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Destur ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim.

Traditional knowledge- that it is real knowledge coming from Heavens, as revelations reaching to earth and reaching to hearts of people- if finding hearts open, entering, if it is closed, locked, can’t be. Therefore (the) Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, S.Muhammad sws- Allah Almighty (was) sending him with His Last Message, the last one of (the) Holy Books, Quran Karim, (the) Holy Quran. Whom their hearts (were) open, (whom) they were hearing and listening and obeying, they are believers. Who (is) believing in Allah Almighty and through His messengers, particularly the Seal of Prophets, their hearts (are) opened.

At the time of S.Muhammad peace be upon him, through his land that he was living there, there were Jewish people as well as neighbourhood Christians, that (both of them are) Book- given people (that) they have been granted Holy Books through their Prophets. And they were claiming that they are believing in Allah Almighty and believing in His Messages as Holy Books coming from Heavens, and they were also claiming that Allah Almighty is sending some special beings from His servants as Prophets. They are believing, and they are not like idol worshippers, no. And they are knowing what happened in past times through historical periods that (are) mentioned through their holy Books: the beginning of creation and the beginning of the creation of Adam and Eve, Allah bless them, and they are believing. And through their beliefs they are knowing that Allah Almighty is sending prophets, one after one after S.Adam, peace be upon them and upon them. They have that knowledge.

But when the Seal of Prophets (was) coming with his holy Book, (the) Holy Quran, they were first coming to be against his prophecy and to be first deniers of his holy Book, (the) Holy Quran. It is biggest blame for book-keepers to do that! Up today they are carrying that blame. Yet they are not saying that the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad just had been sent as (the) last Prophet up to end of the world. That is biggest blame on them and they should be punished!

They are saying that mars is a star, but they are looking moon (and) saying: “No, we are not accepting this. We are accepting Mars.” 2ooo years ago or 4ooo years ago, for Moses and Jesus Christ and Abraham, peace be upon them, S.Noah, you are saying they are prophets, they are stars on the sky of prophecy. And (then the) moon, (the) full moon (is) coming and you are saying: “No”? What is that foolishness? Allah should ask them and before the last Day they should be asked! Before the Last Day. That is biggest blame, biggest sin for them not to say (that): “S.Muhammad is a Prophet, (that) just (he) had been sent with a holy Book, (the) last holy Book, (the) Holy Quran.” And they are without ashaming saying to the Seal of Prophets S.Muhammad: “Our hearts (are) locked and our ears (are) never hearing what you are saying and nothing (is) entering through our hearts what you are reciting. We are not accepting you!”

Ya Hu- idol worshippers doesn’t matter, they haven’t even (a) holy Book. But you- Christians and Jewish people that you are reciting your holy Book Taurah and Evangelos, Gospels- how you are saying (to him): “You are not Prophet”? If the is not (a) Prophet, how his power (is) reaching through 15oo years, (how) his power (is) working on the hearts of people and now about 2 billions people 5x (daily) they are getting up on minarets and say: “Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, wa ashadu ana S.Muhammadun ‘abduhu wa Rasuluhu”. How happening? If that person that he was an orphan from father and mother and through unknown deserts standing up and saying after 4o years: “O people, now I have been sent as a last Messenger for you with the last Message of Heavens: You must say: La ilaha ill-Allah, only one God that He is Allah and Muhammad, peace be upon Him, is His servant and His Prophet”- how, (with) which power he was standing up one, alone, and his tribe (was) so jealous, so ignorant people? When he was saying: “I am coming to destroy your idols and I am coming here to you to make you to believe in one God that He is Allah, our Creator” even nothing (was) in his hand, only may be a stick. (But) he was saying (this)!

