bad intention from the enemies of states. Islam also says not small accommodation, but spacious accommodation with gardens. There would be no need for parks - everyone's parks in their homes. No need to go out and occupy the city and prevent working people getting to their work and making so many traffic problems.

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