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Every night you can see the shining planet of Venus and the moon. If you claim to see someone clearly on Venus, but not to see a thing on the moon, can that be accepted by positive knowledge?
How is it possible that people see more clarity in Jesus Christ* who was 2000 years ago, when everything they know has been passed on to them through books? Why would the knowledge of another miraculous person, which has been brought to them in the same way, claiming that he too is a prophet, be ignored? Did their books come from Heavens, or were they written by men? Were the Gospels written by angels without a mistake? Can the mind accept why one is acceptable and the other one isn't? We believe in Jesus*, in Moses*, in the Old Testament and the New Testament without losing our faith. But they say, that if they would believe in Muhammad* they would lose their faith. Why?

Jewish people refuse both: Jesus Christ* and Sayyidina Muhammad*? What was wrong with Jesus Christ*? He was from their tribe, he was from the Children of Israel, he was a practising Jew! Why did the Jews attack him? They are still refusing him! What was wrong with Muhammad*? Why are they fighting him? There is no reason. They are accepting all prophets, except Jesus Christ* and Sayyidina Muhammad*!

Christians are accepting all prophets, including Moses* and the Old Testament, but they are refusing Sayyidina Muhammad*. What is the reason? Muhammad* called Moses* the Word of Allah and accepted the Thora. He also respected all other prophets, telling his people to believe in them. But neither Christians nor Jews respect our religion. If Allah will give a judgement to all of this, what would it be? Would He say that they gave their best? If you refuse someone who is respecting you? This is why the power of Christianity has stopped. It cannot give any spirituality to the hearts of people.

On my way from Barcelona to here, there were so many monasteries. But they are empty, they are dead monasteries. Even the churches are for sale. What does it mean? People are not interested. Many new villages in Europe are now being built without churches. People go to cathedrals like they go to museums: to see old paintings. That is not what it was meant for. But still the heads of Christianity are not accepting Islam as a religion, as part of the same religion! It doesn't matter. If anyone wants to accept that Muhammad* is a Prophet of Allah, or not, is up to them. To be in safety you must accept all. If a Christian or Jew now says, "La illa'ha il la'Llah, Muhammadu rasul Allah" and becomes a Muslim, he will neither lose his Christianity nor the fact that he is from the tribe of Moses. We are not disputing that Jesus* is the spirit of Allah, nor that Moses* represents the Word of Allah. We are only saying, that you should also believe that Muhammad* is a messenger of Allah too.

- 01.01.1997
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