What they can do? What they did for him? They tried to do everything to make him away and to extinguish the lights that he brought from Heavens, but they (were) never able to do that! They did their worst for him and (the) believers and finally they were asking to take him away from life, to kill him, but he was saying: “I am under my Lord’s protection, you can’t do anything, but I am going. I am going and then coming.” And he left the most lovely land for him, Mecca Mukarrama, and he went. 13 years he was in Mecca, but finally they were doing their worst for him and he said: “I am going.” Leaving, and he left to Medina Munawwara. He reached there and he was emigrated from Mecca to Medina. They ran after, him. They (were) never leaving him, thinking that: “He is ordinary person. We can do everything.” They ran after him, fighting, fighting, fighting…When they reached the limits of their enmity, they finished, (and they had) no more power to come on him, then Allah Almighty (was) ordering: “Now you may go to conquer Mecca Mukarrama, o My beloved, My most beloved servant. Now prepare yourself to enter, to go back to (that) most lovely land for you, where there is My House, (the) House of (the) Lord, Baitullah!”

After 8 years (the) Prophet (was) running and reaching and conquering Mecca Mukarrama, the land of (the) House of (the) Lord, and he (was) breaking every idol. And (then) Bilal (was) getting on (the) House of Lord, saying: “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! Ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah, ashadu an la ilaha ill-Allah! Ashadu ana Muhammadun Rasulullah, ashadu ana Muhammadun Rasulullah ! Hayya ‘ala salah, hayya ‘ala salah! Hayya ‘ala falah, hayya ‘ala falah! Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! La ilaha ill-Allah! As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Rasulullah!- haqqan wa sidqa-, As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Nabiyullah!- haqqan wa sidqa-, As-salat wa salamu alaika, ya Habibullah!- haqqan wa sidqa!”

Allah promised to him! Then, what happened? They must look (at the) history of Islam, not to speak ignorantly, no! But they are fearing to look (at the) history of Islam, they are fearing to look (at) the life of the Seal of Prophets- it is so magnificent!- and they are saying: “He is not Prophet”! Oh! His name (is) written (on the Arch), that (it was) granted to Adam from heavenly Messages his name and (also) through whole Prophets. They were saying his name and asking from their nations to believe in him. If they were not believing in him, their Iman, their faith (had) no value. If a person (is) saying: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, but not saying: “Muhammadun Rasulullah” their faith is not perfect!

Running… that (was) coming, that Nur... Now also we are speaking on that knowledge that if hearts (are) opened, coming that lights, heavenly lights, and entering and giving to those whom they are opening their hearts and accepting. They are always fresh, they are always hopeful, they are always happy, they are always in peace here and Hereafter!

May Allah forgive me and bless you… and I am calling whole nations to look one after one to study on the life of the Seal of Prophets before coming divinely Revenge to them; to look once again or divinely Revenge (is) coming and grinding them, finishing them. It is not only His punishment for: “Alam tara kayfa fa’ala Rabbuka bi ashabul fil”, those people that were coming from Yemen to destroy (the) House of (the) Lord. Allah Almighty (is) saying: “Look what happened to them, o my beloved one, and look whole mankind what I did for them, how I dealt with them, when they were coming to destroy My House in Mecca. I sent on them birds, each one carrying three small stones (big) as a lentil through their beak and two on their feet, throwing, each one never getting wrong, coming just on target. “Fa ja’alahum ka asfin makul”…making them as a field (that when) wheat or barley (is) reaching up to ears and harvesting and nothing remaining. Just I did them as those harvested lands, finishing (them).”

Allah (is) looking now; but He is not sending that birds. He left those unbelievers to make through their hands flying big birds, big birds- airplanes, aircrafts with bombs, to make everything as that birds (were) making for that unbelievers. Their nations (are now) preparing for each other that huge power to make them as a land (that is) just harvested, finished.

O people, keep (to the) right path, keep true ones, (and) no harm comes on you! If you are insisting on (the) wrong way, shaitanic way, you are going to be- just (as) that nation finished- finishing. May Allah forgive me and bless you. I am asking forgiveness for whole nations to come and to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah sws!”

For the honour of the most honoured one in divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 07.03.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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