La ilaha ill-Allah, lailaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad Rasulullah, alayhi

La ilaha ill-Allah, lailaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad, Habibullah, alayhi

La ilaha ill-Allah, lailaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad, Nabiyullah, alayhi salatullah
wa salamun!

O our Lord, let us to say these holy Words along our lives, to reach to You and to say:

“La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws!“ That is treasure, that is countless
treasures for mankind, but mankind now (is) going to be like animals- animals (are) better
than them! Animals, they are glorifying and man they are never taking any care for their
Lords glorifying. May Allah forgive us!

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
O our Lord, don’t let us to be heedless even one second from You! To be with You!

You are with us, but we are heedless, we are not taking care to defeat heedlessness from
ourselves! Heedless people they are open for every cursing, here and Hereafter!

Welcome to you, o our Lords servants! You are someones that (are) coming from long
distances to this humble place, because people now are thirsty. A thirsty person, when (he
is) running through a desert, (he is) running East or West to find an oasis. (The) desert
(is) so big, maybe, you can’t find in it easily water, oasis! And if anyone (is) loosing his
way through a huge desert, always (he is) asking to find someone to lead him or to guide
him on a oasis. And he should be so happy, if (he is) finding a man, saying: “Oh, this
direction! Go, go, go- you can find an oasis, a little pool of pure deserts water!”

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim! We are running to Allah from Shaitans traps, not to be
caught by Shaitans trap. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. O our Lord, let us not to forget
Your holy Name! O our Lord, let us not to be empty our hearts from Your Love and

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

You may find perhaps in desert so many people, but don’t think that everyone (is)
knowing about (that) deserts conditions or (the) direction of (an) oasis- it is so difficult!
And so many robbers are looking to find someone (who) lost his way through that desert,
to take what he is carrying with himself or killing (him) and then taking… countless!
Therefore you must say: “Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim”, because Shaitan has a
worldwide Sultanate! Everywhere you can find someone (who) belongs to Shaitans
Sultanate! You may look and see that you are thinking: ‘That is a true guide’, but that is
not a guide! He is only asking (for) what you are carrying from some materials and asking
to kill (you) and to take (that)! Therefore- this world (is) also full with such shaitanic
groups! They are trying to carry away every precious material that you have and leaving
you through that huge desert to die and finish… he may take you camel, your ride, your
materials through your pockets and leaving that person to die there and passing away…

O people, therefore we must try to have a real guide through our lives! Think that, you
can imagine that you can find some person for your material aspects and so many people
they may claim, asking to cheat you that: ”I am such a person, I may teach you to find
some treasures, come and follow me!” So many! Now real ones, real guides, (are)
hidden! They are not showing themselves, just they are hiding themselves!

Therefore we are saying that so many (of) our- not so many, (a) handful people, but
coming from far distances, from far East, from far West, from North and South… they
are running and coming here, and they are thinking that: ‘We are reaching and finding a
good center’, as a thirsty person (who is) finding a small oasis. This is a small, very small
place, unknown place, and the Lord of Heavens, if His servant (is) asking to find Him, to
reach to Him… He is trying His servants, never leaving without trying:
“Lanabluannakum…I must try you with everything!” This must be! Without trying, (He
is) never accepting (you)! And (He is) making them to run through East and West and
maybe their way (is) passing through a spring or oasis, and they are looking: “Oh, no one
here! No hundreds of people, no thousands of people, no a special building here, no
payment”- because everything now (is) just based on material benefit- “We are going to
East and West, so many centers, but first of all they are asking some material! They are
not opening their doors and to say: ‘Welcome’ to you! This is a very unthinkable place!
We must try, what there it is and who is looking (after) that place, what they are doing…”

And people (are) coming from South Africa, coming from Finland, coming from Japan,
coming from Uyguristan… coming from Turkestan, coming from Russia, coming from
Egypt… very clever ones, Egyptians, because they are happy to find a treasure always…
digging, digging, digging everywhere… Sometimes coming (a) sheep-merchant from New
Zealand, looking… ”How many sheep here…? We can do a big business here…”
Everyone (is) coming, looking…

I am coming and people (are) running on me, they are thinking that I am a dangerous
person! They are catching me, not to touch to people…I am saying: “Yes, ohhh,
welcome, my clients!” First I am standing in front of (the) mirror and I am beginning to
speak (to) who is in (the) mirror… People (are) saying: “Who is that one?”

I am saying: “That one, that I am looking to him, he is (the) chief of this mental-house…”
“Mental house?”

“Yes, Sir! Any kind of mental-house people you can find here! Coming everyone with
such a special demands, coming here, to find… everyone (is) claiming that: ‘I am this one
or that one’…”

Once upon a time one new coming person, (a) new client (was) coming (to the mental-
house), and (the) doctor (was) taking him to show (him to the) old clients: “What is your
position?” (he was) asking to (the) new client and he is saying:

“I am… I have a prophecy from our line on (the) 12 tribes of (the) Children of Israel!”

“Very good! Congratulations to you, that you are coming with such a brilliant title! Please
come with me, here is (the) center… We shall look, we shall investigate you, (if) your
name is written or not…”

“Yes Sir, I am ready to find that, if (there is) such a person, to give me a certificate of

(And they are) coming, going through a big hall, coming and entering. One of (the)
clients, one of them, (with a) big beard, (a) white beard- like me-, (was) sitting on (a
flatboard?)… and in front of him, there was a big book - like (the) books of Brookland-
Cemetery… big books there, (for the names of those) who passed (away) and (who are)
buried in that (cemetery)… Who (is) coming from London?... Big books!…-

(They were) coming, (and) he is looking: “Doctor, who is with you, o my servant?”
“Your weak servant...”

“Welcome! Who is your friend?”

“Oh, our master…”

“Don’t say ‘our master’, I am Lord, your Lord!”

“Doesn’t matter! This (one) coming (is a) new one and he is claiming that he is one of
(the) prophets of (the) Children of Israel…”

“One moment…(he is looking in his book)- that is (a) liar! I never sent such a prophet to
people... take him out!” … You know such a…?

They are beginning… I am saying: “Look, who is in it? If you can understand him, then it
is good for you to be here, as you like…”

“Who are you?” I am asking (the one in the mirror). “You know that I am the chief of this
International Mental-House? You know that I am that one?” “Hmmm…Say to him that:
‘Welcome to our center’, that he never can find such a center through East and West!
That is (an) authorized mental-house center and this one in (the) mirror, he is (the) chief
of them!” And I am very happy…

You understand?... Never understanding, but what (can we do?)… Get in, then you

Therefore, here (are) coming people, asking to know or to learn something.

Yes, there is something, it is well-seen, you may see, (and) there is something, that it is

Therefore coming here sometimes our brothers, sometimes bringing, catching someones
through markets and bringing, (and) I am looking ohhh, 2 meter people! “Who is that

“That one just we hunted him from Lefke Gardens and (we are) bringing (him) here… If
you like to sit and to speak to him? Perhaps- now he is wild- (he) may be friendly to you,
to your people.”

And I am saying: “It is my mission to hunt people and to make them to be familiar ones!
If they are happy, welcome! We are not asking anything, except our Lords Pleasure!”
Therefore, coming so many people… and one of chief of them, Y.… my deputy on
mountain…Y. from German Nation… from every country I may find…

This (one is) new coming, I hunted him, B., new hunted… he was (like a) wild donkey,
(now he is) coming, slowly, slowly, familiar to me… before (he was) making like this…
kicking, asking to bite me, but now slowly (he is) coming familiar to me, saying:

“O Sheikh Effendi, you are so famous…”

“Yes, I am famous one through East and West for mental house people!”

Therefore- you are welcome! Be, as much as you can, to be humble! Be humble! Allah
never likes arrogant people, no! All of us (are) His servants! Who (is) asking, coming to
here for (to) take something- nothing we are giving! Only we are trying to teach mankind
that they are servants! That is (an) important point that all Prophets (were) coming and
around Prophets (they were) only (a) handful people always, but shaitanic groups-
countless! Because Shaitan (is) asking to teach them, to say to them: “You are our Lord!
Try to reach Lordship!” Lordship (is) only for One, for Allah! You must try to say that:

“I am a servant, (a) weak servant for the Lord of Heavens!”

This is (the) summary of our centers directions… or, you may say another word, that is
our purpose to be here. And people mostly they never like to be servants, people always
they are running to be something! And our center (is) running to make them to accept
that: “You are nothing”, but Shaitan (is) making them to ask: “If you are going to that
place, ask from (that) Sheikh to give to you something, some specialty! What is (the)
specialty of your Sheikh through that unknown village? Ask him!”

May ask- I am saying: “I am only nothing and asking to make people to accept that they
are nothing!”

Don’t come here to be something!

Every center you may run to them and they may promise to you that: “If you are
following ourselves, we are making you something!”

No! If anyone (is) coming here, claiming that he is something or asking to be something,
we are saying: “No, here we are not giving anything to people! We are asking to teach
people that they are nothing, to take away their egoistic claiming, to make their egos under
their feet! That is our final target! (If) anyone (is) happy with us, (he) may come!”

But I don’t think that people (are going to be) happy to try to be nothing…

Therefore we are (a) handful people (only) and I am saying: “Oh… (a) small group of
people- no headache! If (there was) coming big groups- they are headache! Let them to
go through East and let (them) to ask who may give (to) them something… We are not
giving something, but we are taking everything, making them to be nothing, nothing,

May Allah forgive us, ya Rabbi, for the honour of this holy Month and the honour of Your
most beloved and glorified and praised servant S.Muhammad- peace be upon him!

O our Lord, forgive us! Grant us from Your endless Favours to be Your servants- small,
weak servants, o our Lord! Don’t give Your Punishment on Your weak servants, o our
Lord! Fatiha!

Lefke, 2.10.2007 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel
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